Emiliano Martínez comments on Argentina’s win vs. Chile at the Copa America


Emiliano Martínez commented on Argentina’s 1-0 win vs. Chile at the Copa America.

Martínez made a few massive saves for Argentina prior to Lautaro Martínez scoring. The goalkeeper made it two clean sheets in a row to start the Copa America. He spoke to the media after Argentina’s win. Here is what he had to say:

“We have two of the best forwards in the world, Julián (Álvarez) and Lautaro (Martínez).

“Chile was playing for its life and had to win to continue. We knew it was going to be difficult. Claudio (Bravo) played a great game, but we deserved to win. I always have to save one or two per game and luckily I’m doing it.”


  1. Anyone who has watched this team for a significant amount of time should know that when Argentina are demolishing teams it always seems to end in heartbreak, Copa 07, Copa 16, Lead up to WC 2002, WC 2006 etc. It seems whenever Argentina win those scrappy games or win in dramatic fashion they seem to get to get to final and likely win them, I would rather win ugly then lose and be pretty.

  2. It’s 2024 and you still see that same pathetic backward coaching tactic of parking the bus and hope to get a point or maybe 3. There is nothing genius about that tactic except being so damn annoying and pitiful.

  3. The team needs to stop panicking when things go wrong usually toward the end of the game when everything was fine the entire game.
    I would love to get 9 points so whomever Scaloni picks, better deliver a win.
    Overall rules for officiating trend to change for every major tournament, 2022 WC was intentionally called close, lots of PKs and Extra time and now REF.wanna see blood before they give a card and extra time is somewhat more like half time.
    The team needs to brush up on their shooting accuracy and Martinez should have smashed that 2nd goal dead into goal, they made Pops look great which was both annoying and sour, considering the memories💀

  4. When will we see a comfortable victory in the Scaloni era? Argentina has too much talent to win so scrappily. Scaloni is like the Zidane of international football, always managing to secure a win with his black magic.

  5. Scaloni said he will rest players which is good vs Peru

    lo celso

    This should be the team

  6. We started in a sloppy manner. We missed passing the ball at the right time, we missed receiving and/or leaving the ball at the right time. It seemed we came straight out of a birthday party. Thankfully Chile decided not to press but to play a high up “park the bus” game. Enzo was struggling as he is still recovering from his injury. Chile started playing rough. They targeted Messi. The referee was in no mood to stop the soccer-turned-rugby situation. I can understand Bravo had a great game, but I think we were hitting too straight at him to make his life no worse. Lautaro added to our tally in the tournament to miss 1-1 with the opponent goalkeeper. If we do not increase our conversion accuracy we would be having tough times in the knock-outs. Our defence again looked sloppy for a solid spell of 10-15 mins in the second half. We are lucky to stand in the group where we are standing today. Thanks to Lautaro for saving us.

    • Yes and maybe ADM should had been a bit more selfish as Bravo was allready kind of leaning towards Lautaro way, so he should had taken the shot by himself, well in the end and for now only the result matters, though I agree on , that ARG need’s improve and take their chances and score as it seems as decission making is bit rusty still, specially, when ARG is attacking and trying to create, though on other day Nico.G shot should had been goal, but somehow he is allways so unlucky, when playing for ARG as I really hope, that he will get his reward soon and in this COPA as by scoring goal or even better a couple…also MACCA just missed MESSI’s great freekick again as he gave at least 2 those against Canada for OTA to score, so a with bit of luck ARG could had won the game by greater margin and not leave it so late, but again so happy for TORO and obviously for ARG too, though maybe ENZO should had been replaced a bit earlier as also both of the fullbacks and RDP as he had done so much running again and even he might not had been, that visible or actually he was very visibke and well he played again his whole heart out for ARG as allways and did great job again all over the pitch as he might not be the flashiest player of all, but he is the engine of ARG and without him ARG will suffer for sure also I wasn’t expecting much from this game by knowing the opponent and Gareca’s tactics etc…

      Though, Chile most probably ain’t hardest opponent from SA as I rank all Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay and deffenetly Colombia and Uruguay the most difficult opponents currently from SA.

      Luckily ARG will face only teams from first group B and in the possible and very hopefully Semi again either one of teams from Group B or group A, so fair to say, that ARG been handed a very favorable draw, indeed and if ARG and hopefully so playing in the final it will be only 1 from Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay, Brazil or perhaps even team U.S as the other side of the bracket is much more trickier and anything can happen and all those teams has a chance playing in the final, though I predict, that it won’t be Brazil and maybe also not team U.S, though I could be very well wrong with my prediction’s…as it is vey hard to tell in the end !

  7. Two games with 2 wins, clean sheet what to complaint!
    The team show its character, winning style, ready to challenge and won. A few mistakes shows that the team is growing and improving. Vamos Albicelete.

  8. What a golie Dibu is , he made two great saves. F..ck chile they played game of thier lives. Pick up nico gonzalez he had a great game. Cuti Romero and lich martinez are our new centre back pairing moving forward, Scaloni is the most underrated coach in the world football he is tactically genius he knows when to make subs when to integrate a player into the the line up just as he did pervious with likes cuti , dibu macallister, Alvarez, enzo and lich martinez who pushed out and replaced an experience guy otamendi.

    • Yes fully agreed only maybe those subs could had come a bit earlier, but it is so easy for me to say that, WITH DIBU LICHA AND CUTI ARG IS TRULY BLESSED !

      And I truly hope Nico. G wil, get his award ad somehow he is just so unlucky allways, when playing for ARG as for me up front before substitute’s, well he did very well and also he was great as defensive as well !

      Would like see him play with TORO and MESSI, though, that might leave ARG a bit vulnerable as defensive, not so sure of that in fact and hard to tell before or in advance….

      Kind of wished for Garnacho or Carboni to enter with TORO, but ADM did also again enough, though he should taken, that pass he gave to TORO by himself and shoot it by himself as Bravo was allready leaning kind of towards TORO’s way, again it is very easy for me to say that, lol! But, with bit of more correcting the decisions making ARG will improve their game as now it is still a bit of kind rusty and perhaps too many wrong decisions taken up front and from the midfield as defensive wise DIBU LICHA CUTI are solid, though anyone even the best player’s in the world and the best of all can have bad day as everyone is sometimes prone to errrors as it is just part of game !

      Well, hopefully, that won’t be the case with ARG !

      Looking for to Palacios, Garnacho and Carboni and hopefully they will play against Peru also I don’t mind to give minutes to OTA and perhaps Quarta too and why not Guido too as I think kind of optimal for ARG will be getting some playing time for as many as possible!


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