Changes coming to Mundo Albiceleste!


Hello everyone!

As you can tell, there’s been lack of updates lately and we apologize for that but there’s a good reason.

Behind the scenes, there’s been a lot of planning for Mundo Albiceleste. Planning for bigger and better things, especially with the Copa America and Summer Olympics coming up and the World Cup Qualifiers already well under way.

That planning and behind the scenes work has taken over the time available for posting news updates and I do apologize for that.

The World Cup Qualifiers resume next month, Tata MARTINO will announce his list of players in a few weeks, the Champions League restarts this week, Olympic news, our players scoring… There’s just so much news to cover and we will be back on top of it, that is a guarantee!

I felt like you, the readers, who make Mundo what it is, deserved to know what was going on and why there’s been a lack of updates lately. I’ve been reading your suggestions and ideas as to what you would like to see on Mundo and hopefully they can all be put out soon.

If you have any specific comments or improvements which you would like to see on Mundo Albiceleste, do let us know by using the Contact Us form at the top of the page or even by replying to this topic.

I can’t say too much as to what we’re working on but we’re working on making Mundo Albiceleste the ONLY news source regarding the Argentina National Team and its players you will EVER need. Changes are coming and thank you for everything!

Thank you,