Lionel Messi to undergo studies, will train with Argentina, set to miss Peru match


Lionel Messi will reportedly undergo studies on Friday and will be joining the team in training in the afternoon but is set to miss Argentina vs. Peru for now.

Messi was visibly not fully fit for Argentina vs. Peru on Tuesday and he is set to miss Argentina’s next match. According to Gastón Edul, Messi will be undergoing tests on Friday.

He will be joining the team for training in the afternoon and for now, it’s only confirmed that he will not play for Peru to rest until the quarter finals.


  1. Scaloni and Aimar suspended for coming out late for the second half and won’t be allowed on the sidelines vs Peru…come on…silly, childish stuff

  2. BREAKING: Leo Messi has undergone the tests: There’s no major injury. The strain has resulted in something minor. He’s working to be ready for the quarter-finals.

  3. Let’s wait and see before we jump to any conclusion, we already know he won’t play tomorrow and that’s a great thing given the luxury of having 6 points.
    2nd, Let’s see how the team plays tomorrow and this is not the same team from years before, other players just don’t stand around and wait for him to do his magic.
    3rd, we’ve been saying the end is near for a bunch of years now and thankfully it will come after the mission has already been accomplished.

  4. Messi is going to sitout against Peru and likely the quaterfinals as well, but two weeks should be enough for him to recover play in the semis but he can always come off the bench if needed. As I’ve mentioned multiple times due to age and ability to press and defend , only one out of Messi or Dimaria should start and now it’s Dimaria’s turn to lead the show. Addtionally, I would like to see Garnacho and Carboni operating from both flanks at some point in the match. While Garnahco might not be the best finisher, his pace will be needed in the knockouts to disrupt the defense. Personally, our fullbacks are our weakest link, not because they are mediocre but because they are relatively weaker to other areas of team and we will need to test new players after Copa in those positions.

  5. You clearly see Messi wasn’t match for the last two matchs Basically we were playing 10 men against Canada and chile because Messi wasn’t the 25% of Messi we know Now some reports are saying he even doubtful at quarterfinals.

    • Specially against chile he wasn’t doing nothing atall. Just that shot . I know two kinda reports coming. One is he is okay no injuries but will be rested for quarter final and second one says he will miss quarter too. Let’s be honest we should able to win till final without Leo. Fideo always step up without Messi.

  6. This is worrisome.
    God forbid, but let’s take the scenario of Messi not coming back this tournament….
    Do we play two up top with dimaria on the wing? What would be the setup ?

    • In that scenario, I can see a few possibilities: 4-3-3 with Lautaro up front and Julian on the right wing, or Di Maria in a free Messi role off the right wing and Nico Gonzalez on the left with Julian as a CF.

    • He is going to play for sure. Fortunately our route to final is relatively easy and we can abosultely afford to allow him adequate time to recover for semis.

  7. I’m a bit disappointed because I’m going to be at the game. I would have loved to see Messi play. But at the end of the day I’m an Argentina fan more than a Messi fan. So I’m content.

    I hope Messi recovers well.

  8. First of all, it was amazing to see our team play live in the stadium. Much different always from watching in TV. My thoughts…

    Dibu: I am becoming a big fan of this guy. I always was, but increasing everyday. I remember when we called him Damien Martinez during Arsenal days and would watch stupid FA cup matches for him. What a player. What a leader in the pitch. What a winner.

    Cuti: This guy is a beast. Yes there can be matches where he can see a red, but he was immense. Another leader at the back.

    Licha: Masterful on the ball. This is Cuti-Licha is a great pair. Hope he stays fit.

    Messi: Clearly out of sorts. He is not match fit. Simple. I have seen this guy play live in front of me many many times. He is not 50%. Great news, we are winning without him.

    RDP: Game of many mistakes, but another leader.

    Alvarez: Boy this guy covers. Absolutely fantastic.

    Lautaro: What a great feeling to have him back to scoring with NT on a regular basis.

    Rest: Meh

    Overall it was a difficult game. we are not scoring from our chances. But get a feeling its a good sign contrary to Uruguay who is scoring from all chances and looking sharp. We will grow over the days.

    Bottom line, we have lot of leaders in the team – Messi, Dibu, Cuti, RDP, ADM. Leaders win tournaments. Remember the invincible Barcelona – Puyol, Pique, Xavi, Iniesta (not even counting Messi, he was the magic kid). We have some great leaders.

    ** I wish I could share some pics and videos

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