Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni suspended for one match


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has been suspended for one match.

Scaloni will not be on the sidelines for the Argentina national team for their match against Peru on Saturday at the Copa America. He has been suspended for coming out late at half time vs. Chile.

Pablo Aimar or Roberto Ayala will be replacing Scaloni against Peru at the Copa America.


  1. in all probability Uruguay & Brazil meet in QF. So one headache will get removed. Hoping its Uruguay who get eliminated as they look the strongest

    • They were playing fine but got cocky tbh that’s what cost them game . I stopped watching. Can’t see them yellow shit wining a game 😂

  2. Just came across a fact: Christina Penaldo did not score a non penalty goal in his last 10 encounters for the national team in an international tournament……..

  3. The crap loser American coach who should have been fired years ago is blaming the referee for bad officiating.
    His player punched someone in the back of the head… You got to be kidding me. How much more stupid can this coach look. I hated this guy from the moment I saw his face. He is one of those annoying f bags who think they know the sport and has his nose raised in the air.

  4. BTW, it was Canada’s coach who was butthurt that the boys came out of the locker room late vs his team, but then again there was no need for that and late 3 + mins in Chile game as well.

  5. This is not a very good sign. Is this an indication of a lack of discipline and professionalism in the present team? Despite being a big fan of Scaloni, cannot support the fact that he came late. I am feeling worried if our team is really hungry with a disciplined alignment to a unique goal.

  6. From players to coaching staff, everyone is enjoying a break in the third match! Winning the first two matches and finishing at the top before the last match really pays off.

    • Let’s find the silverline of the suspension. May be a blessing in disguise for two reasons. Suspension could have been worse had it been effective during the knock out games. Hence, Convinient time to do the calculated crime. Secondly, Scaloni will refresh his thoughts to come up with a different game reading plans starting from QF. After all, It is not a suspension of Simone or Mourinho-esque that would often be handed over for silly and emotional reasons.

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