I´ll take it as a friendly


I want to win, of course. But my priority this time is completely different. I want to see some good football and enjoy the game.

It´s too early to push that panic button we Argentine are so keen to press at the slightest sign of things not working out the way we want them to.

Yes, we´ve lost to Brazil (3-0) in BASILE´s first friendly and then we fell again (Spain, 1-2) and now it´s World Cup finalists, France, in their own back yard and with a team that´s been working together with their manager for a long time now.

It´s not that I´m opening my umbrella before it rains. But the way I see it, things have not changed since the moment in which COCO took charge of the team again.

The team is yet to have 4 consecutive training sessions! Too little for a team to gel and for a manager to work wonders.

In any case, this friendly serves for our need to watch our national team and to see the Albiceleste facing yet another top-class team (a thing that doesn´t happen often enough, in my opinion).

For example, after a quick search on FIFA.com, I found that Argentina only face France twice in their whole history!!!

One was a friendly match and the other was for the World Cup Argentina 1978 and we´ve got a win and a loss against them.

France 2-0 Argentina
Friendly 1986 – Paris, FRANCE – 26.03.1986

Argentina 2-1 France
FIFA World Cup Argentina 1978 – Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA – 06.06.1978

This game also serves for new players to get their international debuts so we can see if they have what it takes to wear the Albiceleste.

I have little doubts about Fernando GAGO. He is such an exceptional player and he knows COCO very well. I think the only thing that could play against him having a good game tomorrow are the rival and his nerves. But I´m confident he´ll keep his cool and I hope he works well with his team-mates.

Personally, I would like to see Diego MILITO starting (or at least playing 45 minutes) as I believe he is the form striker we have right now (and he has scored EVERYWHERE he played in the past, Racing, Genoa and now Real Zaragoza).

And I´d like to see Javier “PUPI” ZANETTI to play a big game and keep his place in the team for the future.

But if any of you are interested in the result, I must say that the game is already Argentina 1 – France 0 after Gonzalo HIGUAIN has obtained his Argentine passport!

Will you be watching the game? Will you get live broadcasting in your country? I hope you do so we can comment on here and share our views after the game.