Ángel Correa scores for Atletico Madrid in 3-1 win vs. Girona


Ángel Correa scored for Atletico Madrid in their 3-1 win vs. Girona.

Correa made it eight goals in La Liga and started the match for Atletico Madrid. With the match at 1-1, it was a cross into the penalty area which found the Argentine who scored to give Atletico the 2-1 lead.

Nahuel Molina and Rodrigo De Paul also started the match for Atletico Madrid.


    • Yes exactly correct as i been wondering that same question, though with WC it was 26 players allowed as for COPA only 23 so don’t know if he is on Scaloni’s radar, maybe if some unwanted injuries will hopefully not occur, though i kind allways liked him as very underated player indeed, but most of the times get’s the job done with ATM as i can’t really remember that many minutes from LA.SELECCION as i quess most has come towards end’s of the ALBICELESTE’s games etc…but kind of remember him been on the pitch for ARG🇦🇷 and also don’t remember any bad performances for ARG🇦🇷

      🤔just somehow i quess watching a lot of ATM matches make’s me to remember better…

      Also has some versatile abbilities too etc🇦🇷🫶🇦🇷

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