Dario BENEDETTO rumored to be called up to Argentina team in March, no Sergio AGUERO


Dario BENEDETTO is rumored to get called-up to the Argentina team while Sergio AGUERO would not make the cut.

Lionel SCALONI has big decisions to make in regards to his Argentina selections. March’s friendly matches against Morocco and Venezuela will likely be the last matches prior to the announcement of the Copa America squad.

Along with the highly anticipated return of captain Lionel MESSI, Boca forward Dario BENEDETTO is expected to get called-up. Per a report by Toda Pasion, Dario BENEDETTO would make the team in March as a back-up to Inter captain Mauro ICARDI.

However, should BENEDETTO be picked, this would likely close the door for Sergio AGUERO as the Manchester City forward would miss the Copa America.


  1. Hello friends fan mates. I’m Argentina fan from Rwanda(Eastern Africa), I want to talk about the forever curse we were cursed of unable coaches, remember in world cup match against France where crazy sampaoli ignored to give Aguero start but at the point when he entered Aguero scored third goal though we got knocked out. Aguero is in among world class attackers right now as he score hatricks everyday even against strong teams like Arsenal and Chelsea. What unknown Benedetto have Aguero don’t? Scaloni instead of thinking about useful Aguero he thinks about retired Biglia!!! Unable coaches equal failure of Argentina forever.

  2. I think it’s alittle early to hit the panic button based on an unconfirmed rumor.
    Beneditto’s come back from a massive injury with vengeance and deserves to be considered but Kun cannot and should not be ignored. Lautaro has shown good form in the scarce minutes that he’s been given and ofcourse Icardi needs no introduction.
    Remember that all of those mentioned are 9s, penalty box predators who need to be fed and so non of them are worth a dime unless Scaloni provides them with the midfield and forwards that can feed them.

  3. If this is true then it means messi will return and scaloni is doing it for tactical reasons. There is a reason higuain was preferred over aguero.
    Benedetto didn’t score v ecuador but was excellent in his link-up with messi.
    I also think lautaro will be the main striker if not this copa but soon enough.

    • Yes, I can understand why several coaches prefered mostly Higuain over Aguero. The first just suited Messi more despite his poor finishing in crucial moments. It’s long time ago proven, yet during Sabella times (or even Maradona), that Higuain was better partner to Messi and for the reason next coaches were looking for alternative for Higuain, other than Aguero. Like Lavezzi/Pratto/Benedetto.

  4. I think this season Aguero is going to win player of the season if Man City wins the league for his all round performance, Aguero is always Golden Boot contender but this season Aguero is in form of his life

  5. So who leads the premiership in goals? Who has tied the all time premiership history lead with 11 hat tricks? But this guy shouldn’t be on La Selección because of his past? Or his age? Ridiculous guys… current form is everything

    • Aguero has good past records too U20 2007 WC, Olympic Gold 2008, 3rd highest top scorer for Argentina history after messi and batigol

  6. Aguero is undroppable if he then all conmebol team laughing for Argentina not choosing best striker in the world

    • i do like Benedetto. Im not all against Icardi – Martinez – Benedetto competing for the 2nd spot. For the obvious reasons, I just cannot fathom excluding Aguero though.

      • Excluding Aguero is a lunatic decision, As you pointed out, You are 100% on spot, We are looking for 2nd striker as first spot should be locked by Aguero.
        I don’t know how a coach could leave a striker of his caliber out of his team?
        Some say he did not do anything in the past WC!
        I think he was among best Argentina players. If it was not for Crazy Baldy, things would have been different, but many will still blame Messi and Aguero

  7. Enough of our world class forward, ln last 10-12 years we have many many World class forward, how many trophies we won , a big Zero. It doesn’t matter whether it will be beneditto or Aguero we argently need world-class gk, world-class midfield and world-class defence. If our midfielder create chance for our forward then it don’t really matter who will be our forward whether Aguero or Benidetto or any other, it’s our midfield which will defined future…

  8. Guys, if a football coach is to put the big names together, then everyone can coach. Why did Deschamps select Giroud instead of Benzema in 2018 WC? Even Lacazette is a better finisher than Giroud but football is about balance and Giroud could bring it to the team and allow others to score.

    I agree with Gonzalo about how precious was Lavezzi for the national team. Lavezzi were our Giroud in 2014. You cannot build a team with 5 number 10. I care more about the national team than individual performance and I definitely don’t mind to see a team built without big names as long as they play good football: solid behind, fast transition in the midfield and efficient in attack.

    Even though I am not totally convinced by Benedetto(not the player’s quality I know he’s a good player but more a problem of age), Scaloni is right to try something different before any official competition. I also wish to see Gaich and Angel Correa in this position. We need our new Lavezzi.

    • Yeah, many times in history the champion team was going to tournament leaving some big name in home in order to find balance rather than compilate Dream Team. Team selection is sometimes art of dilemma solution by subtraction.

      • And how did that pan out… for example, riquelme In 2010 would have made a huge difference… Tevez In 2014 was replaced by palacios and he missed a World Cup winning chance…. shame really

      • Right, because SPAIN in 2010, GERMANY in 2014, and FRANCE in 2018 are shining examples. who needs world class players, these teams were filled with scrubs.

        • CHoripan

          you didn’t understood anything. I was not saying about leaving all stars but just history of leaving one big name of big ego in order to find better balance.

          • sure when you have 10 other stars filled with egos like Spain, German, and France, omitting 1 star isn’t hurting (who was omitted btw?). THey have PROVEN stars isnt the issue. how does that equate to whats happening now?

          • France left Benzema, 4 years earlier Germany lost their individually best at that time player – Reuss and that maybe made them more collective, balanced team. There were other examples in history. Like France 96-98 without Ginola, Cantona, Papin.

          • You’re missing the point.

            Sure they left benzema but they had Lloris, Varane, Umtiti, Pogba, Kanté, Mbappé, and Griezmann!! And they were supported by non world class but great players like Matuidi – Giroud. Its easy to drop Benz with a star studded cast. Are you going to tell me theres in some “made” up balance issue with these guys on the pitch? Stars isn’t the problem and last 3 WC champions are proof of it. We have incredible players but it’s our damn horrible coaches incapable of finding balance, especially crazy nutcase Sampaoli. You blame Aguero and Messi, i blame Lunatic Sampaoli. theres our difference.

          • It’s simplification. For me Sampaoli was horrible but in long term perspective (not only last WC and qualifiers) we see also that generation 87-88 is past his best. The peak was 2014. I doubt we can win with duo Messi – Aguero which had several chances under several coaches foe decade.

            One of them – ok.

          • i get the doubt but nothing is guaranteed.

            “number of chances” a players gets is also completely arbitrary. Players selection should be based on FormAnd , Contribution, ability to handle pressure, etc. Thats where Aguero is at the top of pecking order.

    • Do you watch matches or just look at result…Ansaldi played as winger. Whether you like it or not Tagliafico is the best LB argentina currently have.
      Note:- Tagliafico have 4 goals and 3 assists this season where as ansaldi only have 2 goals and 2 assists

      • In attacking mode wingers and LB role is same and do not compare series A with… sorry I do not even know that leagues name.Ansaldi has scored and assisted in a row in the matches he played till 90 minutesA

      • Tagliafico scored 4 goals and 3 assist this season.Ajax is beating other shitty teams with four or five goals margin even then Tagliafico scored very less goals but series A is completely different.Best league for defensive work.

        • It doesnt matter which league…he is playing better than other argentine LBs. The fans love his performances.
          Do you think torino is a better club than Ajax? Moreover he is also playing in champions league

          • “It does not matter what league?”What do you mean league always matters.If Argentina starts Tagaliafico as starter it would be grave mistake.Tagliafico should be sub to Ansaldi.Do not let our talent die for national team.Tagliafico has played 10+ game.without goal or assist. Give Ansaldi four matches he will show his worth

    • Ansaldi was playing midfield but I do think he should go as a backup for Sarabia on the right.
      Tagliafico has had a very good season thus far and statistically he’s been one of the best fullbacks in the champions league with 3 goals so I really don’t know where all this Tagliafico hate comes from.
      Licha Martinez, J.Silva (5 assists and 1 goal) and Angeleri should all be considered for a backup LB spot.

      Licha martinez is 20 and is amazing playing as a CB or LB, he’s the future (if he keeps it up). I still can’t give him a spot until he finishes the season on a high note.

      J.Silva seems to be finally living up to his potential and he is very much in the mold of a brazilian fullback (great in attack, not so great in defense). He’s the type of fullback you’d need against teams that will park the bus but against top teams that attack I would still pick Tagliafico.

      Angeleri is an excellent LB and has been so for quite a while now although it should be noted that he dropped off in form recently but I still think he should be in the running.

  9. Aguero right now is the best striker followed by Icardi, regarding their recent club forms. We all Know Aguero is classy. Aguero is better than Benedetto any given day despite his seniority of 2 years. That kind of unusual team selection is the reason why Argentina haven’t won a trophy in 25 years with such bunch of talents. Period…

    • “That kind of unusual team selection is the reason why Argentina haven’t won a trophy in 25 years with such bunch of talents. Period…”

      LOL. Is Benedetto the one who was on last WC? No, it’s Aguero who was there, and we barely make the 1/8. Disaster. Is Benedetto the one who was on 3 WCs and 3 Copas? No, it’s Aguero.

      “regarding their recent club forms” he is best – probably fact. But NT is a bit different pair of boots.

      • Aguero said before the world cup he was feeling lot better in recent years after the knee surgery. He didn’t play badly either. It was Sampaoli who destroyed the team’s morale by his erratic formation changes.

        The reason why i curse the managers is pretty evident. In 2002 Bielsa relied on old Batistuta instead of inform Crespo. Batistuta is a legend, i love him, but in 2002 Crespo had the edge over Batistuta.

        In 2006, the manager, substituted Requelme with Julio Cruz, keeping the wonderkid messi warming the bench.

        In 2010, Maradon, did not select in form Zanetti and Cambiasso. Instead he fielded the young Otamendi as RB who never played as RB. The result was evident. We were thrashed by that young German team.

        Only in 2014 sabella fielded all the in form players. Also in 15, 16 all the in form players played. We played 3 finals. Losing in final is no shame. But i still believe, if the “headless chicken” what some mundo followers call Di Maria, played the 14 final or he could continue in the copa final the result would have been different.

        They are classy players, and class what it matters in crunch games. It is Di Maria who scored the goal in Olympic and against Switzerland.

        Best wishes for my beloved Argentina.

    • ““That kind of unusual team selection is the reason”

      Exactly, old chinese league player Mascherano, washed up local league player Enzo Perez, Tagliafico who got one of the biggest humiliations in WC history from Mbappe, local goalkeeper Armani without saves, useless, young players without any danger Pavon, Meza and without centre forward (Aguero). Yes disaster, Benedetto will be no different.

      • Without centre forward?
        Lol, as if Aguero had not played in 2 of 3 group stage games. We had not win none of them.
        What about Higuain whom you were always defending? Was he midfielder or so?Without striker?

        Strange selection?
        What about other tournaments where all the stars were. For example 2011 Copa and our Dream Team. Unusual selection?!

        Better find another excuse.

        • Gonzalo, I consider, playing final as a good result. In 2011 copa, Higuain was the striker. We lost to Uruguay in QF due to penalty shoot out. I guess either of Higuain or Tevez missed a penalty.

          In the match against Nigeria, where Rojo saved our ass by scoring a goal in the final moment, there u can ser Aguero was moving backwards so as a defender marking him making Rojo free in the box. These sort of, off the ball movement is sublime and Aguero is not unknown to those. Aguero is scoring hat-trick after hat-trick in the most competitive league, and yet we undermining him in regard to Benedetto, who is also good, a player whose form is not half good of Aguero…

  10. Aguero won’t be participating in the next friendly not because Scaloni dropped him over Benedetto, it is because Aguero, Dimaria and Messi, these 3 don’t want to be back in the team for now.

  11. Aguero played 777 mins in Copa America and scored only seven goals. He also played 570 mins in World Cup and scored only two goals.

    El Kun played three Copas and three World Cups which together is equivalent to 1,347 mins and scored only nine goals.


    • Tevez scored 13 goals in 80+ matches for Argentina. Yet, he’s loved by the fans.

      Oh, Messi didnt score a single goal in WC 2010 and Copa 2011. Zero. I guess he shouldnt be in WC 2014 and Copa 2015 and 2016. Messi only scored one goal from penalty spot in 2015 Copa. Played full minutes in all games in 2018 WC , scored just once.

      • Great point mate
        People easly picking aguero
        And affording messi if he
        Would have scored 15 percent
        Of his goal tally for fcb.Argentina
        Would have win world cup

        • We aren’t talking about Tevez, put him aside for now.

          It’s laughable how you are comparing Messi to Aguero. Messi’s role is very, very different from Aguero’s and I don’t think you need any sort of explanation in that unless you are new to football.

          Messi is in a very special category, so let the GOAT be a GOAT!

      • Let’s be honest: Messi has some special privileges (like it or not), Aguero does not. Aguero should just score the goals – that is what we expect from him.

        So what is the absurdal conclusion: if we had 2 players that allegedly should have been scored more for us in past tournaments and one of them will be there on Copa anyway (Messi) is that means the second should be taken there too to avoid falling into double standards. I don’t think so.

        Goals ratio is not common point of reference to estimate the 2 players because Messi influence on the team is much higher even if he does not score. Aguero was very often just invisible.

        Aguero is also not Lavezzi who had scored not many in NT but was generally more usefull. That is what I want to say: we need rather new Lavezzi than just bunch of strikers who needs to be feed on others hard work.

    • 7 goals in 777 minutes? Its like GOD-level, overall Copa+WC 150 minutes per goal without penalies still fanfastic, what are you talking about? 😀

      Maradona scored 13 in 33 matches, Messi 14 in 3415 minutes…

        • Robert Chokekowski in 1050 minutes 2 goals LOL, tell me something for “Mr Underperformer when it matters” ratio, which country standards is this? he is only the king against Feroe Island, Liechteinstein, Luxemburg and the other amateur european minnows. The polish clown, like you in this forum. every polish are such cowards?

    • Lucas Pratto scored in Primera in 1082 minutes 2…and some idiots want such anti strikers in NT, Benedetto the same, Nacho Fernandez, Gonzalo Martinez (the heroes of MLS) and the others, and the brilliant De Paul, our new great penalty taker generation with Pity Martinez and Lautaro LOL, yeah yeah they will take the immense pressure of the PK shootouts with Armani heroic saves LOL

      • I’m looking for the Aguero you depict (when you describe him) who scores goals right, left and center and not someone who scored just two goals in 3 World Cups.

        How many goals did Pratto score in last WCQ and how many scored by Aguero? The performance Pratto put against Colombia was remarkable and it deserves remembering all the time unlike Aguero who has no grit and fighting sprit.

        The young players you have mentioned above are better and more useful than your beloved flops ( Huguain, Di Maria, Rojo, Banega, Aguero etc.).

        Not a long ago you and a bunch of anti-youth Mundo members were underestimating Lo Celso and called him PSG flop and now you see how the guy is dominating his opponent’s midfield week in and week out.

        Scaloni is the coach this team needed for quite a long time and that’s quite clear from his team selection and idea implementation. The new era already started whether you like it or not!

      • Yes they are better than superstar players, the reason why only MLS clubs want them, cmon man every european team, at least 60-70 european clubs who are much stronegr than River Plate, say a big NO for them, because these players not even mediocre (even an Eibar, Everton or Sampdoria dont want them) they are bad footballers on the highest level. They see it exactly, what I, only you and the other pedophile reman in your dream world, where they are all world beaters. No man wake up.

        Yes Lo Celso showed very little in PSG, now he is in the perfect place, no pressure, 8th place in the league is good, 1 good match after 4 shit is enough, unlike in PSG, no real competition, in his comfort zone, in the Europa League, not in the UCL, he is a great Europa Leage level player, the second division of elite football, and he is the most talented young midfielder? OK our midfield will be much weaker with EL-level midfielders, than Spain, german, france, brazil etc., why drop our world class strikers too? nonsense

      • “Benedetto the same” – what Benedetto the same?! Could you explain?

        “Lucas Pratto scored in Primera in 1082 minutes 2…and some idiots want such anti strikers in NT”
        You are double standards idiot because that’s matter for you how many goals Pratto is scoring in Primera but it doesen’t matter how many goals is scoring Benedetto. Always trying to manipulate on numbers and facts, do every unhonest thing, ‘per fas et nefas’, to defend what is no more defendable.

        And that shitty Pratto had score more goals than AGuero during qualifiers having less chances. Enough said.

        Who was stripping off Pity Martinez of every possible quality. You. Now he is best player of South America while you fooled yourself again.

        • South american local football is the third tier of football, EL the second, UCL the first, and now he transferred to the 4th. He is good in the third tier, but european teams see it correctly this is his maximum, just like Prattos, who failed one dimension higher.

          • So how can you explain he was better than Aguero during qualifiers.

            Once again: if a player proved to be good on NT level there’s no need to talk about his club performances. By bringing here club performances of Pratto you, coward, just try to distract the attention from the fact PRATTO WAS BETTER THAN AGUERO DURING QUALIFIERS


          • Our friend described Aguero performance as catastrophe, so i showed him a real catasthrophe from a bad striker, man this is Pratto standard, very low, in a mediocre league, 37 years old Lisandro and shitty Gigliotti destroy Primera

        • “he is a great Europa Leage level player, the second division of elite football”

          And what is wrong with EL?Kante who is a WC winner is there right now. Pogba, Griezman, and Hernandez were there and Pavard wasn’t even there. You call these guys superstars and when an Argentine plays there he is a flop, right? Hahaha

          See how two-faced you are? Almost every post you share here is a negative, nonsense and useless. Hope you will enjoy watching Neymar at Copa!

      • Maybe the oldies are better penaltykickers? Aguero, Higuain, Banega – all they were missing penalty kicks for NT and often in finals.

        Remember last qualifiers? Aguero missed in home and we lost 0:1 against Paraguay. He missed in that year at least 6 penalties! LOL. All the young players you named are better on this. Pity Martinez is 100 times better

  12. Aguero & Dimaria deserve to be the part of Copa America but not after that so it’s better to give younger players chance in friendlies to build team chemistry before world cup qualifier starts. Argentina needs to build a complete fresh Argentina team includes only messi as senior for 2022 world cup

  13. Aguero don’t need to prove anything in friendlies as he is by far best player in world cup, Pep is going to be the happier as it benefit Man city title challenge but calling up benidtto is totally wrong if picked above simeone who is just 21 and long way to go, it’s not like that who is better else Aguero is the best striker at moment by a distance. Except messi you and everyone can’t accept 32 year old above another player, so keeping this mind to make 2022 squad benedito should never called up in expance of simeone not Aguero

  14. Not calling veterans could be issue not to break the climate of fresh dressing room climate, for the same reason Icardi was snubbed, as Icardi is the main man of Argentina old gurds treated by their own medicine

  15. Guys IF the rumors are true and IF Aguero will not play in those friendly games that does not mean
    that Aguero will not be in the Copa america squad or Benedetto will be.

    Can somebody be sure that for example Aguero didn t call in phone Scaloni and say to him
    “coach i feel tired and please don t call me for next month friendly games. i want to relax little bit”.

    why you are fight about this guys?
    really no reason exist.
    in same time i will not cry if Aguero play or will not play in the end.
    the national team is not depend from Aguero anyway.

    • You are right, because I feel like AGuero is still emergency exit for Scaloni if one of Icardi, Lautaro, Benedetto will not impress in the friendlies before Copa. Then Scaloni may take Aguero even without giving him trial before Copa.

  16. People are not aware how outstanding striker Benedetto is. In fact it’s not easy to find a forward who has scored so many elegant and beautifull goals in Tijuana, Club America, Boca. He just needs more confidence in NT because so far had 3 games or so (Icardi, Dybala needed 10 or more to scored their first). He was thrown immediately on deep water of toughest last games of qualifiers when we needed desperately some win which is not easy for any player especially the new one to face such expectations:


    • Benedetto is not outstanding striker yet.
      for now he is one good striker or little bit more than that.

      and by the way that now i remember.
      if Benedetto want to be and outstanding human it will be nice
      to say sorry to Montiel about what he did.
      because he didn t say sorry yet and probably he will not.

      • Benedetto is outstanding striker. Probably best one in SA. For some people he is not outstanding because he play in South America. So let’s say he is outstanding striker in SA. If for some people to be outstanding in SA is not enough for NT because of lower standards of SA football then we must ask ourselves why players like Saravia or Tagliafico are actually called up and do well and what is the aim to look for any player of SA football.

        Benedetto is outstanding in SA and for me that’s enough to consider him as NT alternative.

        “if Benedetto want to be and outstanding human… ”

        Why talk about being outstanding as a human? We talk about football quality. Benedetto’s behaviour in CL final was pitifull but that’s nothing to do with football quality he is showing still.

        • the only thing that seems to me very much in my eyes to use is the word “outstanding”.
          not yet. i can t use that word yet for him.
          but except that my opinion about him is very very close to yours.
          sure i consider him too as NT alternative. he is very good striker for me and in time he have the potential to be and outstanding.

          as about the human part is not our subject true. i don t mix it with football.
          i mention about it only because i remember his behaviour to Montiel.
          not mean anything more.
          i didn t say it for not use him in national team etc.

          • So we understand each other.

            I don’t want to say Benedetto is better than Aguero or so. On paper he is not. But giving our past with Aguero and Messi together (3 Copas and 3 WCs) I feel like we need first to check every alternative for Aguero. We needn’t desperately clinical striker. Remember Lavezzi (and to some degree Pratto later) who have turned to be always better than Aguero when it comes to influence on the team, depite being often poor finisher. Messi always looked better with hardworker Lavezzi around and not with Aguero.

            We need find right players, not just collection of the best ones on club level. We need right elements of puzzles.

          • I can’t understand why people have so much problem with call up for Benedetto as if Aguero were guarantee of winning Copa. Open your mind. I’m not closed to Aguero but his NT past and lack of something special on understanding with Messi tells us we need to check other options before call him up again – if at all.

  17. On paper, Kun is a better player but you have to ask yourself why Scaloni is going for Benedetto instead. Kun’s record for the national team is pretty mediocre.

    • Agree.
      People should ask yourselves why Scaloni is 4th coach is a row who is looking finally alternative for Aguero. Aguero failed too many times and our coaches realized that best duo of forwards Messi-Aguero never worked up to expectations. For the reason Martino realized it’s better to play with hardworker like Lavezzi which is not good finisher but his hardwork is influencing team better than Aguero’s presence. Bauza went for his hardworker Pratto (who scored more goals in qualifiers than Aguero who was finished goal), then Sampaoli went for Benedetto but injury elimated him. Now another coach is looking for Benedetto – some alternative for abvious but overrated Messi-Aguero formation.

  18. Gonzalo my bro you had no problem with me when I had agreed your opinion about balerdi ,almendra ,nehuan Perez ,gaich etc but now when I am disagreeing regarding bendetto ,you are indirectly calling me fake fan ,messi fan ,generation fan etc , remember there is a thing called freedom of expression and acceptance of diverse opinions , let me tell you one thing every mundo followers here dream about nt’s glory and everyone have their own notions so let’s not poke each other (sorry if I had poked anyone mistakenly )
    And regarding bendetto ,yes I will take him over icardi who offers nothing but not against ageuro
    And pls don’t bring division ,oldie power , politics concepts these things are either illusion or rumour with zero concrete evidence
    Lastly vamos Argentina from a true fan

    • Try to understand my main point. I just want to say people are totally ignoring the mentall aspect and conditions of winning team. Mentality is a half of success. I doubt Messi will refresh his confidence and believe faith in final success when he will see around the same faces like Aguero, Di Maria which will bring to his mind memory of past disappointments. We need new spirit first of all. I doubt the spirit will be there if we will start with the two together.

      To that I agree with some that it’s alternative between Benedetto/Aguero. To me one of Icardi, Lautaro, Benedetto, Aguero must be rejected but it’s not necesarry one of Benedetto/Aguero.
      We need one hardworker in Lavezzi/Pratto style not just 3 typical strikers.

  19. Call up for Benedetto is understandable:

    He ad very few games in NT while deserved more chances. His last one, against Ecuador was rather promising. Then he was for 99% going to WC. 9 months injury gets elimninated him. He back in October and quickly gave Boca 4 most important (and nice) goals of the season in semifinals and finals. He certainly could be called up yet for November friendlies if not the CL finals.

    Call up for him is understandable. We need to keep fresh spirit what is more important than dubious offer of Aguero. We have some friendlies still before Copa. Icardi, Benedetto, Lautaro deserves few chances more. Aguero is He emergency exit. If in upcoming friendlies one of the three will not convincing we may always back to Aguero even without giving him call up before Copa.

        • yeah..im starting to lean towards Martinez. If we do not have incredible playmakers feeding strikers, Icardi will struggle. Icardi’s poor performance is also a reflection of Scalonis dogshit atacking tactics. None of our offense did well, so i cant hold Icardi too accountable for the past few games.

  20. Ever since Ronaldo came he has been affecting Dybala’s performance a lot. Taking over penalties (even though Dybala has a better record) and he affected his role and performance


    if you are interested to learn something more about Argentina beyond football then
    search and learn about what i wrote you up.
    i will not translate it to you. you should search to find
    if you want where this is written and why.

    you will understand more things and you will take some more answers about 1986 world cup game with England.

    • Bro easy man i am not an argentine and supporting albiceleste since i started watching football and when argentina looses a match it hurts me more than you but it hurts when you people always keep unnecessarily critising an unselfish player like messi.
      Greedy and corrupt AFA just used him for the shake of money.

      • my friend i didn t argue with you about Messi.
        this was not my subject. i understand your point and i am not against you.

        the only reason i was aggressive to you before was your comment about
        1986 world cup and Maradona.
        anyway this is over and i don t intend to continue this subject.
        no reason. we are ok.

  22. Mrinal1235
    i am holding very hard myself to don t speak bad to you about your comment down about DIEGO MARADONA.
    people like you make me hate Messi and make me want him retire soon
    even if i love him so much and i don t want this day come because i will miss him.

    i don t know if after Messi will gone you will be still Argentina fan and i don t care just i will say to you only this friendly.

    1986 world cup was won FAIR. WE DESERVE IT AND WE TAKE IT FAIR!!!

    the first goal in the game with England was cheat true but this game ANYWAY would mend to be a great victory because we played far better than England and we was played better than them.
    if we did not score then we would score different way later.
    except that this game was something “holy” for us because it was one small revenge for
    my 649 brothers that lost their lives 4 years before in Malvinas war.

    it was not possible to lose that day from that team. NO WAY!!!

    just because that goal you can t say that WE WIN A WORLD CUP WITH CHEAT OK?

    • Bro you are not ready to accept argentina was little bit lucky to win the match against england but you people will kill messi just unlucky not to win WC final in 2014 beside being the better team than germany. Most of the argentine people heart are filled with hatred for messi.
      You people should be proud , your country has produced such a diamond in football who has put argentina on world map.

      • my friend other thing to say we have little luck in one game and other thing to say that we win one world cup because we cheat.
        i don t accept we win in luck but ok i can understand your opinion that English had chances to score in that game. we had too. after the 2-1 yes the English pushed us to even score but we succeed take the victory.

        about Messi yes exist this kind of people but they are not many in number.
        it is more because of media and not because of simple people like me.
        don t forget that thousands of people make demonstration in Buenos aires to express his love to him to return back to the national team when he said he quit.

        i am proud of Messi as all Argentines we are. yes he is diamond true. i agree.
        just not my friend that he put Argentina in the world map.

        Argentina my friend was in the world map of football from beginning of time of that sport.

  23. Icardi is the main man for Argentina, i think seniors did same with Icardi past now they’re testing own medicine

  24. A tall physical target man. That’s what Scaloni is after. From what I’ve seen so far, I highly doubt we’ll see much difference in squad selection, that means Meza will also be included as a CM. I wont be surprised if he starts.

    If Scaloni is dropping Aguero, it’s not because of Aguero’s form or, history. It’s more like Scaloni can’t fit a Suarez-esque striker into his system. Because Scaloni plays the long-ball game and he’s going to stick to it. A more flexible coach would definitely pick Aguero.

    Grit over charisma. I hope it won’t turn into too much grit and too little charisma. I also highly doubt Dybala’s inclusion. He clearly cant play with either Icardi or, Messi. But people love Dybala so maybe, Scaloni will include him to keep the bench warm?

  25. Enough of experimenting, benedito should not be picked ahead of 21year old simeone no matter how much good he is playing, when currently best inform Argentina striker Aguero is ignored then why benedito??? Keeping in mind 2022 world cup no player 28 or more should not be the part of Argentina squad, Aguero and Dimaria needed for copa as they’re already proven doesn’t matter including in March friendly or not as scaloni always selected player 29 or above player, he has to cut 23 plus include seniors

      • our problem is scoring goals yet these people prioritize some made up stat that X player is better defensively or more “spirit” (even though not true) so X should go instead of aguero. Doesn’t make any senes..we need freaking goals and Aguero is the most clinical.

  26. We hv luxury of world class no.9 so whoever scaloni will choose I won’t mind unless he performs…
    I think u can’t compare this version of aguero from 2 years before aguero…..
    He is scoring goals against every big teams of EPL and working hard for his team.
    But again I won’t mind if Benedetto would be chosen ….he is also world class

  27. I am a big fan of Aguero but don’t remember any great performance of him with the national team when Messi was on the pitch. I think that may be the reason why Scaloni want to try something else.

    Currently a player with similar profile as Kun there are also Dybala and Lautaro. The main issue to put a half 9 is you gotta have a left forward with high scoring ability and can also act as winger and make the difference by himself. I only have in mind De Paul and Joaquin Correa. They are decent but not ready yet for the requirement.

    • People are funny when they talk about Aguero as proven striker.
      He had enough chances. He was there, on WC 2018. And he was healthy. How far we went with him? Of course people will point out their scapegoat Samapoli as the only to blame. They will talk that he didn’t started against France. But he started against Croatia and what he did? That late goal against France when their defence was more relaxed thinking probably of quarterfinal then is not any prove?

      How many goals he scored during last qualifiers? Big zero. Even Pratto had scored 2 having much less opportunities to play. Why no one asked before WC for Pratto as for “the proven” forward with his qualifiers goals. Because he is ugly ducking of local league. Just like Benedetto in comparison to Aguero. All that is rank of popularity and fame.
      Aguero had 3 Copas and 3 WCs – enough to prove something what he did not.

      The better player will be the one we will play batter. As you’ve said Messi-Aguero duo never looked good and Scaloni is aware of that.

      • Why didnt you mention he saved argentina’s ass against iceland. I dont know how french defenders can relax in death ours of knockout stages in Worldcup because what i had seen they substituted defenders for attackers in last hours . What is your scale of measuring that how much how much their defenders are relaxed. When dimaria scores a goal you call him lucky to score. What had seen in friendly against nigeria after aguro was subbed off by benedetto nigerian players left their backline and attacked freely because they were felling no threat in attack from argentina.
        Plus he is a good penalty taker who can be useful in the shootout. Benedetto can only perform in boca juniors not in NT or europe. Dont talk nonsense just to prove your points.

      • Aguero scores two great goals in WC2018 in limited time… hands down… the opener against Iceland was class and the header against the eventual champions was quality! If we are putting our best quality on the team of 23.. aguero MUST be there … it’s common sense

    • I see here only new and new Mundo members. They seems to follow Argentina NT since 2 years or so because I can’t understand why they can say Aguero is proven and forget about all Aguero NT history since 2010 WC.

      I see some rule here. The older Mundo members usually don’t want or are more sceptical to Aguero or Di Maria. Maybe because they are here enough long to remember all their NT tournaments (3 Copas, 3 WCs). While here so many new members that act as if Aguero just emerged in Europe, being 22 yo talent and never had his tenuous NT tournaments history. I foud it invariably stunning how some people think Aguero scoring so regularly for club may represent some final evidence he is our best. Hey man! It doesn’t works anymore. Once again: we’ve been here before. Deja vu. Before every tournament we were hearing again and again about our strikers goalscoring accounts but then never saw translation of that into something convinceable in NT. How long you are following him with NT?

        • Mark how the people which are claiming for old guard players are almost exclusively under new names here. Why? Maybe they are following Aguero and Argentina really not long time and not aware they had enough chances. Or maybe they are some old members who were here before every tournament claiming to try once again and again with the same old guard’s names but they were coerced to make new account and name because another fail of the famous generation was to much embarrass for them.
          I ask one more time: where are the old Mundo members that were claiming always for the same names? Why people can’t continue under one account for years. Continue and take resposibility for what they claim.

        • It’s actually a shit question. You know arguments are weak as fuck when ad hominems are used. you or gonzalo have no clue how long anyone has been following.

      • Mate to be honest I had enought
        Of messi generation.
        It’s easy for some of us to point
        Di Maria higuain aguero and

        Hear this I don’t care if you guys
        Call me messi hater or farmar love
        If it’s up me I won’t even call
        Messi to nt .
        i will be happy if messi quit
        Playing from the Nt.

        I would like see Argentina NT
        Play as team not as individuals
        I had enough of hearing that play
        Or this play suits Messi stlye
        Or he great space .

        • Here are some fans of drugs addict old psychopath who just won a only world cup by cheating hand of god are always jealous of messi because they know that their lord was nowhere close to lionel messi.

          • @mrinal
            I swear to my God
            I never see Maradona playing Argentina
            I started supporting Argentina
            In 1998
            Hey by the way for me messi
            Is the best player ever seen
            It privilege to watch him play
            But Argentina case is different
            We obsessed about him way
            Too much it’s time to have
            A team some mundo followers
            Believe if messi doesn’t play for
            Argentina it’s end of the world
            But I firmly believe Argentina will
            Win world cup with or without messi
            Next 10 years .
            I hope that is sufficient for you

        • Amigo… Messi is an unselfish footballer… you are speaking as if Messi is not the greatest passer in soccer history?! Which he is… hands down… Messi makes the right football play constantly … he is NO individual Cristiano Ronaldo type … please give him that credit … it’s the least you can do

        • @Godin11, i don’t know your mental condition so can’t comment on it..
          if u call yourself a true argentine fan, first try to understand the problems.
          don’t be quick to judge..As you said messi was not playing since WC and we see the results messi didn’t play some matches in the qualifier and we know the result..
          The main problem of argentina team is the GK and defence and attack is least of our problems..
          have some sense bro..

      • “Before every tournament we were hearing again and again about our strikers goalscoring accounts but then never saw translation of that into something convinceable in NT.”

        If you think that, why do you save Lewandowski all the time? That guy is the definition of a choker, always falls under pressure, in club level too, but in NT less than zero in big tournaments. Now Poland have such great prospects like Milik and Piatek you are the first who want to drop the always underperforming superstar?

        • “If you think that, why do you save Lewandowski all the time?”

          “You save”. What has Lewandowski to me? Bring my single comment when I’m defending Lewandowski or you are liar.

          I’m waiting. Give me:

      • Yeah, that’s what I thought. I will support kun, Higuain, Di Maria forever and they perform well with their club but I don’t see how they can bring more to the national team. It’s more a question of balance, we can’t just put the big names together and expect that will work, otherwise too easy to be coach. Besides, there is also question of age. I don’t remember having seen any champion with 2 players above 32 in attack.

  28. Benedetto should not be selected at the cost of Aguero.Benedetto is good in creating space for Messi or other player.Benedetto over Icardi or Lautaro could be considerable.

  29. fucking morons. if this continues, this will 100% go down in history as one the absolute dumbest fucking decisions a professional organization makes. fuck the afa and if dumb fuck scaloni is playing a role, then fuck him too. damn this infuriating. From Bauza, to Kamikaze Sampa to an amateur manager with ZERO experience.

    • Munawar you are blatant example of biggest hipocrisy because you prefer one player above other.

      You’ve said: “hipocrisy”

      But let’s see on your statement above. You’ve said Benedetto is almost 29, actually 30 while Aguero
      is just 30. In fact Benedetto will be 29 in may but Aguero will be 31 just few days later.
      This is like tendencious people are when they don’t like some player. Thay can even manipulate on their age let alone manipulate on evidences that are not so firm.

      Benedetto will be 29 in may but Aguero is just 30 for you?! No Aguer will be 31 few days later.

      Aguero is nowhere near to Benedetto when it comes to off-movement and for the reason Scaloni will take him.

      • Because you say this? Benedetto is nowhere near Aguero in vision, passing, dribbling, killer instict, build ups, big match experience. The difference was clear between the two vs Nigeria. Nigerian defense instanty got in their comfort zone vs Benedetto, so the whole team could attack without any risk.

        • You want tell single game against Nigeria is point of reference? Because that was 3rd or so NT performance of Benedetto in NT and 80 or so NT performance of Aguero? People have not proble to wait 10 games for single goal of Icardi (because he is popular one from Europe) but have big problem to wait still if some local league player didn’t scored within 3 games.

          If Aguero is so good why he didn’t scored more in WC. Why he didn’t scored single one against Croatia? And single one during whole qualifiers?

        • Really?! How many times we had seen Aguero being total disapointment in some crucial moments. How many times we had seen him lazy inertia, invisible, heavy wandering about on the pitch without clear signs of confidence in final success as if the fatal destiny was set in stone yet before play. There’s no other player (no Higuain or Banega) who showed in some critical moments so much apathy and lack of fighting spirit.

          Don’t be funny man, Aguero is the last who seems to be guarantee of hardworking.

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