Matias Vargas of Argentina, Espanyol, has coronavirus


Matias Vargas has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Argentina and Espanyol man Matias Vargas becomes the latest Argentine player to have the coronavirus. He joins German Pezzella, Ezequiel Garay and Paulo Dybala in the number of Argentine players who have it.

Fernando Batista, coach of the Argentina Olympic team, spoke to Vargas and has stated that the Espanyol player is doing well right now.

A speedy recovery to Vargas and everyone.


  1. Nice posts canadienroyal. I’ll use Mr Mamoun Elpipita picks and 2020 best squad so far imo. Interesting generational changes comparing side by side. 2000-2020 were packed with heavy weights…goodness the caliber of players has changed over the years. The new gen is filled with talent but have a lot to prove.

    Aguero – Martinez
    Lo Celso – Paredes – De Paul
    Tagliafico – Otamendi – Pezzella – Foyth

    Lavezzi – Aguero —Messi
    Banega— Mascherano— Di Maria
    Rojo – Otamendi—Garay—Zabaleta

    Messi – Crespo
    Cambiasso—Mascherano— Gago

      • Thanks Kavi for mentioning this point. I said the same thing in an earlier thread.
        We really need our skilful midfielders to be selected.
        I see no reason why Ricardo Centurion and Thiago Almada wouldn’t be in the national team.
        We can then have 2 skilful and tenacious midfielders doing the defensive midfield work – Palacios and De Paul come to mind. Lamela is another candidate if healthy.

  2. hopefully Argentina Lineup in copa and WC qualifiers
    Juan Musso
    Juan Foyth/Gonzalo Montiel, Nehuen Perez/Christian Romero, Marcos Senesi/Balerdi, Nicolas Tagliafico/Lisandro Martinez
    Rodrigo De paul,Leandro PAredes ,Guido Rodriguez,Lucas Ocampos
    Substitutes:Quarta martinez, benitez, andrada, jonathan silva, giovani lo celso, exequiel palacios etc.

    • Can’t believe I’m agreeing with balala but I would also replace Franco with Abbondanzieri and Sorin instead of Heinze for sure. I’d also add Gago and Aimar.

      Mine would be this:






      • I hesitated indeed between Heinze and Sorin as I was really really big fan of both. I picked up Heinze for the balance as I am always fan of 1 fullback able to play as center back. To be honest, I don’t find any good GK lol, I just chose one I like the most.

      • Yes otamendi over coloccini any day
        Demichelis over both of them
        Seriously I believe demichelis was
        Very underrated ball playing CB
        Even remember Guardiola wanted
        To sign him on his early days in fcb.

        As tagliafico is far best lb Argentina
        Have right now.

        • I wouldn’t say Demi was underrated, his concentration, which is essential for any CB, was very questionable. Although he did start for Bayern for 7yrs, he was fantastic at Malaga and City…..and most importantly he was superb in 2014 (less so in 2010).





          Picking the RB is tricky, but Rojo’s performance at the 2014 world cup earned him a spot over Tagliafico.
          Picking the midfield was even trickier, Masch was a no brainer and Banega came into his own in 2016 copa and 2018 world cup. The 3rd midfielder was difficult to pick, I thought about Enzo (awesome in 2014) and Augusto (awesome in 2016) but neither were there long enough to really establish themselves.
          I wanted to put Higuain in there because I think did wonderful in WCQ 2010 (goal against Peru), the world cup 2010, the 2014 WCQ (10 goals) and his goal against Belgium…..however, those misses of his in the finals relegated him to the bench.

      • Why not De Paul? He can cross, dribble, defend and can even play as box to box, playmaker or winger back. Having a player like him on 1 side is a gift. 442 is my favourite formation, I like to have a midfielder on 1 side who is versatile like De Paul. Look at the midfield, everyone can attack and defend, I don’t know how to make it more balanced.

    • Tevez sure should be inside about last decade you talking.
      No Coloccini of course. Demichelis instead of him.
      Tagliafico as correct said Munawar Choudhury didn t offer as much to worth to put him as the best LB of last decade.

          • I’ve read and heard multiple sports hosts / commentators say from their discussions with the coach and staff, Garay turned down 2 calls during the qualifiers so the Coach did not call him afterwards. (this seems to be the most popular opinion)

            I also remember Garay himself saying that the coach did not ask him.

            Lastly, i’ve also read the moron “club de amigos” crowd accuse Messi of banishment and of course, both Messi and Garay have known eachother since 13 or 14 years old have spoken highly and respect for one another on and off the pitch.

          • I don’t think garay had problems
            With messi tbh cose both are come
            From Rosario usually Rosario people
            Are close to each other but I do think
            Garay got tired of playing the nt
            Mainly Argentina media which very
            Toxic… nevertheless he is great CB
            By far still best Argentina cb in
            Messi generation.