Alexis Mac Allister comments on Real Madrid’s rumored interest in him


Alexis Mac Allister commented on Real Madrid’s rumored interest in him. Liverpool’s midfielder arrived in Buenos Aires on Tuesday morning and briefly responded to some questions to ESPN at Ezeiza’s airport.

“I don’t talk about assumptions, I’m very happy at Liverpool. I think it was a good season individually, then we had some objectives that we couldn’t meet, but I still think it was a very good season.”

The Argentine midfielder also expressed his excitement about representing the national team again and mentioned the particular way in which he found out about Lionel Scaloni’s call:

“I’m happy for the call-up, it is always a pride to be in the national team, so I am very happy. I found out about the call through social media.”

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  1. Well, out of theese 29 players selected for COPA i truly hope Scaloni will drop 1st Pezella 2nd Acuna if he is not fit and instead give Barco the chance

    3rd one might be a bit trickier and could be a defender too, but i quess this has a lot do with Licha’s fitness and will he be able to play as i think Scaloni will keep Guido according to the how many midfielders he has picked as 7 and 8 forwards with 11 defenders.

    So from theese numbers i may come to the conclusion, that the 3rd one will be or might be a defender too or one the forwards perhaps..?

    Not really getting Dybala’s omission ( yes obviously very injured prone, but was it due to that, well i don’t have an answer for that..? )

    As dropping Senesi and Perez too are even more hard to swallow as Senesi should had been picked and perhaps Perez too as he Could had cover perhaps for RB too..?

    I think and hope, that all 3 younger players as Garnacho, Carboni and Barco will be included in the final 26 players.

    As there is absolute no need for Pezzella be included as he is just way past his best and was allready in the last COPA too.

    Rulli must be picked only for one reason and, that is if for his penalty stopping, but truly hope DIBU will play every single game, maybe the last group game for Rulli if ARG have allready secured the top spot in their group.

    Armani, well i quess no need to talk about as it was more than expected, though i would had prefer Musso or Benitez, but i’m not the coach, lol!

    And Scaloni & Company must have their reasons and most propably Armani will not play a single game as many of the 3rd or even the 2nd keepers picked perhaps will ever too.

    So his inclusion in the end does not bother me as much as Pezzella’s and Senesi’s omission and still a bit wondering about Dybala’s case as was he completly fully injured as there are others too picked suffering with some late injury issue’s at least, though hopefully they all have recovered well !

    But, Acuna and Licha did not really had that many game’s with their whole season and i quess the latter hardly any, though i’m a big of fan of him, but also i don’t think is that wise to pick unfit players and one’s who have hardly play during the whole season, and yes Dybala too also allways out injured every 3rd or 4th game, but still he played some for Roma and more than Licha for example, perhaps even more than someone else too from the 29 preliminary list..?

    Stil in the end Licha’s and Dybala’s quality for me at least are worth to gamble even they been injured as for Licha all most the whole season and for Dybala’s case everyone knows, that he has been very injury prone unfortunately through out his whole career, which has been always a bummer indeed !

    In the end I quess I’m most worried about 1st Pezzella 2nd will Licha be fit to play and 3rd how good will ARG’s RB’s be as Molina’s season was not the greatest and Montiel did not play much with Nottingham so my last question is will Quarta be able to play on the right or any other of 11 eleven defenders picked for the preliminary list of 29 ?

    Middfield will be no doubt ARG’s best and with fit LEO & ADM + Toro & Julian playing at their best will have an impact on others as Nico. G and perhaps Correa and hopefully all of the 3 “young guns” will flourish through the COPA !

    Just need to be defensively tight and compact + quick enough too and stand tall and strong + solid as team together !

    And usually or lately with Scaloni & Co ARG has succeeded well with this as only the game against Uruguay did clearly not worked out and individual errors against France after ADM’s subbed out nearly costed the WC, but, that would had been way too harsh against ARG after completely dominating France more than 2/3 of the match and therefore rightfully crowned as WORLD CHAMPIONS and clearly the best team in the whole WC !

    As there were no doubts in the Finalissima either and tactically ARG played a great game against Brazil in last COPA final too and deserved to win !

    4 years has past, that day and now really looking for to ARG repeating and winning this COPA once more and hopefully Olympics too !

  2. Tony Kroos is retiring and Madrid are looking for similar replacement. Someone who has high futballing IQ, who is a great passer, defensively sound, can play multiple positions and score goals. There are very few players like MacAllister in world futbal right now. Only other midfielder with such attributes is non other than Enzo Fernandez but his market value has gone down significantly since his move to mediocre Chelsea. Had Enzo waited for 6 more months he ccould have moved to a well balanced team not get his reputation tarnished like in Chelsea.

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