Lucas Martínez Quarta and Nicolás González score for Fiorentina in 2-1 win vs. Genk


Lucas Martínez Quarta and Nicolás González scored and gave Fiorentina the 2-1 win vs. Genk on matchday 5 of the Conference League.

After starting 0-1 down at home, Martínez Quarta found himself with the ball in his feet inside the box after a save from Genk’s goalkeeper coming from a header from a corner kick, and the Argentine defender kicked the ball to the back of the net to tie the match.

In the second half, Fiorentina were awarded a penalty kick. The number 10 Nicolás González converted the penalty with a shot with class, after a small jump, to the bottom left corner.

Lucas Beltran came into the match in the minute 58, while Gino Infantino remained on the bench the whole game.

With this victory, Fiorentina remains in the first position of Group F with 11 points.


  1. Is Maximo Perrone overrated? He rarely (if ever) seems to play full 90 minutes even on loan at a mid table team like Las Palmas. What did Man City scouts see in him? He seems to be a neither fish nor fowl kinda player, just meh… Same goes for Gino Infantino who is probably even worse. Glad we have players like Paz and Echeverri at least….

      • Bro, why would Perrone not play full 90 minutes at least with some regularity? Soule for example, also plays for a mid table team but he gets a lot more regular playing time, including full games.

        La Liga is typically one of the most progressive leagues in terms of giving under 23 players playing time, far more than Serie A. Something is not clicking for him….work ethics?

    • He’s not overrated per say, he was starting for Velez when they made it to the semi finals of the copa libertadores, which isn’t an easy thing for a then 19 yr old (barely).
      He was subbed in today but you have to also note that he started the 3 games prior and you also have to understand he’s on loan with no option to buy so it wouldn’t be wise for La Palmas to depend on him too much knowing that he’s only there to gain experience and then he’ll be right back at City.

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  3. Still lucky to lose 0-3, bombed by 38 attempts. Except for goalkeeper Florin, who saved certain shots but also made errors along with defense in the first half. A good lesson learned by the team, we are struggling to play against the African team, defeated by Senegal and Mali. I do not recommend Placente to take over the senior team yet. As usual, the imbalance between the front attacker and the back is our weakness.

    Maybe this is anticlimax after the Germany match. Move on to U-20. Echeverri, Rubero, Lopez, Subriabe, Florin have got a lesson.

  4. Mali made us look like 12 year olds.
    Rarely have I seen such a gap in quality when watching Argentina teams.

  5. Our U17 were outclassed by Mali in the first half. 12 attempts vs 1. The difference is staggering. We knew that African teams have always been physically stronger at this age group, but Mali is better in all aspects.

    • I’m not worrying too much. Most of the time Argentina dont even reach semifinal stage in this age level tournament. There’s big gap between u17 & u20 when it comes to physical maturity of Argentina players. Also our kids didnt seems to care about third place game. I mean Maradona said in his book, he never understood the purpose of third place match. Euro dont even have this meaningless game, which basically seen as battle of losers.

      Most successful team in this age level is African team and that never translate into anything for them in senior World cup. I mean, look at the u20 achievement, Argentina is no.1 team historically with 6 titles. Even at u23 (Olympics) , we have 2 gold medals. Light and day difference when it comes to silverware between the u17 and u20 sides.

  6. Mali dictated and taught Argentina the lesson to our youths. Down 0-2 in the first half. Echeverri is sitting nicely on the bench. Is it anticlimax as shown no interest to fight

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