Julián Álvarez emerging as starter for Argentina vs. Canada at the Copa America


Julián Álvarez is emerging as a starter for Argentina vs. Canada at the Copa America.

Álvarez could be starting for Argentina vs. Canada. According to Gastón Edul, Álvarez could start the Copa America opener.

As we also reported, Lisandro Martínez could be starting for Argentina vs. Canada in place of Nicolás Otamendi. Argentina play Canada in the Copa America opener in Atlanta on Thursday.


  1. I honestly feel good/weird about Copa America that is due to start in 11 hours. My thoughts take me back to 2010 WC, Copa 2011, 2014WC 15/16 Copas………and ending with 2022 WC.
    I can remember moments from each competition, waking up early to watch 2010 WC, long haired Messi in Africa running around with that incredible-packed squad, 2011 Copa losing on PKs with fat Tevez, the heartbreak of 2014 WC and twice again in 2015/16 which REALLY hurt to watch Messi crying without holding anything back and the rest up to 2021 and 2022.
    Here we are once again with another competition but as World and Copa Champs and it feels really weird, it’s no longer do or die at the edge of a cliff holding on with just finger tips anymore because mission has already been accomplished.
    I’m selfish and would LOVE to see Messi once again centerstage while holding the COPA trophy, fireworks high above and confetti falling from the sky.

  2. 2019 Copa debut: 0-2 Columbia
    2021 Copa debut: 1-1 Chile
    2022 WC debut: 1-2 Saudi Arabia

    2024 Copa debut??

    I wil be happy even with an ugly 1-0 win vs. Canada..

  3. Looking again through every and each group of this Copa have to admit, that ARG’s group as group A looks the hardest to me as i not rank Bolivia so high this time as same goes for Panama so by saying that Uruguay’s group ain’t looking that hard even they got U.S in their group too as also group D with Columbia, Brazil, Paraguay and Costa Rica looks deffenetly more harder one and maybe group B with Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico & Jamaica also not as hard compared to Arg’s group for example, though Mexico has an advantage with the crowd over others in that group, well Still i predict Ecuador top that group and maybe Venezuela or Mexico fighting for the second spot, though i’m deffenetly rooting for Jamaican’s in that group !

  4. Ok, intresting as could it be 3 at the back or will it be something like : Dibu, Molina, Cuti, Licha, Tagli, Paredes, RDP, Macca, Julian, Toro and Messi or Julian, Messi, ADM as 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1

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