Little Argentina disappoint and is still not through


Long gone are the times when any team from Argentina could be any team from Venezuela by a large margin. Prove to that was the sensational Caracas FC´s defeat of River (1-0) in Buenos Aires for the Copa Libertadores during the week.

Now Argentina and its U17 version couldn´t manage to beat Venezuela in the South American tournament and the 1-1 draw leaves us needing a victory in the last game of the first round to avoid any major upset and be eliminated from the tournament.

Colombia are through while Paraguay are the only eliminated side from Group B.

1. Colombia 7 Pts.
2. Argentina 5 Pts.
3. Venezuela 5 Pts.
4. Uruguay 4 Pts.
5. Paraguay 1 Pts.

Now Argentina will face Uruguay and will advance with a win or a draw.

Losing to Uruguay will leave Argentina with another option and that is a win by Colombia against Venezuela.

Let´s hope we won´t be needing a helping hand from elsewhere and win the next one to be a step closer to the U17 World Cup and the PanAm Games.