Sergio AGUERO scores hattrick in Manchester win against Chelsea


Sergio AGUERO scored a hattrick in Manchester City’s 6-0 win against Chelsea.

In a Premier League title race that is extremely close, Manchester City were looking to stay close to Liverpool in the standings. AGUERO received a golden opportunity to extend City’s 1-0 advantage against Chelsea but from close range, missed.

AGUERO would go on and redeem himself with a goal of the season candidate. With a few Chelsea players surrounding him, Manchester City’s all time leading scorer let out a thunderous right footed shot which went into the top corner.

Pep GUARDIOLA’s men would get one more before half time as AGUERO would pounce off a Chelsea mistake to score from close range.

The third for AGUERO would come in the second half through a penalty kick. With that hat hatrick, AGUERO has now rqualled Alan SBEARER’s record of 11 Premier League hat tricks.


  1. Copa Argentina
    4 2 3 1
    Sarvia Pezella Otamendi. Ansaldi
    Banega. Battaglia
    Di maria. Messi. Lanzini
    4. 4. 2
    Sarvia. Pezella.Otamendi. Tagliafico
    Lo celso. Banega Lanzini. Ansaldi
    Messi. Aguero
    4. 3. 3
    Sarvia. Pezella. Otamendi Ansaldi
    Lo. Celso. Banega. Di maria.
    Messi. Aguero. Lanzini
    3. 5. 2
    Pezella. Otamendi. Funes mori
    Srvia. Lo celso. Banega Di maria Ansaldi

    Messi. Aguero
    This would be best line up for cops.

  2. Aguero – 17 goals in 23 games
    Salah- 17 goals in 26 games

    And he’s Lazy? Gtfo here!

    Aguero is the best striker in the premier league. PERIOD!
    I heard one commentator even go as far and say he’s the Messi of the Premier League, both scoring and setting goals up!

    He HAS to play in the Copa America!

    • Some idiot think he shouldnt be in NT just because he’s scoring record isnt that good while in reality he’s scoring record is better than Higuain, Tevez and the rest. Yea he’s not only scoring much in major tournament, but the same can be said about the other forwards.

      Aguero is third all time highest scorer in national team and he’s not good enough ? lol

      He’s our best player in 2018 WC. Scored against Iceland, won penalty which Messi did NOT convert. Only took him 5 minutes and 1 chance to score against France.

      You have to rolled back to Crespo to find someone scoring regularly in NT and his last match was in 2007.