Rumors of Lautaro and ICARDI to start, DYBALA and more called to Argentina team

Paulo Dybala Argentina
Paulo Dybala with the Argentina team.

Rumors are already circulating as to which names will be called to the Argentina team for next month’s friendly matches.

Newly crowned COTIF U20 champions Lionel SCALONI and Pablo AIMAR have a lot of work to do with the senior Argentina squad. Their first test will be in September against Guatemala and Colombia in a set of friendly matches to be contested in the United States. For many, this is seen not only as a general fresh start but as an entirely new team which is to be constructed for the future.

Several names are already being rumored to be selected for the squad. The Inter attacking duo of Lautaro MARTINEZ and Mauro ICARDI are rumored to both not only get called-up but would be set to start. Not only those two but Paulo DYBALA, Giovani LO CELSO and goalkeeper Franco ARMANI.

Per Hernan CASTILLO, the two coaches are also looking at Sergio ROMERO and how he is following his injury.


  1. Its great to see so many Young talented upcoming Midfielders(A Position we lack freshness for years now) Paredes, Lo Celso, Ascacibar(The Midfield trio), Palacios, Almendra, Reynoso, Barcos, Vargas, Nico Dominguez, Vada, Colambatto (For some reason i like this guy).. How many will make an impact in the Senior Level.

  2. A promising youngster who has been forgotten is Valentin Vada of Bordeaux. We were so interested in Lo Celso that we have forgotten there was another promising box to box midfielder. He featured in 21 matches last season, 2 goals and one assist. He regularly takes freekicks for them, has become an important member of the XI. I request you to give a read:

    Another youngster who is mentioned less is Giovani Simeone. He has improved heaps and bounds. He is our luiz Suarez. Fast,hungry, good on ball, good with build up, good on counter attack and a great jump and header. He is dangerous in and outside of D box. He is more talented and all round striker than Icardi. Atletico offered 40 million, Fiorentina refused.

    German Pezzella has become the new captain of Fiorentina which is not easy achievement. After first season on loan, Fiorentina decided to buy him. A german club offered 20 million, Fiorentina refused. Pezzella was such a huge talent back then in 2011, a great leader of defense. I expect this season will be his breakout season. All things are set.

  3. No Romero also…
    Take 3 young goalkeeper who are starter for their team…

    Make a team for Icardi Lautaro Dybala
    Midfield in this time use LOCELSO as a starter and give him 10 15 games continuously otherwise we will loss him…
    And use Banega and Messi
    In Defence take young blood with few experienced like Otamendi Rojo

  4. Projects take years so Patience is key in this rebuilding phase even Missing the 2022 cup is possiblity before we see the desired results.
    Tapia needs to do a good job in the Pr department. the crazy local media has been the biggest problem the team had last few years.

  5. Its like this Andrada is 27 , Rulli is 26, Musso is 24, if at least one of them fix their position as the Number 1 for us anyone of them can carry on for next 5 years or may be 8 years (like Romero did for us). If we stick to Romero or Armani they will be around 35(Which is not a bad age for a GK) but logically their reflexes will be low compared to the younger ones.

    I still have no idea how Romero been our Number 1 GK for such a long time. Rulli was on Fire 2 years back still he haven’t debuted for us. Our Coaches (No matter who it is) have always been adamant. I don’t know why.

    • > I still have no idea how Romero been our Number 1 GK for such a long time

      Because he was great, easily one of the best keepers in the world cup and copa. I don’t give a shit if he didn’t start for club, there was no reason for another keeper, we were lucky to have him. I have no clue who can replace him now, all options are mediocre

      • Romero is and was Average at his best, He is not a Great Goal keeper by any means, but he was not error prone that’s what mattered, That doesn’t mean he is Great, Neuer is Great, Romero is not. Its a fact, He always performed decently for us. We had better options like Rulli but none of the coaches tried any of the options available. So Romero became the Starter and continued as a starter, Its a position most of the Argentine Coaches and Fans neglect, And we paid the price for that this World Cup. We criticize Armani on basis of one match vs France, We criticize Rulli on basis of a blooper in Olympics, What about Romero when he conceded 4 against Germany in 2010. We have to be patient with players we cant judge a player only on the basis of 1 or 2 Matches, We can draw conclusion of a player only after seeing him play for at least 10 matches.

  6. I hope Vietto will prove his quality in Primier League. Not that we are not lacking strikers with Icardi n Lautaro there. But the idea of going back into the Crespo-Saviola type 2 men forward is promising. I’m eager to watch they 2 starting in both Club n for us. Luciano will be a decent backup option in that scenario. But all will depend on his performance in England this season.

    In my opinion 4_2_2_2 is the best system for Argentina.

    Locelso/Banega/Ascacibar + Parades in middle.
    Pavon/(Many options) & Dybala/(Many options) should own the wings. Pavon disappointed all in World Cup, but the boy won’t leave like that.!
    I wish Lanzini will recover fast a will give a competition for the starting spot in the time of copa..
    I hope they won’t waste these glorious chances vy calling the likes of perotti to the team, nothing against him, but there’s no point in inviting players (especially forwards) who will be 34 in 2022 (unless he is Lionel Messi) .

  7. Playing against Guatemala does not bear any risk so why not go bravely for experiments including even players from COTIF tournament if Scaloni and Aimar knows them already:



    ……………Lo Celso…….Paredes…….




    Foyth or Conti or Barboza
    Lema or Martinez Quarta or Franco

    Cervi or Pity Martinez or Centurion/Acuna

    Nico Gonzalez or Pavon

  8. The friendlies against Guatemala and Colombia should be to experiment! Guatemala should be a walk in the park, but again we played Haiti before the World Cup began with Lo celso, Lanzini but then again it took Messi to score and assist every goal scored that game! He won’t be here against them so we’ll see how we do. Should be a walk in the park, but you should never underestimate the opponent! That goes with Colombia as well! We’ve beaten them without Messi before, so we can do it again!

    The real challenges will be against the USMNT and Brazil that will be in October supposedly. The US is also trying to rebuild their squad and won’t be a walk in the park, they’re going to put up a fight, like they did against France before the World Cup! And Brazil is Brazil, even their B team is enough to beat the best national teams in their day!

    Hopefully players like Jara, Pezzella, Mammana, Paredes, Rigoni, Icardi, Lauturo all get their chances! And also we get a glimpse of what life would be like without Messi and with Dybala in his place. At least for a while! Hopefully it looks bright, or give us reason to be concerned!

    I believe the best is yet to come! Vamos Argentina!

  9. If we look into the players names, Icardi, Lautaro, Dybala, Angel Correa, Pavon, Lamela, Lo Celso, Paredes, Lanzini, Ascacibar, Tagliafico, Pezzella, Mammana, Cervi, Centurion .. These all doesn’t sound bad isn’t it? They all looks good players on Paper. Sometimes its always better to have No Superstars. Its clearly up to the Coaching staff and what formation these players will be aligned in. RB we may have to use Leonardo Jara but the biggest head ache is to have a Commanding Goal keeper, I think Musso or Rulli may have to be trusted or Andrada. Armani and Romero are older than 30 there is no point in sticking with those guys now. Whats the point in keeping the older generation players, Are they Waiting for COPA 2019?? Biglia and Mascherano at least had the dignity to Retire after the WC Catastrophe, What the Hell is Higuain, Di maria thinking, More opportunities to showcase what they can do??We have already seen what they r capable a billion times now? Apart from Messi i don’t want to see any other player from the older Generation. Enough is enough.

  10. You see here this is what I was talking about. AFA will never quit of keep famous players money-makers even if it’s slowing down rebuilding our team. There’s a contract Scaloni and Aimar must call up at least 7-8 players of last WC:

    I hopw they will go for lesser names as Lo Celso, Pavon, Armani, Tagliafico instead take our oldies. When is the time for experiments if not now, against Guatemala and so on…

  11. I’m not sure Icardi if he will be better leader or not he seems to me he has wrong personality. I will give chance Giovanni simoene instead he is hard working player.

    Some mundo followers are always like to mention fancy names. right now Argentina need to build good balance squad not relying on any particular player.
    It will be good if next manager not calling anyone whose over 28 years old and give chance the youth not fancy names again.
    I had enough of that it’s time for albicelestes to start dominating world stage. Come you albicelestes