Marcos Acuña substituted out injured for Sevilla


Marcos Acuña was substituted out injured for Sevilla.

Acuña started for Sevilla in their match against Villarreal but was substituted out after 60 minutes due to an injury. The 32 year old has been hit with several injuries this season, playing in only 19 league matches.


  1. If Scaloni keeps playing Molina, who is far better attacking than defending, id have no problems with a hyper defensive left back to balance the defense. Licha out wide would still be excellent for us. He defends amazing, he distributes amazing, and his one deficit, height, is not really an issue on the wing.

    • At the moment as both Molina and Acuna have suffered from injury ( hopefully not that serious ) might be better suited for Arg🇦🇷 to play with 3 at the back and as Licha also a doubt i will go with Tagli as LCB , CUTI in the Center and Perez as RCB or Tagli, Ota and CUTI, but i have no idea who would suit ARG🇦🇷 as best possible LWB and if not Molina then also RWB needed too…

      Anyone, maybe some thought’s / ideas who might fit as LWB and RWB in the worst case scenario if all 3 Acuna, Licha and Molina not fit enough to play as i hope this will not be the case for ARG🇦🇷🙏

  2. There is not much different between Acuna and Tagliafico, infact Tagliafico is a better defender but Acuna is slightly better in the final third. Hopefully Scaloni is looking for a proper LB and not a make shift one. Also, Licha can also play as a LB but it is better to go with a proper full back!