Lautaro Martínez to renew contract with Inter until 2029


Lautaro Martínez is set to renew his contract with Inter until 2029.

Martínez will be staying at Inter for five more seasons. According to Gianluca Di Marzio, the Argentine has decided to accept Inter’s contract offer to renew.

The contract would have Lautaro stay at the club until 2029 and earn €9 million a year plus bonuses. Only final details remain.

At 26 years old, Lautaro joined Inter in 2019 from Racing in Argentina. He has won two Serie A titles, two Coppa Italia and three Supercoppa Italiana while also finishing runner up in the Europa League and Champions League.

He finished as the Serie A’s most valuable player and Serie A top scorer this season with 24 goals.


  1. Post world cup everytime Scaloni picked Dybala, he got injured which is why management has decided to go with someone like Garnacho who is not only young but super fast and fits much better in Scaloni’s plan than Dybala, who watched the entireity of the world cup from bench. Yes if Messi and Dybala were not in the team , Scaloni could have utilized Dybala but again there is no way Paulo can play 7/8 games in a month or even be our main man with his fragile body!

  2. Scaloni is not giving chance to new defenders. What is the reason behind it? Senesi, Perez, Balerdi – One of these 3 players should be included in the squad. Instead if these players Scaloni selected players like Pezzella, Montiel who are below average. What is the reason behind this?

    • Generally, he is not in favor of changing something, unless some strange reason. His thought process is not predictable or it is not publicly known. E.g. it is not very well explained why Dybala was left out.

      He is quick in removing Dybala, but you can argue he was never closely integrated. Seems like people who have made in the inner circle, stays forever, like Armani. Again, the pattern follows, no one asks and neither it is explained.

      • Players who replaced Dybala are top class. New players are also getting chance in those positions.Armani is a third choice player who hardly gets chance to play. But Defenders who are selected are below average and not a single player is getting chance in CB. Perez recently selected who performed well but untimely Pezzella got selected. Perez can be used as RB also who is much better than Montel.

      • Yes, ddr1123 Again, the pattern follows, no one asks and neither it is explained … ?

        In my thoughts Armani as a third or second choice goal keeper maybe not, that vital, though if something HOPEFULLY NOT HAPPENS TO DIBU, well then it is completly different scenario, but again Armani’s inclusion does not bother me, that much as for sure he must be very beneficial for the whole team in general and hopefully also on the pitch, though i do not wish that to happen etc…

        But, what bothers me is more of Pezzella’s inclusion, though he played many game’s with Betis, but Still allready in last Copa Arg nearly got beaten and again in the WC as due his age this is completly normal to happen as everyone’s body will slow down so does the pace of the players etc…

        And with Montiel i hope his pace is Stil, there, but also ARG🇦🇷 does not really have or should i rather say, that beside of Molina ARG🇦🇷 has not been digging enough to find more RB’s as if this so called digging/ searching for new RB. Solution would had started allready at after last COPA or at least after the WC, well if they would had find someone or few possibilities, then at least they could had been brought to trainining every time, when NT trained together prior to this coming COPA, but as such did not happen, well there is pretty much only Molina and Montiel now, though Perez might have been able to play as RB as i don’t know that for sure and i quess only does the coaching….

        Credits have to be Still given a lot’s for this Coaching as not only for their incredible merits and what they have won in such a short period of time as they won everything possible and which was available to won as also no other coaching has never done this, but also no other coaching exept maybe early days of Pekerman & Tocalli have intergrated that many young and new players to the senior NT team of Argentina and even it is 26 this time for COPA, …some will allways have to be dropped as sad it is….

        Finally if i would had to choose between injury prone Dybala or Pezzella i would had surely picked Dybala or any other defender over Pezzella, period!