New “Edit Comment” feature


Hello everyone,

As we mentioned, we are continuing to edit things here on the new Mundo Albiceleste. Some of it is the visual aspect of the website, other is more technical stuff for us Admins.

One new feature which has been implemented is about the comments section. We have now made it possible for you to edit a comment which you have posted. This is something which many people have been asking for and we’ve finally brought it.

The edit comment feature only works for 5 minutes after your commented has been submitted. That is to say once you submit your comment, you will have 5 minutes to edit it. At the bottom of your comment you will see a “Click to Edit” button with a timer on it. Click on that button, edit your comment and click Save!

Edit Edit Comment

We are also aware that many of you did not like the old “Kudos” system which we had and that is the reason why we have not brought it onto the new Mundo. If there is a high demand for it, it is possible that we bring it back but for now, it will not be possible.

We hope you enjoy the Edit feature and we will continue to work on aspects of Mundo!

Thank you,



  1. For the sake of people sticking to football matters, can you please introduce yellow cards and red cards for the troll posts. Some people divert from football matters and disrespect others for their opinions instead of debating the issue in a respectful football manner whenever they don’t agree with them. 1 yellows = 1 week suspension. 2 yellows = 3 week suspension. Straight Red = 1 month suspension.

    For example, mentioning unnecessary topics like our Messi vs CR7, should be a straight yellow for this is not a club site, no club matters that don’t include Argentine players.

    Not too serious on the last part.😃😃

    • Agree on this, but actually I would like to see a section of the site where semi-off topic things about soccer and Argentina in general can be discussed. A general forum where we can discuss specific topics and not just replying to posts from the admins. Also I would like to see a sort of “data/statistics” page that shows stats for all Argentinian players throughout their entire career. I hope the admins are considering these ideas. This site has so much potential!

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