English artist Archie Wallis shares his experience of delivering paintings to Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez


In dialogue with Mundo Albiceleste, the English artist Archie Wallis told us about his experience delivering a commissioned painting to Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez.

“It was nice to see his reaction to a piece that meant a lot to me but, of course, a lot more to him because of the achievement he had,” said Archie.

Wallis has delivered three paintings to Martínez so far. The first one was after the 2021 Copa América.

“He (Martínez) mentioned he was going to show the painting to Messi,” said Archie. “When he told me that I was at a loss for words.”

For the second one, Emiliano’s wife Amanda commissioned Archie to do a surprise birthday piece for him for the World Cup.

“It was his World Cup travel bag.”

The third and most recent piece was to celebrate Argentina’s 2022 World Cup win.

“That was also a surprise since Amanda kept the secret.”

“They are just lovely people. We talked about normal things, about life, about football. It was overall just an extremely pleasant process,” mentioned the English painter.

Archie Wallis is on Instagram under @wallisonthewall.


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