Nahuel Molina suffers a tear, will be out for 20 days


Nahuel Molina suffered a tear and will be out for 20 days.

Molina is expected to miss most, if not the entire rest of the season for Atletico Madrid. According to Gastón Edul, the 26 year old will require 20 days to recover and could come back at the end of the European season or join the Argentina national team directly.


  1. Nahuel Molina’s injury gives us an opportunity to bring up someone new to replace him. When Molina started playing there was zero expectation from him and he stood real tall. So we never know if his replacement would do even better. In the recent times Molina showed signs of slowing up. His mistake against Uruguay was costly. He was not good against Brazil too.

  2. Germany is back, they’re easily the favorites to win the upcoming Euros on home soil. In 2013 when Bayern and Dortmund made the UCL final Germany went on to win the WC in 2014. And even if Bayern doesn’t make it to the UCL final it still doesn’t change the reality of them being the clear 2024 Euro favorites.

    • Brazil is also showing signs of a come back. Beating England and drawing with Spain were fantastic achievements. Germany already started showing signs of a comeback even before UCL semis.

      • Beating England was a fantastic achievement? Come on bro, this is England we’re talking about, the most overrated national team to ever exist. Defeating England is not the trophy you think it is. Remember Colombia also defeated Spain during the same international break. A fit Argentina NT with all the players available would comfortable win against this same England NT if they were to play today.

        • you are wrong brother.. england and portugal are the most balanced team in the world right now.. england’s problem lies with their coaching.. gareth southgate is an absolute garbage of a coach..give england a proper coach and they can do wonders.. for example the work that bielsa is doing with uruguay..

  3. This Molina news can be devastating for us. If he isn’t fit then all we have is montiel which has seen much time on the pitch in a while.
    Scalonis will have to readjust

    • Possible solutions: 3 at the back with De Paul as makeshift wing back, Pablo Maffeo if Scaloni still rates him, maybe Quarta or Perez as makeshift RBs or even Ocampos who has played in that position for Sevilla recently. Or just default to Montiel with his lack of playing time and Molina if he is fit even if not sharp.

        • Maybe Perez, Cuti and Tagliafico (Licha if he is fit enough). The thing about back 3, the right and left CBs have to be quick, the one in the middle, the sweeper can get away with slight lack of pace. Also, the one on the left has to be left-footed ideally…Regardless, Otamendi cannot be part of the back 3, unless he’s in the middle as a last resort..

  4. Anyone remember here Ricardo Alvarez? I thought he was so good that if he kept playing he would even be a regular and carry ARG team. I think the same about Emanuel Mammana and Ascacibar….all great players but ruined by injury. I doubt a lot of people here even know their names.

  5. He will lack match sharpness in June. We’re thin in the RB department….although Montiel is healthy but his playing time has not been much.

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