Argentina to gamble in Las Vegas without their ace?


I don´t know if you people are aware but there are talks between San Antonio Spurs and Manu GINOBILI and the team have asked him to stay out of the basketball Olympic Qualifying tournament that will be played in Las Vegas later this year.

Apparently, MANU will listen to the club and take that time to rest.

It´s been a long time since MANU last took a few days off and his body needs some rest. Especially when he had a season with some very annoying injuries. That could give him the chance to heal completely and re-charge the batteries.

I, for one, think it could be beneficial for Argentina. Wait…wait…I´m not saying I don´t want to see MANU leading our team on its way to Beijing to defend the gold medal. I´ll be a great loss in itself. But at the same time, it will start preparing a bunch of players for the big time. MANU won´t play for Argentina much longer after the next Olympics. That´s a fact. So now Carlos DELFINO, to name one, will have to step up and take control of our perimeter while others like SCOLA, OBERTO, NOCIONI (if he plays in Las Vegas) will going to have to lead by example and help the newcomers with all their experience.

I still think Argentina certainly have the potential to qualify for Beijing. In my opinion, we will be one step behind USA and we could have a very strong rival in Brazil (if they play full strenght with the best of their NBA talent: Anderson VAREJÃO, Leandrinho BARBOSA, Nené HILARIO, Rafael ARAUJO and Marcus VINICIUS). Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Canada will all be tough teams to beat as well.

What do you feel about all this?