Champions League quarter final preview: Julián Álvarez vs. Real Madrid


The Champions League quarter final matches continue on Wednesday and it’s Julián Álvarez with Manchester City against Real Madrid.

Julian Alvarez did not start the first match which ended 3-3 in Madrid but did come in as a substitute. The Argentine has five goals in six matches in the Champions League this season.

The second match in the Champions League is Bayern against Arsenal.


  1. With this defeat, City should go for a new striker to share the load with Haaland. That means Alvarez can either end his apprenticeship under Pep prematurely or accept a third striker or a rotational utility player role with reduced play time. This slum of form in the last 3 months or so could be a blessing in disguise for Julian. City could accept a relatively low transfer fee for him. Barcelona desperately needs a striker as Lewandowski is finished and felix is just plain average second striker, who is on loan with a 100 million price tag.

    With the midfield of Pedri, Gavi and Gundogaan , Alvarez could be a main man at Barcelona with those servicemen. But he needs to lose the obsession of playing under Pep who has turned him into a passing CM robot! He has to ask for a transfer and get his agent to inquire if Barcelona are interested in him.

  2. Obviously anybody who disses Maradona is either an ARGENTINA hater or never watched him play live!! He single-handedly won the 1986 WC for ARG, scored the greatest WC goal in history and STUCK IT TO ENGLAND in the process……..something No Argentinian have ever forgotten nor will he/she EVER WILL.
    I am not going to go into his other accomplishments or talents because that is a wasted time, not on by itself but the need to do so, is.

    • Fully agreed Dfox ! as there is no point of talking about EL DIEGO as there is also no point of making any comparison’s to who or what so ever as everyone who have watched football and siince back from DIEGO’s era knows this as they those who have watched MESSI since his first Competive game from Barca til’ now knows this also.

      It is more than simple as there will never be anyone even close to what DIEGO was and to MESSi as obviously many Argentine’s come to my Mind from WC winning team’s 78’ 86’ & 2022 and if i would have to pick one more name i would pick Angel Di Maria🫶🇦🇷🫶🇦🇷🫶🇦🇷

      And i’m talking now about football wise and how did they played on the pitch and what kind of legacy they left also on the pitch and after as everything else is irrelevant, when we are talking about football as u either show it and demonstrate it on the pitch or not and NO ONE HAS DONE IT EVEN CLOSE HOW DIEGO AND MESSI HAVE DONE IT as only one who comes to my Mind is ANGEL DI MARIA and this not any dissing to other ARGENTINE GREATS as there are plenty of them from 78’ 86’ 2022 WC WINNING TEAMS as how else would had ARGENTINA won 3 WC’s + also from those WC TEAMS of ARG who did not won,

      well they could had or at least some would had as in football nothing is never granted and i’m sure everyone saw that yesterday from City’s game against Real for example as only City failed to score 1 more goal and gave an very silly goal scored by Real also a with bit of luck, which is also needed obviously also in football like in hopefully in life too, though it is not never granted

      And well, for Rodrygo, but also in football in general and in other team sports there goes a saying, that ” one will earn his own luck” and Yes, i do agree with that til certain point, Yes,

      but, well in this case Real did not really earned it as it was more of City’s own fault as very poor defending indeed and then Real parked the bus and Silva and Kovasic had a very poor penalties + De Bruyne scored and great goal, but blew other even better opportunity high up in the skies etc…

      as that’s pretty much it, well Ok one could argue and say what ever and Yes if they wish to do so then up to them, but i would not agree AS I WOULD NOT AGREE ABOUT WITH THOSE COMPARING DIEGO WITH MESSI OR COMPARING DIEGO WITH SOMEONE ELSE AS I SAID THAT CAN’T BE SIMPLY DONE and not even with MESSI as what is the point when other started playing at end of 70’s and other more than 25 year’s after, LOL!


      which could had been easily blessed at least with 2 more WC’s and maybe even with one more, but not every prayer or wish will never come true in this life as suffering has important role in it and therefore it should be experienced, studied and accept it as blessings are rare and should be well respect it as rare as breed such as DIEGO & MESSI and once again as supporter of ARGENTINA i will add not only ADM, but every one from those who were part of, those teams, which led to ARGENTINA’s 3 WC’s and this does not neccesary means, that those who did not won were not part of it as in everything else so it is in football too !

      As it is an ongoing process of life and in life some things are ment to happen and some or not as we can’t control this never, though we can try starting from ourselfs and seeing where that will lead us all! 🇦🇷⚽️🇦🇷⚽️🇦🇷⚽️🇦🇷

  3. This is pathetic to see. Even brazilians know how great maradona was. Is this messi fan site? Look the so called argentina fans abusing maradona just like a pure hater and commenting like maradona is nothing in front of messi. Crap. This individual bias is an absolute crap thing. And messi is 4x better than maradona 😂😂. Then what? Batistuta 2x better than maradona. Then aguero 3x better than maradona. Higuain 5x better than maradona. Whats going on here? We have world class talents in the 98 squad 02 squad 06 squad. Please tell what was the achievements they made with your so called world class talents for the national team? Losing even with brazil B team. Then what?

  4. Roy is trolling Alvarez? LOL he ain’t getting no minutes today….

    It’s just pathetic because Frauden and Grubbish are playing pure English shit football today.

  5. What’s the point of this post? It’s not like he will be getting any minutes. And we are at a point where there are literally zero Argentines left in the competition. Even a club of Atleti’s tier is fed with Molina, who is by far our best fullback since the WC. It speaks about the quality of players we have at our disposal, doesn’t it? And we wonder why Argentines aren’t rated that highly like our neighbours. Messi is by far the greatest thing that ever happened to Argentine football, and that too by a country mile.

    • Dont make messi a god. He is human and he showed to the world several times before 2021. If he had played 50% of what he was and face the situation like maradona he would have won the copa america atleast once between 2014-16 time. But he failed miserably and missed a penalty. The whole team was a bunch of loser mind like messi in the important finals. Dont talk coaches we already have sabella who was a great coach. The turning point is the hard working gem like de paul, who evem out of form will give 100% to the team whether it is group round or final. He leads in it. Then the super man emi with Himalayan confidence. Then the aggressive romero. And the ever great defensive performance from montiel who gives it all made argentina back to the glory. Yeah di maria, McAllister, enzo, the four lung predator julian. These gems will always be in my mind. These players who showed courage in the great pressure moments helped Messi to achieve the dream of Argentina. I still say when messi won the 2015 treble with barca I was getting furious
      than ever coz at that time neymar already won a confederation with brazil and messi nothing for Argentina. And atlast this de paul, julian, emi, romero… helped to reach success means it is not about messi it is about the other players. I enjoyed messi more after the 2021 copa and 2022 wc. I enjoyed him more at psg than at barca.

      • Lol. You can write essays all you want but this ain’t going to change the obvious. Yes, some of them played their part in Qatar but in no shape or form they can be categorized as World class talents. Now I don’t want to talk about the quality of players Messi had to endure with the NT in his prime. And for the love of God, don’t dare comparing that druggie to the GOAT. Messi has 4x the G/A.

      • “face the situation like maradona he would have won the copa america atleast once between 2014-16 time.”

        Stop, Maradona Copa America results 3th, 4th and 7th, floppin in Copa America was how Maradona did face the situation? Maradona in Copas 12 matches 4 goals and 0 assist. Messi 13 goals 17 assists. Dont make me laugh!

        • A real one knows there is no comparison b/w maradona and Messi. I am not comparing the stats man. Their identity and mental characteristics. Just rewind those copas. Messi was out of this world against paraguay in 2015 and against USA in 2016. It was both in semifinals of the respective copas. Then suddenly messi was the shadow of what he was in the semifinals. Chile just made messi and Argentina looks like an average team. Dont forget this chile was beaten by us in the group stages of 2016 without messi and in the loosers final of 2019. Then in both the finals we gave to them. That means its just lack of team spirit especially from Messi.

          • Opta (sofascore ratings)

            Maradona World Cup 86 final 6,3
            Maradona World Cup 90 final 5,8
            Messi World Cup 14 final 6,7
            Messi Copa America 15 final 7,7
            Messi Copa America 16 final 7,7
            Messi World Cup 22 final 9,2.

            Maradona was one of the worst finals performer ever, his teammates saved him in 86. The biggest myth ever that he won WC86 single, 100% credit to teammates and master Bilardo.

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