Lionel Messi set to start for Argentina vs. Ecuador


Lionel Messi is set to start for Argentina vs. Ecuador at the Copa America.

Messi could be starting for Argentina. According to Gastón Edul, Messi will be in the starting eleven for Lionel Scaloni’s team against Ecuador on Thursday.

Lionel Scaloni, who was suspended for Argentina’s 2-0 win vs. Peru, rested Messi for that match. The Argentina national team will play Ecuador in their quarter final match in Houston.


    • Could not find that release Clause as not sure if there is one at the moment…perhaps or perhaps not…, though his market value has risen according to Transfer Market with 10 million in less than a year as it stands now in 14 million according to Transfer Market….also if he is fit to play he will be playing on July 18th in Copa Sudamaricana against Independiente Del Vallle from Ecuador and as hopefully like ARG will beat Ecuador so hopefully does BOCA too beat Independientte Del Valle

  1. Argentina will win comfortably guys. Chill out. Yes, I’m aware Ecuador is a better team these days. However, we have not played our best football and taken our chances. This Argentine team always improves as they progress. A team tested and tried in battle – went through everything psychologically. To comeback from 3 finals defeats to now winning 3 straight finals.

    Remember the reverse uno is not complete until the 3 final victories.
    2014 WC final lost, 2015 Copa final lost, 2016 Copa final lost IN THE USA
    To now 2021 Copa Final Victory, 2022 WC Final Victory, to now 2024 Copa Final Victory IN THE USA. Complete.

  2. I’m desperate Argentina to win this copa America so I’m feeling pressure now even though I though I won’t feel much pressure since we won copa and world Cup but somehow I felt little bit tense since copa started because I want Argentina to be champion again desperately

    • We are on the same boat brother. We thought being a champion already would ease our life. It did just the opposite. And looking at the group stage performance where we struggled to score even from easy situations, I am really quite tensed for the knock out stages.

    • I think us as fan’s of ARG will allways feel that pressure as it come’s with passion and devotion to ARG’s NT as forexample i’m still feeling it exactly the same as allways since a little kid and as much i have tired i just can’t let go of it as i think it is one of those things, that is hard for me to let go in life and actually i have worked or trained with my mind to learn how to let go of thinks for quite a while and by training i have learn’t at least a bit of it or to understand it better etc…, but with LA SELECTION / ALBICELESTE it is just not working and my teacher normally would not accept or allow any disturbance in between my training, but as he has played once football too and knows, that both of my kids play too + , that we are all totally crazy about ARG so he told me, that until or so far as i’m not yet trained even close to what he would like so i might just instead of training non-stop to enjoy ARG with my kids, lol ! And yes he asks questions of football as specially of ARG and how my kids have played and have seen videos of games where my kids play, so i quess he still has it in him too, though obviously his focus and concentration is and has been elsewhere for decades, lol!

  3. Messi playing means Ecuador can’t approach the match with an all-out attack from the get go because one misplaced pass could lead to Messi creating a chance from nowhere! This would force them to continue pressing forward for the rest of the match , leaving their backline even more vulnerable to Messi’s exploitation. With Leo in the starting lineup, they will likely park the bus and try to catch us on counter attack.

      • Most likely so and try hit with fast counters, though they might try also to press as maybe in the beginning…., but as far as match aproach parking the bus would be most likely scenario from Ecuador….

        Early goal for ARG is obviouly what i’m wishing for, though against team’s parking the bus it is obviously not easy….

        ARG must deffenetly TaKe their chanches and be able to create and try not give too many setpieces for Ecuador etc…