Inter Miami negotiating with Ángel Di María


Inter Miami are negotiating with Ángel Di María.

The Argentine could be leaving Benfica and becoming a free agent in the summer. According to Leo Paradizo, the team which currently boasts Lionel Messi could be signing another Argentine from Rosario.

Ángel Di María joined Benfica this season from Juventus and with many reports that he will not remain at the club, he could be joining his good friend Messi in Miami. The 36 year old has played at some of the biggest clubs in the world and would not be playing with one of the most attractive clubs in the United States.


  1. No one is telling anything about gazzaniga. This guy is in tremendous form for girona. I think he will be great as our second goalkeeper instead of Walter benitez or Armani. But, alas! He is not being called up.

  2. JUST IN: The squad size for the Copa America is likely to be increased from 23 to 26 players. CONMEBOL is expected to officially confirm this soon. @HernanSCastillo

  3. It will be fun to watch Messi and Di Maria in the stadium week in and week out together. I ll go more often. But I think Inter Miami needs Otamendi more than Fideo.

  4. “OFFICIAL: the maximum squad size for EURO 2024 teams has now been increased from 23 to 26 players.”

    I hope conmebol will do same and I think they will

  5. Yesterday i just keep on thinking about the coincidence about the future success of brazil and that hurts me. I mean the coincidence is like-
    1930,1934,1938,1950,1954. There is a gap of 5 world cups between the domination of brazil in the world cup. 1958-1970. Brazil just outclassed all teams in these 12 years. And then 1974,1978,1982,1986,1990. Again a break of 5 world cups. Then again brazil domination 1994-2002. Brazil just outclassed all teams. Again now 2006,2010,2014,2018,2022. Again another exact break of 5 world cups 😔.
    Again we dominated the world cups during the break seasons of brazil. We entered the finals of the WC in those break seasons. 1930, 1978,1986, 1990,2014, 2022.
    Do we have any coincidence to win the next world cup? Four stars means the arrogance of the brazil will again go down and the respect to us will grow more and the argentines situation in Europe will change. Coz this win, even if a team victory, is remembered as Messi world cup. Thats why valverde playing in real madrid and de paul playing in atletico. Our emi playing in conference league and ederson playing in UCL. Even our 2014 loosing team got many elite clubs and started in big clubs. And yeah eventually its all upto the mind set of the players.

    • As much as I hate to say it but currently Brazlian players are more sought after by big clubs in high tier leagues, while our players are stuck in mid-table clubs in tier-b or c clubs. We didn’t have a single representation from Argentina in the Champions league semi-final. We don’t have any player who is likely to win the Ballon-Dor in next 5 years. Even though we hadn’t won anything significant in international football since 1993, we always produced world class players, specifically in attacking department like Aguero, Dimaria, Tevez, Higuain, Icardi and great mids like Riquelme, Aimar, Masch and many more who were sought after by big teams in Europe. Right now we are still producing good talents but they are no where close to the talents we used to produce and the current group of players have failed to impress in club football. Our core group are playing conference league while Brazlians are not only playing in elite clubs in elite level competitions too.

      Having said that one of the reason we won the world cup was because this time around we didn’t have too many super stars. Previously, our world cup teams were always stacked with way more super starts than needed and that always created too many issues causing us to crash. But in 2022 lack of star-dom meant the players around Messi were able to put in the effort , establihsed a brotherhood , so that Leo had the support and the freedom to run the game as per his will and which won us the world cup. But since Messi will be gone soon, with the talents we are producing and those we have in our squad , I won’t be surprised if we get hit by another long trophy drought.

      • It’s my dream to see an Argentine team with no real superstar to win a world cup or copa. To redeem the missed chance in 2006. And our squad can create that magic with the effort they put in for Argentina without Messi. And yeah like everybody if we get another maradona or messi its an icing on the cake in this long journey. But yeah reality is tough and hoping we can survive it and continue this domination.

      • Hard to argue with most of the facts you shared, Sulav. Only point i beg to differ is the remark on potential drought of trophies.

        The current team is stuck with talents in mid, defense and even forward regrardless of their club careers. Many National teams would struggle to deal with the solid mid of Macca, Enzo Depaul with out mentioning the endlessly graduating youths and many more senior debutants.The future in most of postions is promising.
        Maintaining Right coaching team
        and Strategy will define the future not lack of elite players nor absence of players committed for elite clubs. Pekerman and Bielsa were the defnition of miserable failures in this regard. I would even forgive the Baldy owing to the complicated circumstances of his brief tenure. Scaloni’s committment and exit strategy plans likely to determine the future atleast for the coming foreseeable few tournaments.

        • @delpetro correct. If I recall correctly, last time we played Brazil in Brazil, they couldn’t grab a ball in mid and thus resorted to nonstop cynical fouling. Probably copying the Uruguayans. It was a close boring match thanks to their tactics but we ended up winning.

  6. Sorry! Inter Miami’s problem is with the coach, Tata Martino is a single-dimensional guy. Not so much creativity and maximize the squad. The game plan dependent on Messi

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