Rodrigo De Paul: “As champions, everyone wants to beat us”


Rodrigo De Paul has landed in Argentina and spoke about the national team, the Copa America and Ángel Di María.

De Paul is in Argentina to join the national team which begin training for the two friendly matches against Ecuador and Guatemala. Speaking to the media at the airport, here is what he had to say:

“Expectations are always high. We have to defend what we have done. Since we are the last champions, everyone will want to beat us. We are prepared to face all that.

“We know we are one of the favorites because we are the last World champions and Copa America champions, and because we have Leo (Messi). We are preparing as if it were the first time. We are very excited to bring joy again.”

The 2024 Copa America will also be Ángel Di María’s last tournament with the Argentina national team:

“It is always special for me and for everyone to share with this kind of players. Fide (Ángel Di María) is a friend. We are going to enjoy it a lot. Hopefully everything will go the way he and all of us want it to. They are players who have earned the power to decide how long they want to play and how long they want to play.”


  1. I’m still celebrating, in fact I never stopped. It’s funny how famous Messi has become here in America. I remember bout 10 years ago standing in line at a gas station to pay for my coffee and the guy behind me taps me on the shoulder and says, “Messi, great player, I always loved BRAZIL” I turn around and look him dead in the eye and say, “ARGENTINA, he’s Argentinian, Brazil is the enemy”

    The sticker on my car back window reads, WORLD CHAMPION, ARGENTINA AND 3 STARS” just over the ALBICELESTE CREST…I fantasized about that 3rd star like you would…..fill in the blank

    • “Messi, great player, I always loved BRAZIL”

      Hehehehe, only in America!

      I was in the States some years back and someone asked me where I was from and I said Iraq and they responded by “Oh, Iraq! cool………uh, Shalom!!”. *face palm*. I just smiled, turned around and left.

      • LOL
        Mamoun my Friend, I hope everything is well with you.
        I hate to outdo you but to make a long story short, I went to the post office some years ago to return a duplicate package for an order I placed online. I asked the lady at the window if I could just write return to sender on it and call it a day and she said no, you have to get the proper slip and pointed to the wall across the room to where all the slips were hanging.
        I walk over there and look back at her and ask, this one, that one..etc and as I was doing that I thought I heard someone say, “Israel” but I quickly dismissed it as to I’m imagining things. I fill the slip and hand her the package and as I was walking out, I hear it AGAIN!! I turn around and see two guys looking at me with a huge confident smile on their faces……..took me a sec to process it and thought to myself, “these two think I’m Israeli!!!!! I look them DEAD in the eye while pointing to my chest and say, “PALESTINIAN” I turn around and walk out without even looking back to see their reaction.

        • All is well D, thanks for asking. Likewise for you I hope.
          Being mistaken for an Isreali is bound to happen considering that they are technically our cousins.
          Then again the Zionists who ethnically cleansend Falistine back in 48 were European colonists who were about as Semetic as Hitler was, so…….I don’t know, can we even call them cousins?

  2. well i have see everything and i have live every happyness possible with Leo and Angel all these years so personally i will sit without any kind of stress or worry to enjoy for last time one last tournament with those 2. One last dance to enjoy with a feeling of gratitute and say one huge THANK YOU for the memories of a lifetime i will have for remember.

    THANK YOU GOD that you let me live in their era.

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