Lionel Messi scores a screamer and assists for Inter Miami in 3-2 win


Lionel Messi scored and had an assist for Inter Miami in their 3-2 win vs. Sporting KC.

Messi scored one of the goals of the season for Inter Miami and also had an assist on their first goal of the match. With Sporting KC leading 1-0, Messi receiving the ball in midfield and played a through ball to Diego Gomez who scored to draw Inter Miami level.

The Argentine would score Inter Miami’s second goal of the match, a screamer and goal of the season contender. Messi would receive the ball outside of the penalty area and his left footed effort would beat the goalkeeper from distance and give Inter Miami the 2-1 lead.

In five MLS matches this season, Messi has five goals and two assists. He also has 18 goals for Inter Miami, 11 goals behind Gonzalo Higuaín who has 29 goals and holds the record for most in club history.

Tomás Avilés and Marcelo Weigandt also started the match.


  1. Exequiel Palacios won bundesliga title with bayer Leverkusen first time in their history and almost certain they will win Germany cup too also they are favourite to win Europe league, he came as subs and made wonderful assist to wirtez, honestly palacios has been different player since alonso took over as Leverkusen head coach, he massively improved probably he is one of the best midfielders in Europe right now.

  2. Liverpool is crumbling under the pressure and expectation of winning a league title. Other than MacAllister who has the experience of playing in an ultimate pressure tournament, their players over either overshooting or misplacing passes showing signs of the huge pressure they were in. Arsenal displayed the same character last season when at the end they just crumbled and Pep won the league for City! Guardiola is a no bullshit manager and has the balls to bench whiny and complaning Debrune against Madrid in a crucial encounter and almost come out with a victory there. Unlike other teams, in City you have to look for a player in better position always except Haaland who still has the free license to shoot but with all the markings he is showing why a one trick pony poacher couldn’t win the BallonDor last year.

  3. Alba and Suarez bitch and whine way too much, with Alba being way too aggressive on many occasions.
    Messi is slowly getting into his game and would have surely scored on that FK had it not been for the wind but then again made up for it shortly after that.
    I see Tata is still the same Tata, refusing to sub players when badly needed.

    • Hopefully BOSS will keep on scoring & assisting and also will have enough to rest in between MIAMI’s game’s, though i quess their whole club budget is basicly build Upon THE BOSS….

      As obviously want all the best for MIAMI too, but COPA WAY TOO IMPORTANT compared MIAMI’s quest in MLS, though i would not be surprised MESSI setting some new records in there too, but like u said they need some young guns and good ones too as ALBA & BUSQUETS are borned at 1988 as MESSI and SUAREZ 1987, though it seems like MESSI has taken the best care himself of theese 4 XBARCA’s and TATA most propably will stick to non subbing, which make’s me a bit worry about THE BOSS, though i quess it is pretty much up to himself how many minutes he will play in every match etc…


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