Gaston Gimenez to join Chicago Fire next month


Gaston Gimenez has signed with MLS club Chicago Fire.

An agreement has been reached between Velez Sarsfield and Chicago which will see the 28 year old defensive midfielder making the jump at the end of the Superliga season in March. Per a report by Ole, he will join the club for $4.3 million.

Gimenez played one match for the Argentina national team which was in the 2-0 win vs. Mexico last year.


  1. Nicolo Dominguez with a pretty decent cameo against Genoa. I really like his play his technical ability is amazing he can dribble well has good close control n a really good vision n first time pass .his work rate n defending abilities I’m not sure but he has huge potential to become a big time box to box midfielder like pogba

  2. Paredes started a league match for psg after a long time n was in centre midfield along with idrissa gueye but psg conceded 3 goals in the first can be argued tat psg’s backline was poor with Andre Herrera playing as right back and a 17 yr old filling in for marquinhos in centre back but it’s definitely dampening paredes chances to become a regular.he is better suited only for serie A the slow pace game is his style after his substitution in the second half psg scored two goals n made the comeback score is 3-4 advantage psg

    • So you r telling paredes is not good enough for league 1 but is good enough for serie a??
      Man see everyone knows that he is not a world class DM defensive wise but his deep lying playmaking abilities are unbelievable.
      I don’t know how tuchel sees him but for argentina he is a very good player specially when he plays alongside with 2 hard working midfielders.
      But I think he still needs to be more active when danger is around the corner….he is sometimes too lazy.

      • u said it he is lazy so he is better suited to serie a more french ligue is way too pacy these days n paredes struggles against pacy teams ofc his deep lying playmaker style is good but psg have verrati as tat guy. yes paredes is more talented in vision but veratti offers more in pressing n is more a work horse tats y he is a starter n paredes isn’t

  3. I am not in favor of bringing back Romero back in the team, it’s time to move forward not get stuck in the past.

    However, Like some folks here I also don’t blame Romero for that goal, nor I blame Garay and Demichelis. We conceded that goal because of fatigue and injuries and because of Sabella’s extreme defensive apporach!! We had to play 3 games with extra time and our back ups were either injured or defensive minded players! Gago’s injury and bad form was also one of the major factor. Gago was influential during our qualifying campaign but when the 2014 WC commenced his fragile body broke !! Sabella had very few offensive players in his squad and with Dimaria and Aguero injured he had to stick with same players hence resulting in immense fatigue buildup among our players and not to forget we also got one day less rest than the Germans! Sabella’s two substitutions, unfit Aguero for Lavezzi & unfit Gago for inform Enzo , horrible misses from Higuain and Palacio and horrendous calls from the biased referee cost us the WC!!

  4. ascacibar is a must ffor the copa america squad it dosnt matter if he is a starter but he must be in the 15 man matchday list . his pressing,workrate n tackling abilities are very good n we dont have such players in our current squad of his calibre(playing in a good club n a top league) n also not to forget he is young

  5. Sergio Romero is not a legend,who is saying him legend.Sergio Romero is the player who gave his all to national team.He was always present and fully fit for Argentina unlike Di maria and Aguero.He is a player to be respected most after Messi and Mascherano.

  6. > Go back 2014 final I believe any other Goalie would have save that goal

    Godin11, my friend, wrong way too judge that horrific play. The ball should never have even made it Romero to begin with.

    1) Do you remember Garay momentary travel to mars just watching Gotze run by only to wake up and start chasing but it was too late?
    2) Same with Demichils.. terrible defensive positioning gave so much space to Gotze.
    3) Or what about Palacios + Zabaleta vs Schurrle. 2 v 1 should have easily stopped Schurrle’s cross

    The point is, it was a long tournament fought with tears and blood, final game lasted to dying minutes, everyone was exhausted and mistake were made. i just cant solely blame Romero for that shot when so many other players were involved in that horrible goal.

    Overall, Romero had a great tournament (same with Copas) and largely recognized as one of the best keepers.

    Btw, i just rewatched again, thanks for the nightmares for the next few nights!!! 🙂

    • Btw, i just rewatched again, thanks for the nightmares for the next few nights!!!”

      for the past 6 years I only seen a replay of that goal, once. by a mistake 🙁
      You know it was just one of those suggested videos on you tube, since then I make sure to click away when that comes up. But I still remember exactly how the goal was conceded and it was no way of a GK fault.
      some believe that all GKs are successful in blocking a shot at goal from within the six yard box. specially one that was chested and then kicked. it defies normal human reflex response time.
      For the past 2 or 3 years we still don’t have a permanent replacement for Romero, but I think his time in the NT is up, and we just have to settle for one of the current GKs.

  7. For me I call legend likes
    Maradona Messi kun aguero
    batistusta ayala
    Simeone mascherano heinze
    Mostly the denied legend
    Javier zanatti I will never forgive
    Pekerman and Maradona denied him
    To go 2006 and 2010 world cup .
    He was well deserved to go those
    Two occasions up to this day Argentina
    Haven’t produce similar profile player
    Like javier zanatti.
    For me juan veron wasn’t legend
    He let me down 2002 he was supposed
    The main man in that team
    I still remember up to this day
    Bielse subbed him half time vs England
    Replaced him young Aimar in that time.

  8. If there is no Romero then Argentina gonna miss X-factor to win Copa .Andrada and Armani is also good.In River Plate Armani is monster,he plays really well look at Armani’s performance against Flamingo,he was superb but for Argentina he lacks character sometime.Romero,Andrada,Armani and Musso are best.

  9. Hey munawar you crossing your line.
    You sound like you are frustrating man
    Who hates senior players and who
    are they Romero rojo di Maria ?
    Get your point please don’t accuse me
    What I’m not hate is strong word
    I come here to express my opinion
    And talk facts not friction.

  10. it’s quite clear romero is not coming back right now under scaloni. look at his top four based on callups – armani, andrada, marchesin, musso. what’s common? they are all starters. even young guns like gazzaniga are not called up that often by him except once or twice. It seems he wants his keepers to be starters in their jobs at the minimum.

    plus they are many other situations where he has stressed he wants people to play more. eg: talking publicly about tuchel/psg trying to get parades more game time, message to rojo etc. Clearly for keepers he wants them to be first team options and outfield players to get as much game time as possible. if that’s what the boss wants players have to follow, and romero has shown he has no intention of trying to get first team time. this is new regime and that’s the way he wants to build it.

    • Yeah, Romero would have been back by now if he were in Scalonis plan. I really don’t see him coming back.

      Sucks for Paredes though, dude barley plays any minutes and it doesn’t seem like Tuchel will change his mind any time soon. He needs to move ASAP.

        • Don’t you worry fells.
          Scaloni will do anything right for arg tn.
          Look his salary is the lowest in south America. The man is so passionate
          About his country.. yes Sergio Romero
          Was very overrated to me no chance
          For him to come back A. Marchesín
          Fo me

          • I agree s Romero should not start for us until and unless he starts regularly for club ,but come on don’t call him overrated just to satisfy your ego ,that guy was always reliable between the sticks ,his positioning and reflaxes have always been on point which our current gks like Armani and Andrada lack and he has always performed well for nt

          • Yes s Romero is overrated
            I tell you why he couldn’t break in
            Teams like sampdoria and Monaco
            Under Alex sabella the nt were well
            Organized especially the defensive unit. Under tata team was based possessions .
            I mean we defended with
            having the ball More . Go back 2014 final I believe any other Golie would have save that goal You guys rate Romero because of Penalties save against Holland.
            By the way Romero got more ego than me cose he though he was untouchable.

          • Am I arguing with you regarding his non selection ?No Na ? You hate super senior players of Argentina thats a bitter fact whether you admit or not ,and regarding his performance ,he thrived in nt Jersey whether its possession or defensive tactics ,lastly I would like to conclude by saying that we have been struggling to find his replacement and you cannot disrespect our legends by calling overrated

          • Romero a legend?!

            Fillol is a legend, Goycochea is a legend, Maradona is a legend, Caniggia is a legend, Redondo is a legend, Batistuta is a legend, Veron is a legend, , Sorin is a legend, Zanetti is a legend, Messi is a legend, but no sorry Romero ain’t one of them.

            In my opinion…:)

          • Goycoechea is a legend and Romero not? Cmon Goyco was only a good penalty-stopper (at least on that WC) but a bad goalkeeper, Romero was better than him in keeper skills, positioning etc. (Romero an average keeper, Goyco a bad one, never played in Europe except a short period says all)

  11. 🗣 | Argentina Head Coach Lionel Scaloni talked about Lionel Messi :

    “I see him [Messi] fine.”

    “The other day, against Real Betis, he was the best player in the field without scoring. He gave the assist and participated in every chance.”

    “He’s fine, he’s comfortable, he will have to decide on his future but I think he’s comfortable.”

    “I’m not worried at all. He’s comfortable, he’s comfortable at the national team and at Barcelona. Then what will come will come, I stay out of it.”

    “I think the important thing is to try [to win the Copa America], that he knows we’ll try and be protagonists.”

    “He [Messi is not the only one that wants to win something with the national team, we all want to win, the coach, his teammates, so well, we’ll try and let’s hope we can make it.”

  12. meanwhile in the netherlands cup competition knvb beker
    ajax and feyenoord have qualified for the semi finals.
    both teams have young promising argentine talents as the important pillars of their team defence
    feyenoord after a shaky start have turned the season around since the managerial change n are joint third in the league with a game in hand n tat game is against AZ who are in second with a 7 point difference.
    it wud be wonderful if ajax win the league n feyenoord finish in 2nd place n in the cup competitions i hope both do well especially in europa league too
    this wud mean the most talented league in europe’s two best teams will have superb argentine talents marshelling their defences.