Lionel MESSI: “I want to talk about the final”


Lionel MESSI held a lengthy press conference where he spoke about the final, the AFA and more.

Lionel MESSI spoke to the media where he commented about winning the Copa America, what’s going on in the AFA and a lot more. Here’s what he had to say:

“We’ve grown a lot the past few years as a group and as a team. We reached the final very well.”

“I want to think about the final. After that, we can talk about what I think, what I believe (about the AFA). After the final, I’ll explain why I wrote what I wrote and all my thoughts about it. What’s going on in the AFA has not affected us. What we’re asking for is minimal: To travel and to rest properly. Things have been going on for a while now and we haven’t said anything. We only think about our objectives. The Argentina National Team is a world class team that requires the best in order to do the right things.”

“I have good memories of MetLife Stadium. For my three goals and for the 4-3 win against Brazil.”

“We know Chile. They’re a very complete National Team and for that they’ve reached another final. I think it’ll be a final similar enough to last year’s.”

“What BLATTER said is a lie (about MESSI’s comments after the World Cup)”.

“It’ll be a big disappointment to lose another final. It wouldn’t be a failure but a big disappointment to lose a third consecutive final. We have to forget the finals which we lost and think that we have a new opportunity.”

“We’re used to playing finals. We don’t have pressure in that sense. Hopefully we can win and the moment can be as it should be.”

“It’s a pleasure to play alongside Ever BANEGA. He helps you so that everything becomes easier. MARTINO wants me to have the freedom to move to the right or the middle and not to leave space for the opponents”.

“I don’t know if this will be the last chance to win a title but we have to enjoy it. I would like to change history and become champion with the National Team.”


  1. Have you guys seen the picture Messi with AFA president? You can clearly see things are pretty tense between board and players aswell. Look at Banega,Di-Maria,Aguero eyes! You can easily tell players are not happy and they want change. And again WELLDONE captain.

  2. Bytheway i really want USA to involve football more than ever. I love the way they love and appreciate Messi and Argentina. Their commentators and people are amazing. It will be suitable slapping answer to Europe if USA get more involve in this amazing game. Europe and specially England are so much bum licking on Ronaldo and Portugal. It’s ridiculous how bias they are without any good reason.

    • Still worrying about England? The English haven’t been relevant at the international stage since the stone-age, nobody cares what they say or do. The USMNT need an Argentinean coach, they should have sort after Sampoli. Jürgen Klinsman has no idea about coaching, his only experience as a coach was coaching Germany at home during the 2006 world cup. Sampoli or any other Argentinean coach would grow USMNT soccer unlike what Klinsman is doing.

  3. The only players available for substitution are cuesta aguero maidana and the 2 goalkeepers if it goes to extratime we can not make a 4th substitution. Now i am not expecting much hopefully kranevitter fills well in banegas place and we wrap it up early.this is assuming rojo could start

      • “We have full-backs who do a job,” he said.”But we don’t have to Roberto Carlos or Cafu. “With all due respect, we have Gabriel Mercado and Marcos Rojo.”

        Which national team in world football has a Roberto Carlos or Cafu? Not even their native country Brazil is producing players like themselves anymore. No NT team today have complete fullbacks. For Germany, most of the times it’s there CB’s who are given the responsibility to play in the LB and RB position. Rojo is having a great tournament thus far with two assist. The pass from Messi to Rojo, who then head the ball for Aguero to score, is the play of the tournament for me. Rojo also assist Messi on a goal. Everyone I spoke with like Mercardo.

        • Exactly! Though i don’t have full confidence on Rojo in this Copa, but for me Mercado & Gaitan are two of our unsung hero so far. Many in Mundo don’t like Gaitan for some wierd reasons. They even prefer Lamela over him, but those who saw his return pass & assist to Messi against Venezuela will understand why we need him in Sunday’s final more than anyone else. About Mercado… well, we all were afraid of a good Zabaleta replacement at RB position. Mercado’s performance shows he is the answer for now. We don’t need Carlos or Cafu to win this Copa. We are happy what we have in Mercado & Rojo!

          Btw, i don’t know why Menotti always praising Brazilians these much!? Whenever he needs an example to judge any Argentine footballer, he always mention Brazilian names. He even preferd Pele as the GOAT!

          • I don’t think I can say only 2 players or 1 player that our hero or unsung hero. For me everyone from the team playing tgeir part and udeerstand their role and responsibilities. Even sub are perfect so far this tournament for me.

    • I think he meant they are not skilled as they should be in this style of football we play. But for me they doing good so far and always room for improvement i guess.

  4. If Messi is able to produce the form that he has been producing in the last few matches in the final, there is no way Chile can win, even though a number of his teammates are injured.

  5. This time chile will be unable to handle the pressure of Messi. …
    Higuan is scoring in brace. ..
    Lamela looks confident…
    Every single player is playing Best

  6. Wow, the last time Messi said something like this, was about a stupid board member of Barca and there were immediate results. I do not know if Argentina also will revert like Barca did, but this is a good sign. It also shows that the team is frustrated by the AFA, and finally they asked him to show it.

  7. Argentina’s main opponent in the previous finals were their luck and their fobia… They gifted their final match to Germany and what we deserve from this team who can’t handle pressure of final match..

    • If you are saying Argentina cant handle the pressure of the finals, then am afraid, you are watching football with some special lens or something. True, we didnt win both the finals, true pressure must have acted during those penalties, but we did take on the finals very well. In 2014, in spite of less rest we fought well. In 2015, we played against a violent Chile who were assisted by the ref..
      Am also worried about the squad and all, but I do know that these players are more crazy about winning something, than us arm chair pundits or fans, and they will devote their everything to it.
      Please be rational sir.

  8. Chile is not a team like Bolivia Panama or Venezuela.. They r too tough.. They r more composed team than Argentina in every segment.. Then why should Argentina deserve to be champion with this incomplete and unfit squad ..they have to prepare for runners once again..

  9. Wow! I can’t remember, Messi ever said something like this in his whole career. I never enjoy Messi’s interview this much. 🙂

    Vamos Messi! Vamos Argentina!!

  10. U sure about that? Odds are stacked heavily in our favor dude. we won twice on them so far there will be no issues the boys in the middle will boss them

  11. How should be this possible..Martino came here with a unfit squad…Chile r more physically stronger than Argentina …their speed of attack is very this time also no hope for Argentina.

  12. what a nice and wise comment, he deserves to win this copa definitely as he also growing up to be the best leader and captain.
    the team look solid and calm, this is mentally we need for a long time.
    good luck for messi and all argentina team for this final.

  13. Bravo Captain. Win this Copa and than let’s whoop CORRUPT AFA. I feel for our boys. They must have treated badly by stupid AFA. They deserve world class facilities and behaviour as they are definitely world class team. Proud of you guys for giving us joy to say that we are in three finals in 2 years. I hope they don’t assassinate Messi because he said he will tell everything soon after final like JFK did aswell!

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