Julián Álvarez scores in penalty shootout, Real Madrid eliminate Manchester City


Julián Álvarez scored in the penalty shootout with Real Madrid eliminating Manchester City in the Champions League.

Álvarez did not start for Manchester City in their Champions League match against Real Madrid but was brought on as a substitute. With the score at 1-1 and the tie 4-4 on aggregate, Alvarez was brought on as a substitute.

Manchester City had created most of the goal scoring opportunities but were unable to convert as the match went to penalty kicks. The first to take it was Julián Álvarez.

The Argentine took his penalty and scored convincingly to give City the 1-0 lead. Real Madrid would miss their first penalty and City would miss their next two with Madrid scoring theirs next four penalty kicks.

Madrid would win 4-3 on penalty kicks to reach the semi finals of the Champions League where they will play Bayern Munich.


  1. Regarding Julian Alvarez’s situation, I think it’s more of a personality issue than technical issue. Julian Alvarez’s football skill and knowledge is as good as Frauden and Grubbish, but he is not competitive enough. He is too unselfish and he is fully willing to scarifice himself for that motherfucker Pep’s sorry ass game plan.

    He needs to come back to our NT stronger in this upcoming Copa. I believe he will score a few important goals for us like he did in the WC 2022. After that, I hope he can move to Real Madrid/Barcelona or any teams that he can have an opportunity to revenge Man Shity in next season’s UCL.

    • Yeah julian is too down to earth and unselfish. That is a great quality like the GOAT. But not everyone will get the brilliance of Messi. So as a striker he needs to be selfish. But still i believe if he has that great character it will benefit him and that is a most important thing coz he has that hunger.

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