Lionel Scaloni is present at the AFA for César Luis Menotti’s last farewell


Lionel Scaloni traveled from Spain to be present at the AFA for César Luis Menotti’s last farewell. The ceremony is taking place this Tuesday at the Lionel Messi complex.

“A football master has left us. Thank you for those heartfelt conversations that left a lasting impression on us. Farewell, dear Flaco,” posted Scaloni on his Instagram account.

The current world champion coach learned a lot in terms of tactics and strategy from the 1978 world champion coach. In addition, Menotti has a hand in Argentina’s third star in Qatar. “El Flaco” supported Scaloni when his position was seriously in doubt.

Per a report by Olé, AFA’s President Claudio Tapia stated the following in 2023 about Menotti’s support of Argentina’s current coach:

“At that moment, one of the most important people told me that ‘El Gringo’ (Scaloni) had to be the coach of the National Team and that he had to have a contract until the World Cup. We couldn’t just give him matches or competitions because we really needed to start a project. So, it was César Luis Menotti who first told me, ‘he has to be the coach from here until the World Cup,’ until the World Cup ends, whatever the result may be.”

Back in 2020, when the National Team was still experiencing a drought of titles, “El Flaco” praised Scaloni’s coaching team of Pablo Aimar, Walter Samuel and Roberto Ayala:

“He is well accompanied, surrounded by young coaches with experience in the National Team, who are in love with the game.”


  1. Seeing Julian Alvarez in my beloved Barca colors will give me great joy! But Barca are NOT known for making rational decisions when it comes to finances or the transfer market. Atleast not since Pedri/Dejong

  2. As expected, most of us are happy PSG got another CL major loss and this one was sweeter since they went deeper than expected.
    Be that as it may, I believe PSG was a Messi good luck charm and their coach at the time didn’t do anything to hinder Messi’s chances for being tiptop going into the WC.
    Didn’t he say that he delivered Messi into the WC in the best shape possible or something to that effect?

  3. My biggest enemy in football PSG and Joan Laporte ( barca president). The way they treated Messi I never forgive them. Very happy Mbappe and his friend hakimi loss.

  4. Both Barca and PSG crashed out from Champions league! This is nothing but music to my ears. I prayed both crashed out in the quaters but PSG made it to the semi-final. Mbappe might be shedding crocodile tears after Messi was forced out but make no mistake him and his bi$ch Hakimi made Messi’s life hell the whole of first season! They made sure Leo received no passes whatsoever and add to that Pochetinno’s incompetent management! Barca will endure more damage next year! Madrid will have Mbappe and they will have an aging Lewandoswki leading attack and injury prone Pedri and Gavi! If they want Argentina fans’ support back , they need to find a way to sign Julian Alvarez and make him their primary target man!

    • Winning Copa 21 and Qatar 22 were the silverline achievements of Leo despite the disrespect and iltreatment he recieved in the 02 clubs (Laporta and Mbappe). Additional embarrassment continued in UCL this yr as both were the laughing stocks in thier home soils. Mbappe’s was the elephant in the dressing Room with full endorsement of the management and fans. He instructed the exit of all of the players whom he percieved them as pro Messi or Latino dynasty and the rest was history.

      Having said that i still have doubts if any of zhe current Argentian should join the 02 sh*t clubs. I prefer EPL, SerieA, Laliga (minus Barca and Madref), and even Bundesliga Clubs. Especially Barca have been consistently disinterested to chase any Argentian despite Messi’s influence.

    • Honestly watching PSG and their overrated speed merchant crash out gave me almost as much pleasure as watching Argentina winning Copa 21. Infact watching those Qatari backed b**ches crash and burn gave me so much pleasure that I almost felt embarrassed of myself for being so petty but knowing that you guys feel the same way makes feel…..abit…..less bad about myself 🙂

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