FC Barcelona make an offer for Guido Rodríguez


FC Barcelona have made an offer for Guido Rodríguez.

Guido Rodríguez is set to leave Real Betis and could be joining the Catalan club. According to Gastón Edul, Lionel Messi’s former club have made an offer for the Argentine and the transfer is advanced to sign the World Cup winner.

The 30 year old defensive midfielder joined Real Betis in 2020 from Club America and won the 2021-2022 Copa del Rey.


  1. What is the level of injury for Dibu? I was away for some time.

    Great for Guido, if it happens.
    Lo Celso is referred to Barcelona by Messi.
    Spurs and preparing an extension of contract for GLC.

  2. Garnacho is beyond average. His finishing isn’t up to standards; he plays selfishly, and his decision-making in the final third has always been sloppy, and folks here were imagining him to be the next Messiah of Argentina. He’s simply not cut out to be a talisman for a team, let alone a world-class one. Those Ronaldo’s boxers aren’t going to feed him a career. He better shape it now, or he will have to stick with the championship for the rest of his career.

  3. The penalty given to Burnley was exactly similar to Messi against Poland in the world cup but haters were complaining it wasn’t a penalty because the ball had already crossed Messi. Thats not how it is in the books.

    Regarding, Guido heading to Barcelona, it is a great move for him. He was playing in Mexican league until Scaloni called him, played an important role in keeping Mexico goal less in the world cup. Barca might also go for free agent Locelso as Xavi is a huge fan of him. However, Emeri might persuade him to join Villa too.

    • Lo celso should go to Spain, some players are not for PL and lo celso is one of them. Guido will be 2nd or 3rd choice DM is Barca. He should have stayed at betis, but I think he knows scaloni won’t pick him with likes of Varela and equi coming.

      • Barca’s golden boys Pedri and Gavi are injury prone are are CM and so is F. De Jong, they don’t exactly have a proper DM. Guido is a solid competent DM and can really help Xavi and Barca to fill that void left by Busquets. I think he might be a starter at Barca because their poor performance this season was largely due to CMs not able to provide proper coverage to their defense, which is why they are signing a specialist DM.

        Regarding Locelso, it doesn’t matter where he goes. La-liga might not be as fast and physically demanding as EPL but it is quite physical too. Lo-celso is like Dybala can’t stay fit for more than 4 matches in a row and with Gavi, Pedri, Gundogaan F. De Jong, he will be benched the whole time. Villa is where he needs to go, Emery knows him and got the best out of him at Villareal. He will also be playing Champions league next season with Aston Villa.

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