Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni confirms changes vs. Peru


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni confirmed that he will make changes vs. Peru.

Lionel Scaloni celebrated Lautaro’s goal in Argentina’s 1-0 win vs. Chile on Tuesday. Lautaro Martínez was substituted in for Julián Álvarez in the second half and scored. The Argentina national team coach spoke at a press conference about Lautaro’s goal. Here is what he had to say:

“The happiest person for the goal is Lautaro and the second is Julián and I’m the third.”

Scaloni also commented on Argentina’s Copa America match on Saturday vs. Peru:

“Against Peru, the guys who didn’t get minutes in these matches (Canada and Chile) will play.”


  1. Yes once again agreed with Sula V….let’s hope that towards the end of match, maybe some new chemistry will be tried as maybe will be good to have test some options from SCALONI and CO.and most probably they can’t or won’t do this obviously for the entire match…,mainly due most or at least some starting players from the first 2 games will not start….

    Also and as some players really need rest and only enter as subs in the last 30 min or so , but it would be good see in competive game some kind set up tried for example for a situation if ARG will find it hard to score and specially against those who will most certainly park the bus as obviously all teams won’t necessarily do that against ARG as they want have the ball and play with it too and to be able to create, though hopefully not much against ARG, but Ecuador for example lost due early red card and also Venezuela and Canada and why not even Mexico have the legs to go for it as I’m not saying they will beat ARG as I truly hope to see ARG once more in a row as 4TH TIME IN THE FINAL!

    But, yes also I would not mind ARG to start their first knock out match with midfield of RDP, MACCA and perhaps, Palacios or at least try for 30 min or so towards end of the match against Peru as for ENZO it will take a bit of more time and maybe it will be good to bring him on as substitute,

    well again ARG has so many options for the midfield and I’m not really sure if we have seen the best edition of this current COPA, yet, though SACALONI has tried for sure and just thinking of bringing some one like Palacios on would increase the chance for MACCA to play more in advance role, maybe, but obviously Paredes can be one option or Lo Celso as kind of hard to see Guido to get the start with Scaloni in the knock out match, though I might be wrong and maybe he will, hard to tell as obviously I quess it depends also on those who get the start against Peru and if some one really shows good form, well maybe Scaloni would put, that player as starter in the first knock out match….as what do I know in the end, lol!

    Also LICHA and CUTI both are really good with the ball and sometimes I kind of wish for LICHA to try find some a bit longer passes or hard and more direct passes to those playing up front as obviously it is not easy and could be risky too,

    but ARG needs to find some alternative options as like kind what Nerazurri does with Inzaghi or Azurri tries now in the Euro’s with Spalletti and so far it has not really worked yet for Spaletti, though with Calafiori’s 1-2 play with their midfielder and bringing the ball up as CB almost all the way or close to the Croatian box opened up, that space for Zaggani to score as Calafiori’s pass was also excellent, though Croatia defend it very poorly, but the game was allready played as almost 100 min’s or so and Calfiori has done it also in the Serie A and Inzaghi’s Inter also use this kind approach even more to let Bastoni at least very often to join the attack as also Spurs used both CUTI and Micky Van Den Ven as their both CB’s ( obviously and maybe not at the same time for both) as very attacking and obviously in the their clubs or in those Clubs who have used more attacking CB’s as they all do it better, because they have more time to practice this with their team and also they get to practice it in all their of club game’s if they wish to do so etc…

    so it is not comperative to National teams whose time together are allways just more and more limited due to the dominating Club football, unfortunately etc…

    I don’t really know if this would be possible for ARG as obviously u need those players to cover when the CB’s are more attacking and also against SA teams, I don’t know if it will work at all as my tactical knowledge does not reach, that far, lol!

    But, I could see a scenario for example for Arg, where either one LICHA or CUTi will join the attack and by this create more space for those up front as both might end up scoring too and not only necessarily from set piece, where they obviously are a big threat against any team….

    It is so great to see those 2 finally playing together as OTA obviously been great for ARG through the year’s and still can be, but there is just some a bit more of kind of magic, when CUTI and LICHA play together as I’m a huge fan of both and been kind of waiting for this to happen as if LICHA would had not been injured mostly through whole last season for MANU, well I think we would had seen, that earlier as in the WC qualifiers, where ARG only lost against Uruguay and beat Brazil as first time in history in the WC qualifiers and with OTA’s goal !

    In Scaloni we trust ! VAMOS ARGENTINA!

  2. Up until the 70th min Chile hadn’t had a single shot on goal. Both our midfield and defense were in control but we just couldn’t get past their park the bus strategy coupled with some physically aggressive approach. Additional as soon as Julian and Nico got subbed out we then lost our control over match and Chile started pressing us but Emi once again didn’t let anything go through. Yes, we created multiple changes but were very unfortunate and poor infront of the goal. Last match against Canada, we couldn’t capitalize our chances because we shot directly at the keeper, yesterday both Dimaria and Messi instead of taking a shot tried to square the ball and wasted both chances. The reason for low scoring matches is because both Messi & Dimaria haven’t scored in two matches along with others missing relatively easy chances. We need Messi to score because he gets the most scoring opportunities and if he doesn’t convert them then a park the bus team can take the game to penalties. So, this is something Scaloni must have noticed and since we have qualified as the group winner already, he could experiment and rest some players next match. My best offensive player yesterday was Nico Gonzalez, he had a great match which is why Chile just couldn’t come forward at all!

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