Thiago Almada scores for Atlanta United in 3-2 loss vs. D.C. United


Thiago Almada scored for Atlanta United in their 3-2 loss vs. D.C. United.

Almada reached three goals and one assist for the season in 10 matches for Atlanta United. With the score at 0-0, Atlanta were awarded a penalty kick and it was the 23 year old who stepped up.

The Argentine took the penalty and scored, shooting to the goalkeeper’s left and the goalkeeper going to his right. The reigning MLS Young Player of the Year finished with a high 13 goals last season.


  1. Unless proven in a higher tier league or international scene, clubs from big leagues don’t like to pay higher price from Argentine players and in Almada’s case his club wants min 20mill + for him and clubs from tier-b leagues don’t pay that kind of amount for an MLS player. His only option is to perform in international matches but we are so stacked in midfield and attack that he can’t even secure a spot on the bench. In hindsight, it was a stupid to move to MLS at such young age!

  2. After the Olympics truly hope him to switch from MLS over to Europe as Bundesliiga, Serie A or La Liga will be most propably best suited, though i would not mind or count out a move to Portugal either or perhaps some other team having a chance in either Europa or -Conference league etc…