DI MARIA suffers small tear


Nore tests were done on DI MARIA and rhe results are that he has a small tear of his adductor.

Reports are that he may not be back until the final of the Copa America, should Argentina make it.


  1. Venezuela in the next round, then USA, then the final. We are lucky we avoiding Uruguay and Colombia.

    None of Venezuela and USA play that rough physical game that we often suffer against. They will both allow us play our game.

  2. That was a ridiculous decision by the referee. Having said that Brazil should have scored more and have only themselves to blame for lackluster display.

  3. @Kidulthood it’s Pekerman vs Gareca in quarterfinals. 2 Argentine coaches better than you know who, one of them in the semis. So you can now eat up your banana Republic comments.

  4. Seeing Brazil go out makes me feel like my dear Argentina lifting the trophy.. Bye bye Brazil robbed or not Peru go throu 😄😄😄😂🙈

  5. Honestly I don’t why we’re wasting time talking about Diego’s comments, the man is the greatest footballer that ever lived (IMO) but he’s about as eloquent and insightful as Bush or Trump; it’s in the one ear and out the other for me whenever Diego opens his trap.

    @Jason the albicelestes next likely opponent is Venezuela and it won’t be an easy match because they’ve been on form of late (they weren’t doing well in the WCQ) and they’re gonna play it ‘rough and tumble’ with our boys so I hope Tata is ready.

    Dimaria’s loss is a blow but all is not lost. Angel is highly useful against attacking teams (that’s why losing him in the finals against Germany and Chile was hurtful) but he can be a liability against highly defensive teams that rely on counters and play ugly, which pretty much describes all SA teams save for Colobmia and Chile.
    In any case Argentina has more than enough talent to win this copa, even without dimaria and possibly even Lio (god forbid), the key thing is for tata to rewatch the matches against Ecuador (WCQ), mexico (friendly) and the latest one against panama and ensure that his highline defense isn’t vulnerable against counters.

  6. Angel Di Maria injury was a great lost for the team, he is not replaceable. Tata should bring Dybala instead of injured Biglia or Lavezzi. Lamela instinct to score is not so sharp as Di Maria. Hopefully Messi is getting better with his fitness and Kun Aquero is given more change and can play longer. To cover the space that Di Maria left Tata can adopt 2 strikers with Kun and Higuain playing together.

  7. Messi always has nice things to say about maradona. Maradona on the other hand trashes anyone that is compared to him. Such a savage to rip on your own countrymen.
    If messi wins one WC and one Copa…nobody will ever talk about Diego being the greatest. If you don’t believe me just ask how much the 78 team is celebrated in Argentina…it’s not.
    Diego proves one thing…you either have class or you don’t. And all the money and fame won’t get you class. Diego has no class. If it wasn’t for his great game, he would be nothing more than trash.

  8. Maradona will be the greatest untill someone else win the wc for us, but why does messis contributions will be less valued , he had given 100% for nt alll the time.

    Messi is not a kind of leafer similiar to Diego or nascherano , but he is doing what he can do with his boots, choosing the first pk shoot in both wc and Copa also a kind of showing leadership.

    He is our captain now and he is the best player in world, we have to back messi now.

  9. Anyway who are we going to meet after Bolivia? What would be the opposition game plan and threat? Let’s talk about this and drop this Maradona and Messi argument!

    • Simple, watch the other teams play at the Coa America then you will be able to answer your own question.

  10. I thought we ditched the white shorts, I want the black shorts, it doesn’t look right without them, really bothered about this.

    Maradona is a just sad human being, a terrible coach, and probably the greatest football player, together with Messi so we are lucky to have them both we just need titles.

  11. Tbh, i never have seen Maradona complaining about players except Messi and Pele. a sane person can get it why? It is better to move on from his comments no one is taking him seriously especially after he failed to shaw his leadership not only Argie 2010 but also some anonymous club in Dubai or UAE.

  12. Even though Maradona is an awesome legend, it comes down to the fact that Messi is the one that can win trophies RIGHT NOW. So if Maradona makes comments trying to undermine Messi, he’s hurting his own countries chances to get another trophy. He should be supportive or not say anything at all. The time for honest and helpful critique is after a tournament is done.

  13. Mardona was one of a kind. He was kicked like no other. I remember the game in Italia 90 against Cameroon, it was not football game it was kick boxing match yet Maradona stood his ground as always and played as a man. Everything is recorded. In spain 1982 the italian only objective was to kick him read what the itlian genteloni or whatever his name is written about kicking maradona is the only way to stop him. Maradona is a passionate worrier. Forget off field words and celebrate him as the best player the world ever seen

  14. If Messi played in the Maradona era with a lot of spaces like that, he would have scored 100 goals a season. I’m have been fortunate to have seen both play live. My conclusion on that is that Diego is the greatest Argentine footballer of all-time but Messi is best Argentine player I’ve ever seen.

    • Ya. Thats nonsense. The Italian leaugue at the time was the strongest in the world. It was known for rock solid defenses where every team parked the bus. Also, Diego was a midfielder not a forward. Also, they beat the living shit out of Diego every game ans he still shone, Messi is not as tough mentally and physicallt as Diego, he is finer and quicker but that suits todays La Liga not Calcio catenacio of the 80s and 90s. Unless you have seen BOTH players play live and not relying on Youtube highlights, i wouldnt make such strong claims. They are both sick players.. only difference is Diego delivered more, with underdog teams, so he is a god. Messi is still mortal, but he is totally capable of out classing Diego.

      I would say, Diego is better at freekicks, diego is better playmaker, diego has more artistry, diego is a better leader, diego helps in defense more.. but.. Messi is making gains on all those traits. He is still growing as a player. I hope he reaches his ceiling and wins the wc for Arg!

    • See it your way. Like I said I’ve seen the 2 great in action many a times. What others think is not gonna change my opinion. Leo is faster than Diego was in his heydays. I’ve seen Leo open up defense even when man marked. Messi is superior dribbler. His dribbling at his pace, would have embarassed defenders into flagrant fouls as much as Diego was a better leader, Leo is a more lethal goalscorer better freekick taker and is more consistent. Yes Diego won the World Cup but Messi has a few things on Diego were he lacks in leadership.

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