Nicolás Valentini could not go to the 2024 Olympics with Argentina


Nicolás Valentini could not be going to the 2024 Olympics since the AFA would have determined that all players who have conflicts over contract renewals in Argentina will not be called up.

Per a report by Olé, although it is not official yet, the AFA and the Argentine clubs would have reached this agreement, which affects Boca Juniors’ center back. Valentini had a conflict a month ago regarding his new contract with the club’s directives and hasn’t signed his renewal yet. The 23-year-old has not played with the Xeneizes since then.

Although Valentini and his agent haven’t reached an agreement with Boca Juniors, AFA’s drastic decision could potentially accelerate a deal between the parties.

Argentina’s U-23 right back Gonzalo Luján from San Lorenzo would be in a similar situation too.

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