Tata MARTINO: “We can’t lose another final”


Tata MARTINO held a press conference speaking about the final and the team.

MARTINO spoke about which players are available and more. Here’s what he had to say:

“Except for Augusto FERNANDEZ and Ezequiel LAVEZZI, the rest of the players are available for the final.”

“The only thing I’m worried about is winning the match tomorrow. Both teams reach the final well and there’s no point making comparisons with last year’s. We always have same conviction, desire and wanting to win.”

“We’re up against another chance of winning a title and that is thanks to the hard work of the players. The only thing I’m interested in is playing well tomorrow and above all, win.”

“MESSI is the captain of the team and represents the dream that we all have: To win the final.”

“With respect to last year’s final, the only thing I’d like to change is the result. We have to put last year’s final in the past and this is another chance.”

“The hardest thing was reaching the final and the players were able to achieve that. After what happened last year, the conclusion is that we can’t lose another final.”


  1. “Except for Augusto FERNANDEZ and Ezequiel LAVEZZI, the rest of the players are available for the final.”

    Well, hell that’s all I wanted yo hear.

  2. Chile is a fast ferocious team with strong technical skills but still no match to our team if we play smart and close down the space between the lines. they should never get behind our back-line. our offence should be our first line of defense. Slowing the game and control the tempo is important. If we allow them to control the tempo and let them play at their pace we will be exposed and start commenting needless mistakes. Tomorrow is going to be great for our players to show their real metal.

    • @Caper: Argentina haven’t played Chile twice this year already? No? Messi, ”we are used to playing in finals.” The team will be fine, no need to tell Tata or the players what to do. I heard Alexis Sanchez pulled up in training because of a niggling hamstring injury. I already told you guys, Chile has been using way too much effort in this tournament and that they will run out of steam in the final. It started to show against Colombia. The good thing with Biglia is that we have a relatively fresh player in midfield. Messi picking up the knock against Honduras was a blessing in disguise. The problem we had with Messi in the last two finals was that by the time he reaches the final game his legs were way too heavy, the injury before Copa allowed Messi to sit out few of the group stage games while saving his energy for the latter part of Copa America.

    • Banega was never injured; it was just precaution taken by Tata to have him do light training instead of training hard with the other squad members. They do this all the time in Barcelona training session with the likes of Iniesta, Busquet, Alves and our beloved Messi.

    • According to Martino, all players are available except Agusto and Lavezzi.

      The final training starting lineup was:


      Mercado –Otamendi –F.Mori ———Rojo

      ————Mascherano Biglia——————

      Messi————- Banega ———–Di Maria


      So Banage should be available too

  3. Tomorrow we could be the winner or loser of another final again. But i don’t feel any tense this time. May be, because i had no hope for this Copa America.

    Many here enjoyed the past glory days of Argentina & know the feel of being champions. I don’t know what it feels like but i do know the feel of being a loser. If we lose tomorrow, i won’t blame anyone(not even luck). I just wish, my Argentina will be the CHAMPION after tomorrow’s final.

    Can anyone please tell me, 23 years is how many days? I am getting old! 🙁

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