Matías Soulé scores for Frosinone in 3-0 win vs. Salernitana


Matías Soulé scored a penalty kick for Frosinone in their 3-0 win vs. Salernitana on matchday 34 of the Serie A.

In the 9th minute, Frosinone were awarded a penalty kick and Soulé converted it to give them the 1-0 lead. The 21-year-old Argentine kicked to the left while Salernitana’s goalkeeper dived to the other side.

Enzo Barrenechea in Frosinone and Federico Fazio in Salernitana also played the whole match.

It was a crucial win for Frosinone as now they are able to take a break from the relegation positions. On the other hand, Salernitana only have 15 points in this Serie A season, and they will play in the Serie B the next season.


  1. I am sad for lo celso. He is a great player. A spanish team or aston Villa can give him a redemption from the hands of that non sense spurs club and coach. They need only runners not technical players. Scaloni knows he is special and that may give him the courage to go forward.

      • Though Dimaria has set the bar high, his retirement will create an opportunity to some of the proven talents like Soule, Romero,Garnacho. Both should stay away from the elite clubs. Joining bigger clubs for Argentians at an early age is like Jumping the gun but hardly a problem to Brazilians,Spanish and Portugase. Is it a bias or due to pattern of under performance of the previous early departures to Europe like Saviola, Di santo, Banega etal? I doubt, considering decent track records of players like Kun, Tevez, Masche, etal, and the massive faliures of Brazilians and Portugasse despite the hype at an early stages.

        Something is missing. How come Soule, Romero, Alvarez struggle to secure spots in elite clubs while Rodryo, Harvatez,Geerlish,Dembele (Ousman) are changing clubs and positions with almost regular playing time with out a challenge?

        • The answer lies on 4-3-1-2 (Argentine system) and 4-2-4 (Brazilian System)

          Argentine teams used to play 4-3-1-2, where every kids, teenagers idolize who played as CAM or SS of 4-3-1-2. So every youngsters of Argentina are either CAM or SS. they’re not natural touchline wingers or speedstars. Because except Di maria, Lavezzi, Tevez argentina didn’t have top quality speedstars or wingers. Di Maria, Lavezzi, Tevez weren’t wingers either in their early days.

          Where Brazilians idolized fast dribblers of 4-2-4. So they produced Vini, Rodrygo, Martinelli, D Costa, Willian. and in europe, fast wingers got priority over SS or CAM. except Italian teams, SS are hardly used in to teams.

          • Partly true especially for wingers. I sincerly believe even CAMs, SS ,CBs and 09s were not immune as well.

            Even Jesus was favoured at the expense of Kun (non sense rotation) so was E.Palacious overlooked at the expense of unknown players till Xabi Alonso resolved it. Garay in Madref, Cuti in Juve, Emi Martinez in Arsenal and recently Balerdi in Dortument have not recieved the attention they earned. Ridiculously even Di Maria was criminally sacrified for James Rodriguez in the aftermath of his MOTM performance UCL final)l. Cuti was offloaded by Juve (I read some where that Barca not signing Cuti was a contributing factor in rifting the difference b/n Leo and Barca Board).

            In a nutshell, I personally believe it is beyond formations and tactical cultures.

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