Ezequiel LAVEZZI, FERNANDEZ out for the final


Ezequiel LAVEZZI and Augusto FERNANDEZ are both out for the Copa America final on Sunday.

Ezequiel LAVEZZI suffered a shoulder injury during the semi-final match after flipping over the advertisement boards and is required to have surgery.

Initial test results are stating that Augusto FERNANDEZ seems to have a muscle tear. He said after the match that he is out for the final.

Marcos ROJO is questionable for the final as reports have him with an overburdened left thigh muscle.

Angel DI MARIA who made the bench for the semi-finals should be fit to play the final on Sunday. Tata MARTINO has stated that physically, DI MARIA is doing better than Nicolas GAITAN.


  1. Does anyone know where the Argentina fans will sit at the final, or how to figure that out? I’m going to do my best to go on Sunday, and am looking to buy tickets. Want to sit in an Albiceleste area of the stadium. Vamos carajo!!!

    • I’ve been to several friendlies at metlife, when buying tickets, there’s usually an option of which side you support.

      I may be there also. Let’s hope we both get to leave with our heads up.

  2. It was a great match played by our team.
    We had a lot of injuries coming into the tournament which forced us to make changes that ended up being right.
    I like what Tata did with the defense and also the midfield.
    He wanted to play possession football so he put possession capable defenders on the field.
    After Biglia’s injury he was forced to play Augusto who is not that talented but is exactly what we need, different from Mascherano and Banega. The midfield became more well rounded, faster and he helps on defense and offense, we will miss him.
    Banega is someone who is immensely talented and I admire his play, his personal problems and lack of motivation kept him from achieving greatness. We should also not forget that players like him peak later and so will Pastore and Lamela who is still making mistakes but with age will become a monster.
    Tata noticed that we need wing play and he added it with Gaitan, Lamela and the tireless Lavezzi who adds speed, tireless running and team play to the team.
    Romero except for one mistake played great. Mercado is a monster, Banega has stepped up, Messi is playing out of this world. To put it bluntly almost everyone is performing well and injuries couldn’t stop us upt to now and hopefully will not stop us in the final.
    Tata has also done a good job, finding the right players for the the right job, adding pace, wing play, counterattacks, I really like how the team swarms the opponent immediately recovering the ball, attacks more directly.
    It would be a travesty if we lose again. Please keep calm, be respectful, focused, enjoy the win and let us party after we have won the final, built a winning culture and make an attack for the biggest prize THE WORLD CUP, winning it would make my football life complete. 😀

  3. If Argentina win in sunday (with Di Maria or Lamela on LF) it will be great win of our endless potentiall and ability to regenerate. Look: first Di Maria, then Gaitan, then Lamela, then Lavezzi then Di Maria (?) – and all they would have a contribution to win all the tournament.

  4. I wonder how most of us don’t have any problem with Lavezzi absence for the final just because Di Maria will return.
    But Lavezzi played better than Di Maria (had some part on each of first 3 goals) and as @Rajesh said without unnecessary losts. It was obvious Lavezzi is right element of the puzzle.

    Second, We know what’s doing with Di Maria muscles when he is playing under pressure. Utinam falsus vates sim.

    I’ m not really impressed by Banega still. I don’t see magic passes from him (excluding that with offsides) even against weak and disordered USA.

    The rest was perfect. Messi finaly is playing tournament as he should to.
    Augusto is much better than Biglia but with the second we have still big chances to win. Though it will be quite different game I think.

    The only question is: is it possible to lost 3 finals in 3 years? I think IT IS NOT

  5. I was honestly expecting more of a physical game from USA to make up for their lack in possession. They gave us way too much space and time and hardly fouled us. The foul from Wondo on Messi was good and well timed, but … well you all saw the free kick. Chile will be more way more physical and quicker on counter attack and more precise on passing (assuming they make it to the final). USA demonstrated none of this so we really had a bit of an easy game. Player that really stood out for me was Banega. He carried the ball forward quite well. Messi dropping back in this tournament has been almost non-existant. And Mascherano was practically flawless. And what a goal to break Bati’s record! I couldn’t imagine a better way to break that record! Congrats to Messi and the team.

  6. I also want to write this: “Klinsman, karma is a bitch. Do you remember 2006? Do you remember how your Klose hurt our goalkeeper?. I hope you enjoyed real football. Now revenge has been delivered”.

  7. Great game from the boys and another emphatic win! Infact I read somewhere that this current albiceleste team has matched the record held by the 1957 team nicknamed the “angels with dirty faces” by scoring a massive 18 goals and conceding only 2 in 5 games!

    Sad to see Augusto and lavezzi injured but I think with abit of tactical adjustment Dimaria and Biglia will do just fine in their place.

    As for who I’d prefer to see in the finals between chile and colombia, well the answer is either/or because in all honesty it doesn’t matter since Argentina has played and beaten both teams without lio in the WCQ and now with messi being on fire I can only hope for the best.

    Lastly I predicted that both the games against venezuela and USA would go down to the wire and I’m glad and proud to say that I was wrong on both accounts so I will keep this false streak running and predict that the finals will go down to the wire so hopefully our boys can end the 23 yr drought comfortably and with style.

      • LOL that’s right dio, you got me I hate those argentine bastards, I hate their fluid, tango like football, I hate their beautiful sky blue striped shirt and most of all I hate their captain who always under performs with argentina and his 5 goals and 4 assists in 2 starting games in proof of that. Now look at Ronaldo, THAT is a player who performs for his country when it counts, i mean just look at him scoring for fun in the euros!!!

        • Ronaldo who? There have been and there will be only one, his name is Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima. When he got the ball, it was a joy for the eyes. (P. S. don’t get me wrong, I hate Brazilians, I’m just a “good football” fan.)

          • I remember one funny comments about the current Brazilian team. It has not bad players, on the contrary, these players are really good. They haven’t had any decent coach to make them a team.

            Anyway the comment was this: “Bring back the good typical Brazilian names and the results will follow”.

            I also add this: “They should feel no shame in calling up an Argentine coach 🙂

  8. I like Tata’s upgrade. We were stuck with Sabella’s tactics, which was far from a piece of art, but it was anyway effective. I will never forget him for removing Lavezzi in the second half, the only one to run wild and make the Germans mad.

    As one user said, last year the team was yes winning, but it was lacking the team spirit, obvious in the final. Also it was Tata’s first test in a major tournament, which he, although very pressed, brought us to the final.

    Time to win this Copa and be ready for the WC 2018. Most of the players, the skeleton of this team will be fit for 2018.

  9. Augesto is really filling our gap that is unsolved for many years. He play like rekitic in Barcelona, making running channel through mid and right. After he left, Banega come up and Biglia stay back in Benega position which slow the team play. I really like how the team play right now with Benega playing deep lying playmaker while Augesto handle box to box. This really make open spaces in midfield. As for now, TATA should given credit with this tactics but hey let’s wait the final how he would play. At least, TaTa upgrade the team play that Sabella built this time.

  10. What a pity this was. When everything was looking perfect, these injuries… am especially concerned about the lose of Augusto as am afraid, Biglia wont match him. Get well soon you 3. Thank you for your game today.
    The 2 injuries of Rojo and Augusto, we can blame it on the lack of rest between the 2 games…

    For me, this was our best team performance in a very very long time. Banega was excellent. Looks like our wishes for a CM is met, hopefully he remains like this.

    Now, am not a DeMaria hater, but please note how our possession is much better when DeMaria is not on the field. We rarely lose the ball unnecessarily or it is very rare that we see atrocious decision from our players in the final third. Yesterday, though, Lamela did have a DeMaria moment in the 77th minute, when Messi was absolutely free inside the box, this boy did a bloody DeMaria shot. Am not sure about if I should be happy about DeMaria getting fit for the finals. Nor, should Lamela start. Dont know how Tata will manage this.
    All those Argentine journalists and Maradona, who thinks Messi is not a leader, just look at todays match. He leads by example, not with his mouth. Every time, when the midfield was having issues with the ball, he came down to the midfield and conducted it. Here is a player, who leads our attack, even finishes most of it, and also sees out the threat when the opposition crowds out the midfield, what more should a leader do..
    He even tried to assist Masche!!!!!

  11. Another great victory. Five down, one to go. Losing Fernandez is bad news, he is the one to shut down Vidal. Kranevitter is too inexperienced while Biglia is too sloppy. Lavezzi will also be missed but Di Maria can replace until he gets injured again. Then Lamela can step in. Hopefully we end 23 years of frustration and lost finals on Sunday. Vamos!

  12. My worry depends on who we are facing in final. If it is Columbia Biglia or Krane can fill the void,though i will desparately miss Lavezi.

    If it is Chile Augusto is irreplacable. Yet if Di Maria is fit against chile i will care less even abt Lavezzi’s absence. Di Maria always torture them as long as he is fit and healthy.

    So, Di Maria for Lavezi Vs Chile or/and Biglia for Augusto could work against Columbia. I am afraid to confirm who will fill Augusto against Chile though, may be Aguero/ Lamela need to be there on Augusto’s stead for fast and pressing game as fab 4 are always hard for chile.

    • To be frank, I feel that Biglia is overated, he cannot do anything offensively.
      I cannot find any contribution from him since WC 2014.

      Augusto will be missed.

  13. Normally I’d be confident but I’m not for 2 reasons
    1.potentially 3 injured players will break fluidity of team
    2. We will again struggle to score in final vs a good team and due to Argentina fragility in finals

    • i too thought like wise but i have faith in the remaining team……

      dimaria has fully recovered, so no problem for lavezzi replacement…. like to like

      gaitan may come for augusto if fit……or kranvitter/ lamela/biglia there is lot of options

      i like this version of mundo thanks roy…..
      for making it more apealling

  14. [Simple Question: Whom do you guys want in Final? Chile or Colombia?]

    To be honest I have no choice here as any of these 2 teams would be really tough opponent.


    Chile is a great team, so many decorated players and have the experience in biggest stage. So needless to say how difficult opponent Chile is? Also the way they thrashed Mexico shows how devastating they could be. Even though we beat them in last 2 matches but none of those were easy games and Chile had their chance to win those games. They would be very very tough opponent for final.


    The biggest worry for me is we are yet to face an opponent like Colombia in this tournament so far. Apart from Panama no one actually played dirty against us, no opponents parked the bus yet. All the opponents actually allowed us to play our game apart from Panama and we know how difficult that game was before Messi bailed us out. Colombia would be really tricky. They are a very good defensive unit, good in counters, their GK Ospina is in great form. Against Colombia you can expect everything that can unsettled us.

    I am completely neutral here. Any of them would be tough and scary. What’s your opinion?

    • Good question, i would prefer Chile, it’s more on psychological advantage. the players will take it as a revenge and Chile will have more confidence to play an open game against us, the players will have more spirit to take the revenge from the painful penalty lost last year. Although Chile is much harder to beat than Columbia but the satisfaction is much bigger.,

      With Di Maria,Lamela,Biglia available for the final and the solid plus high spirit performance of the team, there is greater opportunity to be the champion this time. All the best for bringing back the glory. Vamos

      • Nice opinion @Clean ball

        I would rather take chile too.
        But the players and us out there needed it more than Revenge.

        Just like what I said Yesterday , I have a feeling of winning my 3 goals margin in the final vs Chile
        Messi 2 goals enough for me

    • Colombia please.

      First of all, it is so bored to see Argentina playing the same team twice in the same tournament.

      Secondly, the Colombia is an easier opponent compare to Chile.

      Finally, I do not want our players to recall last year final, the players could be stressed up by this.

  15. Augusto and Lavezzi been excellent for us so far, they will be missed but we have option for both positions: Krane and Biglia for Augusto and Lamela and Di Maria for Lavezzi. Funes Mori for Rojo and Cuesta for Funes Mori. Not ideal but still a strong squad.

    • One of the amazing things about the team this tournament is that the entire squad is quite even… the so-called “subs” are equally terrifying… just look at it. Kran and to a lesser extent Biglia for Augusto and Cuesta for Rojo (with some adjustments). The squad in previous tournaments were relatively flat, one dimensional and we would be caught out with an injury to any of the first teamers. To be fair, it could also be due to the previous coaches and their preferences.

      On the other hand, the squad this tournament has been simply amazing. You can just feel that the team has a much higher morale, confidence and togetherness despite having also made the finals in previous two tournaments. The team build-up has been quite smooth, the goals have come and have been scored by different players. The team clearly deserves to win the cup this tournament.

      However, there is no such thing. The cup will still only be given to the winner in the final match so let’s just freaking do it!!!!!!! Here we go (again) guys!!!!! Win it guys!!!!!!!! Vamos Argentina Vamos!!!

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