Julián Álvarez scores, reaches 100 appearances for Manchester City


Julián Álvarez scored as he reached 100 appearances for Manchester City.

Álvarez started Manchester City’s 5-1 win vs. Wolves on the bench but his substitutions meant he had played 100 matches for the club. Just three minutes after being substituted into the match, the Argentine received a ball and he took it in his stride, finishing with a left footed effort towards the far post.

The 24 year old has 18 goals this season, 10 of them in the Premier League.


  1. Aston Villa just lost to Brighton and this fool from Spurs, Ange has Lo-celso benched again, even though his team has only one victory in his last 5 matches that too against Forest who has been fighting to survive relegation. Tottenham midfield hasn’t been able to create nothing in the last few matches while Lo-Celso who has impressed in the very few chances he got , but he hasn’t started a single match since his return and only gets 10mins if he lucky to be subbed in.

    Regarding Alvarez scoring 10 goals in EPL this season along with 9 assist , he could have easily had 5-10 additional goals had he not been out of form for a very long stretch and partly due to his own style of play where he just kept passing the ball around and was seldom in good position unlike Foden who was smart enough to always be in great position where other selfish City players had no option but to pass it to him. Having said that , the goal he scored yesterday was a goal of a pure No-9, great first touch and even better finish.

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