The other World Cup


The basketball World Championships in Japan are a reality now!

There will be plenty of action in the first day with the following fixtures:

Germany vs. Japan
Venezuela vs. Lebanon
Brazil vs. Australia
USA vs. Puerto Rico
Serbia and Montenegro vs. Nigeria
Angola vs. Panama
Greece vs. Qatar
Slovenia vs. Senegal
Spain vs. New Zealand
China vs. Italy
Turkey vs. Lithuania

But the main course for us is the very early encounter between Argentina and France (7 AM on Saturday -Buenos Aires time-).

The expectation is huge in Argentina. Just like it was 4 years ago when the football team was tragically eliminated from the World Cup and the sports fans in this country started to watch the basketball World Championships in Indianapolis and that heroic silver medal after defeating Team USA for the first time in history since they compete with a team formed by NBA stars.

The biggest piece of news before this game is Tony PARKER’s injury and absence from the tournament. He broke a finger and was ruled out just hours before the match.

Manu GINOBILI knows the French point guard very well as they have won 2 NBA rings together with San Antonio Spurs and the Argentine star said it’s is a tragic loss for the tournament and also a problem for Argentina because “we’ve been preparing a lot to play against Tony and now we’ve got to change our plans”.

I’m sure France are the team who will have to adjust more after losing their best player.

Argentina is at full strenght and the players have a great belief in themselves. They want to leave the horrible defeats against Spain and Serbia in the past as they were part of the preparation. They know that when the business is serious and victory matters they will make themselves hear.

Just like I did a few months ago with MESSI, TEVEZ and RIQUELME instead of Manu GINOBILI, NOCIONI and SCOLA, I want to shout a big VAMOS ARGENTINA!

See you all here, commenting during and after the match.