Mauro Icardi scores for PSG in draw vs. Amiens


Mauro Icardi scored for PSG in their 4-4 draw vs. Amiens.

It was Amiens who took a 3-0 lead with PSG scoring three goals to draw level. Icardi would give PSG the 4-3 lead as a low pass was sent into the penalty area which found Icardi who scored from close range.

Icardi would give PSG the 4-3 lead but Amiens would score one in injury time for the draw.


  1. Tagliafico need to play high up on the pitch in Argentina,his attacking skills are much better.He will create threat for opposition.Till now i have seen Acuna in left side and he is not convincing.He was trash vs Brazil and vs Urugway no signifucant attacking threat from him.He needs tons of load of space to be influential which is not going to happen against big teams.So we should drop Acuna,he can not use his right foot ever.

    • Not this again…..

      Drop Acuna for who exactly?

      Acuna has played much better for the national team than Tag, and im a Tagliafico fan. He can play box to box, LB, LM, and LW. Crossing is excellent. Strong utility player. Who is his replacement?

      • actually the diferrence between tagliafico n acuna is nico is better defensively n sometimes dilevers gud crosses. acuna isnt better defensively but his attacking output is simply world class when its his day his problem is consistency sometimes he plays like marcelo delivering amazing crosses and getting into the box n creating danger but other times he is extremely poor consistency is the key for acuna but he is a must for the NT

      • Palacios,Mac allister are Acuna’s replacement in left midfield and because of Tagliafico,Acuna never gonna to play in left back position as Tagliafico is injury resistent.Acuna can put any significant crosses when he has whole left midfield area empty for him,that is rarely possisble one time in 90 minute.Acuna is nit good in possession and he can not control the aerial balls coming to him properly,his passing is trash,sometimes he dribbles well but he lacks brain.He is not fast enough

        • palacios is left mid? now i know you dont know futbol.

          i bet you dont even watch him play at sporting. people should think carefully before they speak.

  2. Paredes got player rating of 8 in and has 89 percent passing acuracy in final third but some members are cursing him.

  3. What a horrible match of Paredes! He made some nice passing like the one for Cavani during the 1st half, but most of the time, he offered absolutely no protection to his defenders, lost ball in some dangerous zone. Probably one of the worst players of PSG last night. I am really not comfortable to have him as DM. If Scaloni really wants him in the 11, it’s necessary to have a more defensive player to compensate.

    • You can not judge and drop a player based on only one game, when he hasn’t had the playing time at psg to hold consistent form. Tuchel isn’t playing him as part of a 3 man center midfield line, so he is out of position and not being used to the best of his abilities.

      Re watch how he does with Arg when de paul and palacios are next to him. He runs the midfield better then almost anyone out there.

      If anything, he needs to leave psg immediately to get playing time in his true position. If he still plays badly, then feel free to criticize.

    • Couldn’t agree more candienroyal!

      We need a proper DM with ball playing abilities if we are to reinforce our midfield. With Paredes as a sole deep lying midfielder , is nothing but a disaster waiting to happen!! Battaglia and Ascaibar both should be included in the team , as Guido hasn’t impressed at all so far! Paredes can be a sub at best for us, only and only if we are defending a lead! or if we need to rest our regular starters! I can’t imagine counting on Paredes to defend counter attacks when our team is trailing!

      • paredes definitely needs a destroyer most preferably ascacibar as guido hasnt yet kicked into rhythm at betis nor battaglia has cemented his spot for sporting cp. ascacibar ticks all boxes he plays in a pretty decent team with good players around him like piatek n the recent u23 brazilian star cunha who smoked nehuen perez n not to mention he plays in arguably the most quality football league in bundesliga. if not ascacibar we shud look to the superliga n consider youngster like vera

    this is valuable for argentina tat he play as many matches in the left midfield position as tat is as area we require talent .now rodrigo de paul can play in his preferred right midfield position. really important for argentina

    • De Paul is a much better center midfielder, than a left or right mid. I dont know why people on here keep repeating that he should be on the left side, since he has not played there for 2 seasons.

      He is a box to box CM

      • I respectfully disagree, last season he finished with 9 goals and 8 assists playing mostly on the left side of the midfield and I personally think he is far more effective on the left than he is centrally (although he is quite good centrally also).
        Depaul is right footed and has a canon shot on him and he used to pull a reverse-messi and cut in on the right and shoots with his right.
        He also excels at crosses and he tends to make those from the right or the left sides of the midfield and if Udinese had better forwards his assists no. would be in the double digits.

      • sulav he feels too nervous when playing for argentina nowdays unlike psg.
        n morever he plays on the right wing where we have loads of talents in messi , dybala etc so its best we move over him

  5. Pezella, Otamendi,Quarta Martinez and Palomino should be our CB for Qualifiers.Pezella has great understanding of game and his passing and positioning is great.Otamendi is reckless but brings the character to the backline and always in active mood.Both center back can create the game from the back.Palomino should be included.He is very physical and solid.

  6. Marcelo Bielsa: I am a very rejected person in my country. Every time I explain something it has repercussions in Argentina saying that I sell smoke, that is why I am so ashamed to explain what I feel. I feel that what I explain will only serve to confirm that I sell smoke.

    • Even if no one single Argentine buys what Bielsa says, there is one of the greatest and most successful coaches world football has ever seen who is ready to buy whatever Bielsa says and that’s Pep Guardiola.
      Bielsa is amazing but implementing his tactics is very difficult for the teams he managed. The only time he had a team that could implement his tactics was Argentina’s 2002 World Cup team, but luck never was on their side and our dreams died in the group stage of that tournament.

    • The worst part is all those criticize him are those coaches who have never won in the past. Not a single player that he has ever coached had any complaint, not only good words from all legendary players that he used to work with. I hope Leeds can provide him young and talented players who believe in him, that should work.

  7. The idea to call Icardi and join Batista’s Olympic 2020 is great. Let the other striker compete in Copa. With Mc Allister (if not used in Copa ) will be a great combination

    • Yes Icardi has significantly improved with Tuchel on his position and his contribution outside the box. If U23 plays with 2 strikers, obviously Icardi+Gaich would be the best pair. But if they play with only 1 striker, I would still put Gaich as the 1st option because he is more than a striker, his defensive contribution and physical challenge that he delivers to his opponents are one of the key of U23. I did really feel his absence during the last match vs Brazil.

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