Lionel Messi on Argentina winning the World Cup, playing for the national team


Lionel Messi spoke about winning the World Cup with Argentina and playing for the national team.

Messi spoke in an interview with Marcelo Tinelli on America TV about the 2026 World Cup and if he will play in it. In the same interview, he also spoke about winning the World Cup and playing for the Argentina national team. Here is what he had to say:

“I got rid of the thorn of having lost the World Cup final.

“I felt that many people expressed to me that they wanted me to win the World Cup, even my teammates. It was beautiful, I am grateful for the love I received throughout my career. I got much more than what I dreamed of, my dream was to play in Newell’s first team.

“We will never again see anything like what we saw after we won the World Cup. People were so eager and waited so long to celebrate again, it was crazy. Five million people…

“Even if we become world champions again, I don’t think people will experience it this way. I hope we become world champions again, eh.

“I believe that Argentina is the only country that reaches 3 finals in a row, in any sport, and its team is criticized, even in non football matters.”

When he was asked about playing with the Argentina national team:

“Being with them, spending time together, I value those moments a lot because I know there’s less and less time until it’s over and one way or another, I’m going to miss them.”