Lautaro Martinez targeted by FC Barcelona


Lautaro Martinez is heavily being targeted by FC Barcelona.

Per a report by Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona are looking to sign Lautaro Martinez from Inter in the summer transfer window. With an ageing Luis Suarez in the squad, Barcelona are interested in bringing in a younger striker.

Martinez has a release clause of €111 million in his current contract.


  1. Uruguay is the best team to win Copa America.They have great player at almost every position and also have great coach.To stop them Argentina need to put some good player at some positions.Sergio Romero is must for Argentina,he is best among those selected goalkeeper,his distribution of the ball is also good only Andrada surpasses him in this area.Palacios or Mac Allister at left mkdfield role,no more Acuna at left midfield he always looses the ball and not good in possession,Montiel should start at Right back and depending on condition Foyth should be used at Right back.Quarta Martinez also deserves to be given some chances.As there are many Copa America matches before the knock out games so some players can be tested in Copa America group stage games

      • Those mistakes of Romero r always hidden due to WC 2014 heroics. I mean heroic in that penalty shootout to be precise. He has played nearly 100 matches for our NT.I really don’t know why our previous coaches never looked for other options.

        Finally it took Scaloni to look for valid options, atleast he is playing those who r in fine form for their clubs. As per me the more the Goal keeper play with a same backline the more consistent the performance of the GK become.

        How many matches did Armani, Andrada and Marchesin has played consistently with same backline? Almost 5 matches at best I guess. No wonder they look poor for us. While they look spectacular for their clubs.

        Armani haven’t played for us for last 6 games. Remember Romero was playing all the friendlies too.(Obviously he never plays for any club, always been a bench warmer so he was always free to travel, LOL) hate when ppl say Romero was a legend, He was World class blah blah blah…

        World class and legend r terms used for great players, Zanetti was World class and a legend of an Argentina player. Romero is nor a legend neither is world class. He is average at best. But then our coaches in past chosen to be average at the Goalkeeping position. Because we were having trouble at Midfield and Defence since ages…

      • In both Copa America games Sergio Romero conceded only two goals in each Copa.Whereas Armani conceded six goals in six games.Even in world cup games Sergio Romero conceded omly four goals and most of them in group stages,Romero is more solid when it comes to knock out games.So in 18 games in World cup and copa America he conceded only 8 goals that is awesome.Deserves the chance

      • That goal is hardly the best example. You don’t know if his sight was blocked at all and hard strikes that bounce several feet in front the keeper can be tricky to block.

        Club time for Romero doesn’t matter. He was an exception. Always felt confident with him between the sticks. After his absence, that position has been shaky AF.

        That was a sick pass from ADM btw.

          • In fact true. We haven’t had a great goal keeper in long time. We here names in here all the time. Gazzaniga, Benitez, Musso, Rulli, Andrada. Etc etc.. Don’t know which one is gonna nail the spot. As of now Andrada looks the closest. But I think Armani is gonna start for us in the Copa. NO ROMERO WHOEVER ELSE IT IS. HE IS DONE LIKE DI MARIA.

  2. I don’t think there is any upside for Lautaro to move to Barca, maybe just the opportunity to train with Messi on daily basis. It will be very hard for Barca to go back to the previous level and on the other hand, Inter is building an interesting team with many new players.

    • Yes, Baraca are in a slump but they are still one the worlds most valuable clubs, earning a billion / year and their roster is talented. Few more signings and even without Messi, they would still be incredibly dangerous. Martinez – Griezmann with Messi in the hole could be similar to NT with Dybala or Aguero next to Martinez.

  3. It seems to me that based on previous call-ups and preferences, this is a likely squad (plus/minus some players)we could see in March. Some players can play in more than one position.

    1. GK: Marchesin, Andrada, Armani (possibly Musso). Not clear who Scaloni prefers to start.
    2. RB: Montiel, and then big fat question mark for a back-up. Saravia and Foyth not playing at all lately but Scaloni might still call one of them anyway.
    3. LB: Tagliafico, Acuña.
    4. CB: Pezzella, Otamendi, Martinez Quarta, Kannemann (Lisandro Martinez).
    5. DM: Paredes, Guido Rodriguez (maybe Battaglia or Ascacibar).
    6. CM: Lo Celso, Palacios, De Paul,Nico Dominguez.
    7. LM, LWF: Ocampos, Lo Celso, Acuña, De Paul.
    8. RM, RWF: Messi, Ocampos, Nico Gonzalez.
    9. CF, SS: Messi, Lautaro, Kun, Dybala, Alario.

  4. Who would suit more at Left midfield role in Argentina Palacios or Mac Allister.Who got the skill to command left midfield role in national team

  5. I think Barca will recall Neymar although the best for Arg is Lautoro daily duet in Barca will be great and ideal. Barca need to sell and brings new players and looking forwards to build post Messi, Suarez, Pique,Busquet era.

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