Piero Meza of Chile to referee Argentina vs. Canada in Copa America semi final


Piero Meza of Chile will referee Argentina vs. Canada in the semi final’s of the Copa America.

It was announced that Meza will be the referee for Tuesday’s match. The last two times Meza was the referee for an Argentina match were Argentina’s 1-0 win vs. Brazil last year in the South American World Cup qualifiers and Argentina’s 3-0 win vs. Italy in the Finalissima.


  1. Canada is not going to be tough but it won’t be a piece of cake either. They have figured out that long balls and counter-attack are our potential weaknesses (depending on the defensive setup) and will exploit them to the max.
    Imagine if KSA WC game was a knockout.. some might argue it was the first game.. but our last game in Copa was not a first game and yet we didn’t play well.
    I hope Scaloni and the team don’t underestimate Canada like some of us are doing here.

    Vamos Albiceleste..Copa will stay home!

  2. I think RDP is a leader but his poor form has a big effect on the team too. I think deserves to be dropped and subbed in at later stages of the game. The past is past. Anyways, Scaloni is the coach and knows better. But some things don’t not need football science to see the obvious. They say you’re only as good as your last game. Well, Messi, Enzo and RDP were below average the last game.

  3. I like Palacios to come off the bench in the 2nd half, as he is also a good penalty kicker. This is also why I think Molina should start ahead of Montiel.

    By PK shootout, we should have 5 solid penalty kickers:
    1. Messi
    2. Lautaro/Julian
    3. MacAllister
    4. Montiel
    5. Palacios

  4. “Imagine being a key part in your club winning Bundesliga for the first time in its history only to be treated as a second string.”

    I follow this guy toto at X formly known twitter He is big Argentina fan, he spot on most of his arguments

    Palacios should been undisputed starter a long with macallister

      • He played vs Peru, not so well in the first half but improved in the second.

        His best performance for us was years ago in La Paz, Bolivia of all places where he was the best player on the pitch and the altitude somehow did not affect him. This was long time ago now.

        In his River days he was more attacking even if he always had a box-to-box profile. Playing as one the two pivots at Leverkusen subdued his attacking instincts somewhat it seems.

        He was one of Scaloni’s preferred midfielders when he just took over the NT, it was Paredes, Palacios and Lo Celso trio.

  5. Guys I unfortunately will not be cooking tomorrow. Have to see doctors…
    But good news is I will still wear the same jersey I wore all WC2022
    Although this ref is from Chile, he has been fair with us in the past. Let’s hope for consistency.
    I am in the hopes that both Paredes and Dimaria start.
    Canada should not be an issue for our B team. But this is football….and anything can happen.

  6. Bielsa tactics of pressing won’t last the whole tournement as it is too demanding for its players over time. I hope Uruguay and Colombia will annihilate each other and one of them getting to the final exhausted. Canada will be piece of cake btw.

    I reiterate that not bringing Dybala was a mistake. I have always considered Paolo to be Messi light, which would be handy now when the man himself is not quite up to it. To be frank, the downturn for Messi started when he moved to MLS. How many pictures have we seen on Messi visiting this and that Miami nightclubs and steakhouses? I hope he can end at the top with the Copa trophy. A new cycle needs to start right after the Copa.

  7. I think our most dominant performance was against poland and uruguay in the last home qualifiers. And both teams just gave time and space to our midfielders to shine and give key passes. Even in the world cup, the difference in the tactics of the opposition and big stage of a WC was a blessing in disguise for us. I mean thats why Netherlands, Croatia and france went for more defensive approach and our midfield controlled it nicely.
    Only australia, saudi arabia and netherlands in the last minutes played a lot aggressive game which disrupted us. During these plays our midfield was non existent and got dominated.
    But now its the alarm is ringing as more team looks for that pressing and aggresive approach against us. That is either go for physical or aggressive and less time for our midfielders to control the game. Wr have to find a way to get out of the pressure and react.

  8. Regading the third midfileder, Palacios, Paredes and Guido any of the three can operate as a deep lying CM. Palacios wouldn’t be a bad option agaisnt Canada tbh. But not Enzo, he is in abysmal form understandbly and will take few more matches to get back in form. Scaloni must play MacAllister in a more attacking role , we are just wasting his offensive talent right now, which is why a defensive minded player with ability to push forward when needed will be more useful.

  9. ℹ️ | @gastonedul

    Lionel Scaloni’s big question is who will be the third midfielder to join Rodrigo De Paul and Alexis Mac Allister against Canada. Enzo or Paredes are the main options, with Palacios and Lo Celso as other alternatives. 🇦🇷⚽ #VamosArgentina #CopaAmerica2024

    • Canada would look at what initially worked against Argentina in the first game and especially what Ecuador did against us and will try to replicate it. Mind you, they don’t have the same players as Ecuador, I would imagine only Alphonso Davies would start for Ecuador if hypothetically that was possible.

      For us to win, we need our midfield to be sorted out, for Messi to be able to influence the game at least in some way and our fullbacks not to have brain farts. Julian would have to press for 3 people (himself, Messi and Di Maria). De Paul cannot afford another lacklustre performance. If we do those things well, we will win.

      • Good points but same goes for Argentina they will a lot from first match toi , personally I will drop de Paul for one of lo celso or palacios the guy has been average for such long time it’s time for him to make way for another deserving players

        • De Paul brings in a leadership quality like Messi. He inspires the team. Scaloni would field him. So the only option left is if he improves in the next game. He can. But he would need some support from the other midfielders. Hence, someone as strong as Paredes or Palacious would be needed in the defensive screening part so that he does not have to run to bail out Molina everytime the later is in trouble.

          • Depaul also slows down the opponent by exaggrating and overacting , which is very important agasint team plaiying overly physical and fast game.

          • I totally agree with this. De Paul does something that no one else in our midfield does, he uses the “dark arts” to disrupt the game of the opponent. I think he’s essential.

            I would go with Mac Allister, De Paul and Paredes and bring in Lo Celso if some creativity is needed.