Update on Angel DI MARIA’s injury


Angel DI MARIA suffered an injury and had to be substituted off in the first half during Argentina’s 5-0 win against Panama on Friday.

Some tests were done on DI MARIA and the diagnosis is that he is suffering pain in his right adductor and that more tests will have to be done to determine how long if he would miss the rest of the tournament or not.

Angel DI MARIA’s match against Panama:


  1. Dimaria is important to us because his style of play is different than others as he tend to unpredictable with sweet left foot and an eye for a goal. He can be the x factor a long with messi and dybala which is sad that he is not with us. He could have been great replacement. I always which Pastore play up to his abilities as he is more than capable, however not much so far

  2. I know most of you want Messi as a playmaker, but I think the time has come to put him as center forward.

    -Mercado—–Otamendi————-Funes Mori——Rojo———

    Higuain is isolated and afraid to fail, Aguero and Di Maria are an injury waiting to happen, and Lavezzi can’t score.

        • So far, but Higuain and Aguero are great goalscorers compared to Pastore and Lamela etc. Aguero scores one goal per 120 minutes in NT, which is the best of the world, better than “i will be NT recorder, better than Pele” Neymar and much better than Suarez, and every other strikers. Higuain 157, Messi 160. If i remember correctly we always suffered, when only Messi played forward. One center foward is a must imo.

          • I don’t doubt Aguero’s abilities! I consider him so good that think he should be Messi’s rival, but I doubt his fitness, like Di Maria’s.
            when he moved to England he decided to become a bodybuilder which probably affected his body, and he also never worked on his movements without the ball, maybe that’s why he didn’t mesh as well with Messi so far.
            Higuain I am a big fan of his, but the 2 misses left a psychological effect on him, maybe he is going to take all the anger and explode for us but I don’t know. As an athlete he should’ve cared about his body more.

            I get what you are saying, if Dybala were on the team I would put him instead of Lamela or Pastore.

          • Once again useless mathematic. Football is not a pure mathematic. Higuain most of his goals scored in easy games. Where he is when we need him most?
            Besides it’s obvious Higuain and Aguero have more goals than Pastore or Lamela. Pastore and Lamela are not strikers.

          • Keep your books, buchhalter.
            Subiective dream world is when you are making your “best team” with players born ’97… YOu know? Franco Lopez…;)

    • i agree and disagree with ghostdeini… messi just needs a half chance to score he will be more lethal compared to others… but if we can remember when barcelona was kind of struggling when opponents started to man mark messi..messi as a false nine wasn’t working anymore.. they moved messi to the right wing and played him as a playmaker/midfielder and suarez as their main man… neymar as a supporting striker..
      but there is not doubt that still today messi is the best finisher in the game .. had he played as a pure striker last season he would have finished above everyone in europe

  3. Di Maria out? No loss. Lavezzi, Gaitan, Pastore, Lamela – each of them is better.
    Di Maria gives you a lot of running and then even more of wasted balls.

  4. I know everyone is excited about the 5-0 victory.

    However, please don’t forget we were playing against Panama who only had 10 men after 30 min

    5-0 is actually just an acceptable result, nothing more.

  5. What dimaria can offer on the pitch is somerhing none others can replicate.
    Tata has to redefine the strategy to fill the absence of dimaria

  6. I am stunned at the way this tournament is setting up for us. With that shock Costa Rica result against Colombia, IF Brazil just draws against Peru tomorrow AND Mexico just draws against Venezuela on Monday, here are the teams that will be completely on the other side of the bracket and thus cannot play Argentina until the Final: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile!

    With Uruguay already out of the Copa, we don’t need to play any of those tougher ranked teams until the final where one of them will arrive quite beat up from that other side of the draw. If you told me before the Copa that Argentina has a chance to get to the final without having to play Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil AND Chile in the knockout rounds, I would have said you are crazy!

    Meanwhile, we may just need to get past Venezuela and the USA (in muggy Houston on 3 days rest) to get to the final. In Futbol, there are no guarantees, but I like our chances a lot better the way things are playing out.

    • Remember Argentina plays better against a team that plays positive Futbol not a anti-football team like USA, Venezuela Peru etc… With dimaria out at least a couple weeks, dyala would be the perfect replacement!! Fu#%in Tata!

      • Venezuela is at the bottom of CONMEBOL world cup 2018 qualifiers without a win. Uruguay is just a horrible team, instead of playing football they rather be thugs on the pitch. As bad as Uruguay is, I never wanted to face them at this year Copa America given the rivalry and history between the two teams. Playing Uruguay, Argentina was at risk of having a bunch of suspended players and a overwhelming game heading into the semis. Venezuela is the best opponent Argentina could have ask for in the quarterfinal. Even the current Mexico team I would take in the next round after their lackluster performance against Jamaica. This Argentina team has nothing to worry about, if the team play to their abilities they will do just fine. I don’t see Chile beating this Panamanian team, the most likely scenario is Argentina vs Venezuela and Mexico vs Panama.

  7. Against Belgium at the 2014 world cup Di Maria tried to play on with his injury hence he was not able to recover for the rest of the tournament.

  8. Di Maria can rest up, I believe he will be fine for the games after Venezuela/Mexico. Di Maria walking off the pitch was a good sign, at least he didn’t try to play on and made his injury more damaging.

    I never take online news source seriously especially sites like daily Mail, most of these British news source are not credible.

  9. Not true on dimaria fot mob source states that he could be available for knockouts minor tear in the abdoctor with a little swelling the info is on the afa website lets hope for the best

  10. As usual, Di Maria is injured again.

    For the Bolivia match, I think we should rest those players with yellow cards: mascherano, a.fernandez, rojo, di Maria and gaitan.
    Funes Mori should be rested too if he is going to play in the Olympic.

    My starting lineup for the Bolivia game:






  11. Suarez says he prefers argentina to win the trophy.i like this guy a true friend of messi i wish he was our striker instead of fat no good higuian.

  12. i think manager should reconsideration to inclution player with bad prone like this…WC..copa then copa again…what are you

  13. Fit Di Maria is important to win the cup…….
    With or without Messi Di Maria is the X factor

    Messi is the greatest goal machine as well as playmaker

  14. If kudos click is deleted it’s a good thing IMO. The insitution was compromised long ago yet. Kudos only making divisions…

    • Just move on mate, Dybala is not here. Let him go fight to represent his country at the Olympics. Dybala can prove his bonafide on the international stage by helping Argentina to it’s 3rd Olympic football gold medal.

  15. I would like to see this:

    ….. Rom……..

    The key points here being,

    1) Banega is too slow and does not crash the box enough to be the AM, for me he should be Mascheranos partner as the second DM, not box to box, not AM. But unlike Masch who plays very defensive covering for the center backs as a modern sweeper, Banega is the deep lying playmaker, he does this well, better than Agusto.. just keep it simple Banega and dont try to dribble in sensitive areas! I geel agusto is a good sub for Masch or Banega, same with Biglia.. but Banega is the most creative, so unless we are trying to hold a lead, he should start.

    2) For me the key to our attack is not Higuain or Messi or Kun, we all know what they are capable of. The key is making space for them and getting them the ball and covering for them defensively. Lamela and Gaitan are these players. They are the glue. They are Tatas (more skillful) Sosas! We need these wing players that can pass, can attack and bust a lung defending. Both Lamela and Gaitan fight hard for every ball. Dimaria and Lavezi also serve this purpose well. For me they are the keys, Messi and Higuain will always be marked, but these two are the key to our transition play and holding pocession in midfield. We cant play with 3 defensive players!!! (Masch Ban Agusto).

    • Totally agree with you Leandro. I would play this lineup against most teams! We can make this into a proper 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1 or a 4-4-2 if necessary in match situation. The key to this lineup is the balance in defense, width and the attacking number!

      Masche will play the shield infront of the defense plus we have two defensive fullack – (defense check)

      Midfield will have width and creativity with Banega, Lamela and Gaitan – (midfield check)

      And attack will have Lio and a striker, so outnumbered in attack will not be felt – (attack check)

      I think di maria’s injury is a blessing in disguise for us. Let’s see!

  16. Gaitan has played left for Benfica.


    Full backs can cut behind and past lamela and Gaitan. Almost like wing backs. Mascherano dropping deep in a back 3.
    Probably alot to ask from Banega to do the holding and play making.

    • Lamela plays simple and is more effective & gives return passes to messi. The more messi has the ball the better for argentina.

  17. I think we have a serious chance in this tournament – mainly because of the referring is more like in Europe. The last Copa was a farce and credit to our team to battle to the final.

    The sideways movement of our team can be annoying and we only have DiMaria and Messi who work the ball into forward areas. Higuain had almost no service all night – he had been feeding off Hamsik all year, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he bags a few in the next games when Messi can provide him with the right passes.

    I think Martino has learned from the qualifiers and the last copa and fielded a tougher midfield to match the opponents at the expense of a cohesive attack at least for the first 60 mins of each game. I like that we have Augusto running down the opponents early on with Mascherano. We now just need Banega, Lamela or Gaitan to step up and provide more of the final pass to our strikers.

  18. ——-banega-masch———

    think this could be very effective two wingers and messi and play him as 10

    • no need maria………he is made by paper….tata can try like this





  19. I feel this time he will be fit to the crucial games,at least Final if we make it.

    However, adapting his absence is the solution not necessaserily via a player in his stead but with adapting formation. With messi resuming his role Gaitan/Lamela can continue to build the ongoing chemistry with the team.

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