Chelsea don’t want Enzo Fernández to go to the Olympics with Argentina


Chelsea don’t want Enzo Fernández to go to the Olympics with Argentina this summer.

Enzo Fernández might not be going to the Olympics. According to Gastón Edul, Chelsea don’t want him to go because they want to count on having him from the beginning of the pre-season.

The club are changing coaches and they want to have Enzo available. They will have one more talk on the weekend and that is where it will be confirmed if he can go or not.

As we reported, Nicolás Otamendi and Julián Álvarez will be going to the Olympics with Argentina and the AFA are working on trying to get Enzo Fernández, Emiliano Martínez and Alejandro Garnacho with the team.


  1. Many will disagree with me, but I support Chelsea on this. Enzo Fernandez has just come back from surgery. He should be thankful he will be representing NT at Copa America.

    Pushing to play for Olympics is a selfish move. There are other midfielders who are equally good. There is Almada, Santiago Hezze, Varela, Equi Fernandez, Zenon, Cristian Medina, franco mastantuono. It will be injustice for one of these players dropped to accommodate Enzo Fernandez. What’s the point of going to Olympics and end up with long-term injury like Pedri.

  2. – Claudio Echeverri (2006)
    – Franco Mastantuono (2007)
    – Agustín Ruberto (2006)
    – Ian Subiabre (2007)

    Today, for the very first time, all these jewels played together for River Plate in their 2-0 Copa Libertadores win. The future of Argentina 🇦🇷

  3. One of the primary reason Chelsea fired Pochettinno was because he wanted to keep Gallagher even it was at the expense of the $280 million midfield duo of Enzo and Caicedo, while Chelsea’s management want to get rid of Gallagher. Also, majority of Chelsea fans think that Enzo was much better last season compared to this one under Poch, even though they finished 12th last season. Yes he was carrying a groin injury but Pochettino definitely failed to capitalize Enzo’s sublime positioning and very effective progressive balls. Poch first failed Messi at PSG by prioritizing Mbappe and his bitc#es and now failed to utilize one of most promising and progressive midfielder in Enzo. There was no way Chelsea would let their start midfielder leave for a month for a non FIFA competition when they just fired a manager who couldn’t make the quarter billion dollars midfield duo work!

    • Pochettinno got his tactics wrong and lacked leadership. Talking of Enzo Fernandez, my only criticism was lack tactical discipline, playing in the final third leaving Caicedo exposed. Enzo played better at a deeper role; at advanced position he was a liability with his poor finishing.

    • Fully agreed Dfox as theese sorry-ass clubs are loaded with money and are the one’s responsible for many unfair things surrounding modern days football as obviously it is all due to money💰💵 why market prices gone crazy allready back then at Bosman’s day’s and now way, way beyond since the start of EPL days, when in England they tooked their first baby steps towards this lunatism with players salary’s and and what was their market value, but who would had thought of back then how far will all this end as i quess there is no end to this anymore and now all theese sorry-ass clubs rule the whole global & International football too and therefore we don’t get see any Confederations-Cup’s or hardly any International friendlies too, which used to be common in world football and in it’a history too as also before South-American teams who had won Copa Libertadores used to play 2 legged Intercontinental final against Europe league winner ( former UCL) and back then, before UCL was formed in the former Europe Leaugue as it was called back then only 1 club from every European Leaugue as the champ’s were allowed to participate so it was much fair back then for every European country as now those teams in certain countries of Europe, where football might not be so big as in others don’t simply have enough money to build a proper team or competive domestical league in their countries + all the potential players who might make the cut in bigger european leagues obviously want join them as soon as possible as some and mostly due to the money, which is okay( completly normal in theese days ) and most of them hopefully so and if they are ambitiuos of their career’s too desrved it too and not just going as mercenaries, though some may end up one day as such a one’s and not necessarily because they themself’s decided so as they as players don’t rule the market or own the the whole International football world and create the rule’s and controll them with their wealths as such a one’s and only one’s responsible are those super rich sorry-ass teams !