First update on Mundo! Introducing…


Hello everyone!

I’ve mentioned in the past few months that there will be changes coming to Mundo and it starts today. But before we get to it, a little update. I can now let you know that we are working very hard on changing the look of Mundo Albiceleste. That’s right, taking your ideas into account, we will be introducing a new look here onto Mundo in (what we hope) will be prior to the Copa America.

The new look will also mean it will be mobile friendly and some new features (a page for the World Cup Qualifiers as an example). Again, we are working very hard on that!

But down to business and what this post is really about! We here at Mundo Albiceleste would like to view this website as a family. And family’s grow and at Mundo Albiceleste, that’s no exception. What was once a blog run by Seba Garcia then became a team of two when John was introduced to the team. Afterwards, I was given the opportunity to help out in posting news. Later on, Ziggy came and put his touch of magic and turned the blog into a website. Six years after Ziggy’s introduction to Mundo, it’s our great honor to bring in Mundo’s very own Julian!

Some of you might know Julian as Juli2014 from the comments. And while he will continue to dish out his opinion, he will now also be helping us out in delivering you news regarding the Albiceleste.

Julian will no doubt be a massive help and I look forward to working with him and the rest of the Mundo community in our goal of world dominance!… Or at least making Mundo your #1 place for Argentina National Team news! ūüėČ

Here’s a little something about Julian himself!

Julian De Agostino

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada to Argentine parents.¬† He was 5 years old when he first fell in love with the Albiceleste.¬† His earliest memories are from the 1986 World Cup and he can remember his father crying and going nuts in front of the TV screen.¬† He remembers his father telling him later on why he cried.¬† He explained what Las Malvinas was all about and what that specific World Cup meant to Argentina.¬† It was like Argentina’s revenge against England. The hand of god as Diego called it.¬† From then on there was no going back.¬† He was faithful follower of the Albiceleste ever since.

As he has Argentina parents, he has traveled to Argentina many times and still does to this day. He’s also lived in Buenos Aires for about 3 years.¬† He came across the online world of English speaking Albiceleste fans during the 2006 World Cup.¬† It was the website where he began to discuss everything related to the Albiceleste.¬† He then also was asked to become an administrator as well.¬† Unfortunately this website shut down.

He looks forward to being part of this great group!