Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni: “Messi is fine”


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about Lionel Messi’s fitness.

Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference on Monday where he commented on the Argentina team, Cristian Romero, Alejandro Garnacho and the possible changes against Chile on Tuesday. Scaloni also spoke about Lionel Messi. Here is what he had to say:

“I know how hard it is for him to be away from home on his birthday. We try to make sure he has the best time possible with his teammates. We are used to it. Today we will celebrate. He knows he has a whole country behind him.

“The important thing is that Messi is here. It doesn’t matter what he said in 2016. We have to live in the present.

“Messi is fine. He trained normally and is fit to play. When we prepare for matches, we think of many people who have helped us.”


  1. For a team like Chile, Enzo Fernandez ball handling, creativity, and passing are needed to unlock. Enzo is a different kind of player. Look at his highlights in WC final or match vs Croatia. He is a bigtime player who does the things unnoticed.

    • I fully second that. It would also be a rough game. Chile has always been rough on us. We have to handle their pressure carefully. Also someone tall and strong like Guido could have been a good choice.

  2. Argentina vs Chile, I am expecting lots of fouls.. locelso and nico is needed in this type of matches… Very opposition will play very dirty.. one more won and we qualify for next round… I hope we are 3-0 by 60-65 mints. So we can see garnacho and Messi together..

    • Happy to see Italyto get through, though they made it in the latest possible, but still they are one of teams I’m rooting for as Denmark and Spain, though I think out of theese 3 teams Spain has the most best chance against those who I’m not deffenetly rooting for as France, Portugal, England and Germany, though i quess it all depends of a bit of luck as not facing, those 4 before semi’s…also Swiss and Austria both have quite good teams in terms of Euro’s and Turkey has some potential too as with a draw against Chech they will go through…

      Ah, ok I see now, that Italy will have to play against the Swiss, which will not be an easy game for Italy….and most probably Spain will have to play against Germans in the quarterfinal’s…

      • Also it looks like Germans have to play neither England or Denmark, if Slovenia and Serbia do not bring surprise’s, so maybe Spain will have possible other opponents than Germany in the quarter’s….

        Anyhow if Spain make’s it semi’s they might face unfortunately Portugal, who has been handed relatively an easy way to the semi’s…if one can say, that as look’s like Austria or Dutch might be able to knock Portugal out before semi’s…though obviously it is not guaranteed for neither 2 to even face Portugal as both will be fighting in the last group game and also there is possibility, that Dutch might even win their group if they beat Austria and end up with better goal difference than France who I expect to beat Poland….so in that Case most outcome will be France VS Portugal in the quarter’s….anyhow only one of those 2 from Spain and Germany will make it semi’s….if they win their first second round games….

        So fingers crossed Italy will win Swiss and most likely play England in the quarter’s and hopefully beat them again to advance to the semi’s….

        • Either or what so ever way I don’t see Portugal winning the Euro’s, even they might end up in the Semi’s, but I just don’t see them in the final….fingers crossed on that too !

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