Oscar Ustari: “Questioning Lionel Messi is outrageous”


Oscar UStari gave an interview with Super Mitre Deportivo where he spoke about Lionel Messi.

Ustari won the FIFA U20 World Cup in 2005 and the 2008 Summer Olympic games with the Argentina national team. A team mate of Lionel Messi with both, Ustari has played alongside Messi as well as against him at club level. Speaking in an interview, Ustari had this to say about the Argentina captain:

“Questioning Messi is outrageous.Things may or may not go to plan, but I can tell you that I saw him crying like a baby because of what happened in the national team.

“It’s very difficult to be in his shoes. I remember at the 2011 Copa America when I was recovering from my knee and when lost I went to see him at the Ezeiza estate and saw him as I had never seen him: destroyed.

“I have no doubt that if Messi does not become world champion, football will be unfair.”


  1. Mamoun and Canadian, very impressive line ups of 90s from both of you and Mamoun i totally agree with your line up regarding our current team too, i possibly would have gone with exactly the same! For me Ocampos is an undisputed starter.

    And about Caniggia…You guys brought me nice memories…
    I remember when i first saw him, i was a teenager. I was so surprised and thrilled of what i saw, a sprinter (actually Caniggia used to be a very good sprinter at his early age) with amazing technique, dribbling and world class finishing, explosive, with a never give up character! For me this guy was a phenomenom and a pioneer for his position as Canadien Royal said, as i don’t remember any other player being that gifted and flexible on both playing as a forward and a winger. As i have said many times, he is one of my top 5 favourite players of all time, i have even put his name with number 7 on one of 5 albiceleste home jerseys that i have and it became my favourite one.

    For me, as numbers 10 and 9 are iconic for Argentine football, 7 is as well and the very first player that comes to my mind is Caniggia.

  2. 4 3 1 2 is best formation for Argentina.4 4 2 is very defensive formation if we have players like Messi,Lo celso,Paredes ,Dybla who are very creative players especially offensively so why to choose defensive formation.4 3 1 2 brings the best out of Argentina.For opposition’players counter attack we have decents defenders.If we use Paredes as DM then there is no need to choose 4-man midfield.

    • 4-3-1-2 looks like a enticing formation but i feel that ARG NT could play better with 4-4-2 formation and Paredes could play better with a decent DM by his side as it was seen in PSG vs Dortmund 2nd leg match which he played with Gueye and for that role maybe Guido Rodriguez could be that player because he is similar to Casemiro(not better than Casemiro though) and Lo celso could be a good backup for Paredes.Counter Attack is a good way to win championships or atleast reach the finals so hopefully Scaloni applies 4-4-2 formation

  3. I am sick of some football legends like Cafu (I admire him because he was one of the best defenders in football of his time) telling in interview that Neymar Jr is the best player in the world in terms of technical ability even better than Messi but according to me neymar is only better than Messi in one ability and that is in partying.Maybe Scaloni could try 4-4-2 formation with the following players
    As GK =Juan Musso(Only Donnaruma has more clean sheets than him in Serie A)
    In defence= Juan Foyth or Cristian Romero( can also play as RB)-Nehuen Perez-Marcos Senesi-Nicolas Tagliafico or Licha Martinez(can also play as LB)
    In Midfield= Rodrigo de paul-Guido Rodriguez(Decent DM)-Leandro Paredes(Plays better with a DM on his side)-Lucas Ocampos
    In Attack=Lionel Messi-Lautaro Martinez.
    According to me Icardi needs to be given another chance atleast as a substitute.I understand the defenders like perez and romero lack experience in NT but you need to build chemistry at some point since Otamendi and pezella arent getting any younger and GKs like Armani and Andrada are decent GKs but they dont play in europe which could be problem for NT later on.
    In olympics three overage players hopefully are selected like Icardi,Walter Benitez and Jonathan Silva(LB) because these players werent given much opportunity till now.

    • 442 is the best for Argentina and for Messi. Maybe Lisandro instead of Guido as DM. I hope that Lo Celso can take Paredes’s place as well. In defense, I agree with you that we should use a CB in the right fullback position, we just need the right midfielder to run a bit more, I am sure that Ocampos can do that. In attack, Lautaro as 1st option and Dybala’s as the 2nd one and Icardi as 3nd, that’s my order.

      After what Cafu said, it doesn’t matter. 1st of all this kind of itw is full of bullshit, both of them are Brazilian so can never be 100% objective. Messi is not young anymore and his current team mates at club don’t have the level of Xavi/Iniesta so of course he cannot play as well as before, people forget quickly what the guy did in the past.

  4. I don’t think anyone hates messi
    But we must be balance that
    Everyone should know messi
    Is human being and is not free from
    Faults what may people mistake is
    Other people has different opinions
    Certain characters messi has which is fine.
    above his genius on his footballing skills.
    The man has humble personality which
    Itself a lone more likeable.
    Messi is greatest football I ve seen.
    I pray that he wins next copa and world cup.
    If he is not still he is the best footballer
    In this world have seen arguably.

      • Bro i got funny feeling may just
        Click under scaloni hopefully
        Cose the group of players the nt have.
        Need right tactics and pure guidance.
        And bit of lucky I believe arg will win
        next Copa and have good chance to
        Win 22 in doha. Remember European
        Media will always manipulate to
        Make sure a European country to
        Win world cup.

        • We can definitely win copa and we can also win 22 wc if scaloni implements right system with right players and most importantly our upcoming defenders like senesi ,Perez ,Romero ,balerdi need to play regularly
          And fullbacks like saravia ,montiel should be given enough chance in nt

  5. The story that hunts me, told by an ARGENTINA assistant after losing to SHITChile, 2nd time…………” it was around 2:30 AM, when everybody was gone, Messi was sitting in front of his locker crying uncontrollably, i tried to console him but he was inconsolable.

  6. Best Argentina XI:
    Musso – Montiel Otamendi Foyth Tagliafico – De Paul G.Rodrigez Paredes Lo Celso – Messi Lautaro
    Sub: Icardi, Dybala, Palacios

    • As of right this second, I would pick the proven line up that gave hell to Brazilian and Uruguayans (few exceptions).

      Aguero – Martinez


      Lo Celso – Paredes – De Paul

      Tagliafico – Otamendi – Quarta – Montiel

      ??? Still no effin clue

      • Mine (if copa was tomorrow) would be very close to yours Choripan, except I would replace Kun with Ocampos and Otamendi with Licha Martinez:





        Note: I picked Lautaro over Kun because the former can press and track back more.
        Andrade and Benitez are the best GK Argentina has (Musso has potential) but since Benitez is obviously not in consideration, Andrade becomes the automatic choice and IMO he’s a fine GK.

        • Musso is highly praised by the football experts currently best Argentina GK going through excellent season in sere A.

        • Yeah Andradas distribution and dribbling display was quite impressive. Hes a great choice especially with scalonis “out of the back” preference

          Andrada, Musso, and Rulli / Benitez are the top candidates

          Between Aguero or Ocampos, if Agüero still has gas in the tank, I’d call kun. He does press like crazy (not like Ocampos but enough) and ability to score is second after Messi. I just couldn’t bench one of the worlds best strikers right now. Besides 2-1 trident was our best attacking display in years

  7. this period i find the oportunity to watch the games of Argentina in world cups that i was not born or i was so small to be able to remember anything.

    i am speaking about the world cups of 1978 , 1982 and 1986.

    till now i had watched only extended highlights of those games and i knew what my father and other older people teach me.
    because Corona virus carantine i had the time to watch all those games and i feel now so happy.
    i have the full picture now about one era that it was like dream in my brain.

    if exist fans that like retro and history i advice them to watch those games.
    doesn t matter that they know the final score. the magic part in that is the fact that they will have the chance to watch some legendary players of Argentina and not only LIKE IT IS LIVE.

    Ardiles , Kempes ,Passarella and others. their skills and their moves inside pitch during one game.
    highlights is not enough to understand. i knew that already but now i have and my proofs.

    • I discovered the WC82 recently, was really really amazing, in those days even an outsider team like Algeria played amazing football. Brazil, Argentina and France were really sexy, even Germany played very attacking football. I realized how great Maradona was. He was already a very mature playmaker at 22 and his level was already far far superior to all playmakers in 90s and later 2000s. Physically he was a horse because unlike many playmakers platini, enzo francescoli or zico, he was actually very box to box and ran everywhere non-stop. Basically he fought for every ball coming to his direction, never tried to walk or hide when he need to defend. Obviously I don’t even need to mention how creative and magical he was technically.

      I finally understood why Maradona tried to play Messi in such a deep position in 2010 because he may expect him to do the same as he did in 1982.

      • according to many old people i know they told me that the team of 1982 was if not the most talented then sure one of the most talented team we ever had.

        unfortunately the disaster thing was that in thar period back home we had war.
        that effect everything and the preparation of our team of course.
        our coach did not had the oportunity to create chemistry between all those LEGENDS players we had back then.
        the team was playing without chemistry and without clear plan.
        we arrive where we arrive with just only the talent of our players.
        i watch those games recently and i believe those people because i see it with my eyes.

        as about Diego in 2010 i see the same too.
        i finaly understood same with you too.
        and i realize one similar thing too between 1982 and 2010 world cups.

        in 2010 we arrive where we arrive because of our players clear talent and not because our otganize game or strategy.
        of course in first case the reason was the war and in second case the fact that we didn t have coach.

        because even if i LOVE DIEGO i can t close my eyes to reality that Maradona is not a coach. he is just one ex player LEGEND that AFA put him as coach in 2010 and the only Diego did and could do is to use his football player experience to manage the team.

        • Yeah true on what you said, I can understand that it was hard for a bunch of world champions to be led by a 22yo kid even though they knew he was special, somehow there’s a problem of ego.

          Thats what Bilardo did well when he took over the team, he got rid of those senior guys and built a young warriors team full of energy and pace around Maradona and let him run the show.

        • Individually 2010 may have even more talents in my opinion. Zanetti, Lucho and Cambiasso were on fire but not selected. If they were in the 11, it would have been very different. Messi played as striker with Barca and he wasn’t very comfortable with this playmaker position. Lucho and Cambiasso could have been helpful if they were here. Otamendi was the right fullback and got totally smashed against Germany. Maybe because of this match it took him years to come back to the national team. If Zanetti were here I think would be a very different outcome. Samuel’s injury did change a lot as well. Overall it was very very unlucky.

  8. My favourite 11 post-Maradona 90s-2020:

    Romero-Zanetti, Samuel, Garay, Heinze-Mascherano, Redondo-Riquelme-Messi, Batistuta, Caniggia

    Please tell me which team can beat that!

    • If it comes riquelme and aimar I will take
      Roman riquelm but this lin up I think
      Aimar more suited cose Redondo
      Was very skillful 5 so aimar and messi
      Quickness one touch pass move
      Would have killed any team.

      No Romero yes Abbondazeri
      Ayala has big case but tbh garay
      Is good as any CB I have seen .

      I will take Marcelo bielse as coach too.

      • haha, yes true I remember you are big fan of Bielsa like me. All mundo fans like Aimar. I took Caniggia because I still remember this magical pair Caniggia-Batigol. Unfortunately they haven’t played much together, just twice, 91 and 94. Aguero has definitely better club career than Caniggia but this guy was another player when he put on the Argentina jersey.

    • Not a bad list Canadian, mine would be




      Sorin——-Garay—————–the ‘wall’——Pupi—–


      Btw Canadian, good call on Cannigia, the guy was a speed demon, fantastic at finishing and a fine passer to boot. He stepped up in every competition he was in whether be it WC 90, copa 91 or WC94 with a total of 6 goals and 4 assists in 13 games, not half bad.

      • Oops! I forgot about Ruggeri! In that case I’ll remove the wall and put him there instead, the reason is Samuel (as great as he was) was very injury prone.






      • I like your lineup, in defense you have the warriors, in attack you have the power and speed. I hesitated between Goicochea and Romero, both are magic, love them both for their penality saves. As I said in my previous post, Aimar or Riquelme is just a matter of taste. To me, Zidane was and is still the best playmaker ever(I don’t compare any player to Maradona because it’s not comparable) and Riquelme had the similar playing style.

        Caniggia? haha who cannot be in love with this player? He had everything as a winger or striker: speed, technique, crossing, killer instinct, reflex and intelligence. I even think that he was the first prototype of fast counter attack strikers, kind of mix between striker and winger because before him, all wingers play just on 1 side. After him, many similar players come like Claudio Lopez, Henry and now Mbappe, I believe he was a source of inspiration for many players.

  9. Some of you were too young maybe, my 11 of 90s:

    Roa-Zanetti, Ayala, Sensini, Chamot-Veron, Redondo-Caniggia, Gallardo, Claudio Lopez-Batistuta

    Very hard for me to drop Ortega and Almeyda.

    • I love these…again, nice job.

      Armani and Marchesi similar but low saves is troublesome.

      Andrada and Rulli are similar with High distribution and Medium saves. (Both beat Marchesin and Armani statistically)

      Gazzaniga and Benitez with Low Distribution and High Saves but low distribution so doubt Scaloni would prefer.

      Musso in the middle…based on these cherry picked stats and not including bias, I’d try him next game.

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