More players rumored to retire


With Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO both retiring from the Argentina National Team, more names are being rumored to leave.

Along with MESSI and MASCHERANO, rumors of Gonzalo HIGUAIN, Sergio AGUERO, Ezequiel LAVEZZI, Angel DI MARIA, Ever BANEGA and Lucas BIGLIA retiring from the National Team have surfaced.

ESPN Argentina is reporting that those players will retire within the coming hours to days.


  1. most of the blame for this goes to tata
    he had no plan b and never has.
    he failed to take nor integrate young strikers into the team despite it be obvious we needed them and by not taking dybala is a crime to say the least but then takes an injured pastore-wtf.

    since w/c 14 ended when he took over we needed and we asking for changes back then, we asked after copa 15 and again in a 3rd final and our same striker’s that failed us in the past 2 do it again with no goals.

    the bil-mach combo does not work but again tata went with it in the final-why?.

    I said before the final we look far better with out d/m In the team (oh were are the d/m fans who said we will not win with out him but he played and was crap) yes some are lesser players who were in his place but they gelled with the team far better then the headless chicken does.

    I’m sad for hig who had yes another chance at redemption but as ive said before he should not have been their, as for kun his time must be over for now.

    time for a large clean out but the new coach must convince messi to stay and if possible mach.

    dybala, icardi and lanz get you boots ready as its time you had a real chance.

    tata resign now-end of story and its no wonder the afa don’t pay you as I would not either.

    • The game was calling for a second striker when Chile went a man down but as you’ve pointed out the coaching could even realize that.
      Tata wants to dominate matches first instead of finding a way of opening up opposition defenses. That’s were I have a problem with Tata.

      Me and you were vindicated now for asking Tata for not trying 2 striker formations. Last night, he could have brought in Kun to play with Higuain to stretch out the Chile defenses; and Lamela for Biglia to give the midfield mobility and attacking edge.
      But worst of all was the fact that since Tata took over, Messi is not played into goalscoring positions often enough.
      And the the other thing even with 9 men, Chile were moving the ball into spaces and winning the 50/50s way better.
      Tata is a failure.

    • Completely true pablo… tata neve had plan b because he always makes his mind up before the ball has even been kicked… like when higuain was struggling to even get a pass he waited till 70 min to bring aguero.. you need to change your plans according to the situation of the match Not while going to bed a day before the kickofff.. seems like tata is waiting to get paid before he announces his resignation… we need a new coach for the olympics not this brainless man

    • He had already made up his mind just before going to bed that no matter what happena during the match aguero will replace higuain at around 70th min of the match… nonsense coach and idiots coaching staff…

  2. I’m really eager to know how native Argentina’s are reacting to messi’s decision of retiring from NT. Albiceleste fans world wide r disappointed and shocked hearing this. They r requesting Messi to change his decision on social media. What about the Argentine media and people? R they happy that now Messi can’t achieve what maradona did ( win WC) or r they upset that they don’t have the scapegoat anymore named Messi to blame everytime Argentina produce a bad result in a match or in a tournament? What is their reaction? Can anyone please tell me. I don’t understand Spanish that’s why I can’t find what the local media & people r saying.

  3. I will keep it short here and just to few points:

    1) Di Maria is the most overrated player in history. No any national team in the world would select him as a sub when he’s fully fit not to mention when he’s injured and lame.

    2) Di Maria, did I mention that he needs to go today!!! what he did in the final was the joke of all stadiums for years to come. go back and watch the game, you know what I’m talking about.

    3) We have said that Tata has “L’ stamped on his forehead, he can win games but not titles…..Barca was trashy during his tenure and Messi had the worst season of his career under tata with Barca. Simply, Tata was outclassed by Chile’s coach who not just came with a solid plan and starting 11, but it shows that they were trained psychologically on penalties.

    4) Romero is a world class goalie.

    5) Mascherano should have been the captain, Sorry Messi: you can’t lead the team on field….when he saw our players losing temper and have the advantage of more men, he didn’t calm the team….he never does. Finals require a great captain….basic football principles.

    6) To win titles and final game in particular: YOU NEED FRESH YOUNG ATTACKERS. Higuaín and Messi did their parts, another young hungry talented attacker would have killed the game and scored. You can’t win titles when your average age of players is 28. Only Italy did it back in 2006 but because they had a world class coach, defenders, and goalie.

    7) Di Maria is: SHIT (Argentina was playing with 10 men from the opening whistle).

  4. What can hurt you the most will also make you want it even more and develop ammunition to drive towards getting to that goal, for example germany lost 2006 semis at their home, lost 2008 finals and 2010 semi finals against spain, lost 2012 semis against italy but remember they came back with more ammunition and more fire under their belly to win the 2014 world cup……

    So let this be an example for this current argentina team and also messi to drive them towards this ultimate goal in 2018 world cup, but let it first settle in to their heads and get the emotions out of it and let AFA clean up their mess. Once things are sorted out i am sure this lesson of losing 3 finals in a row will get them to play even better and learn from it and possess the urge to pull them through and win the 2018 world cup in russia. Some of these players will be back, i am pretty confident about that.

    • I’m with you on that. I think that after 3 straight final losses Argentina will wake up to football realities of the day. This team has riding on some luck with facing weak opponents. Like I said before the COPA, we will not win with a pathetic coach like Tata. As much as I gutted by the loss I look at this as an opportunity for AFA to bring in a real coach not a stubborn idiot who doesn’t know how to read games and make the necessary adjustments during a game. We’ve to learn from the loss

  5. Great fires, clear the rotting undergrowth and make new light for the seedlings below. This can be a great time for a new fresh Afa, a new fresh team with the next generation in place and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasea Masch and Messi come back!

  6. This argentina team have the 23 years trophy drought burden, as they have lost in penalty last year against the same team, their pressure was tripled and the Chile team felt relax as it is ok if they had lost it.

    That is why Messi missed it, he could not handle the pressure from the media, fans, etc, all because of this 23 years dorught. This group have done the most for us, I really appreciate their effort.

    It looked like we were going to win this one, as we seldom win all the matches convincingly in the a tournament, we had one day more of rest, however, it is still not our time this time.

    I am disappointed as usual, but I found that there is something positive.

    We suffer each and every time, one day, probably one day, we will finally win, if we really do, we will be extremely delighted, probably 10 times happier than normal trophy celebration!

    I know that day will come.
    And I hope I can witness that day with all of you here.

  7. Sorry to say this, but gotta be honest. Some here got their wish to see the likes of Di Maria, Higuain, Aguero, Lavezzi, Biglia, Mascherano, etc (did I miss someone?) retired….

    These people try to sound smart here by OVERESTIMATING the youngsters who play in Argentina and tell people here everyday as if they are the new gods of futbol/the saviors.

    Well congratulations, you got your wish! These people think the youngsters will do better than the seniors of those above (plus Messi). They forget the records of those hyped youngsters who could not even reach the second round of WC U20 just a while ago.

    As much as you guys hate those who are rumored to be retired, they are the golden generations who have won WC U20 in 2-3 different eras. These people here maybe have never been athletes. They live in video games era where they think players are like machines or robots. These people think that they can make Messi their core surrounded by a bunch of youngsters from the local league plus the Mundo’s 2 fave boys: Icardi and Lanzini and then we will win a major tournaments. Sorry it sounds like a plan stupidity to me.

    These people forget to realize that Messi is not a robot who will play GREAT no matter who surround him. This is NOT a video game where Messi’s skills and mentality remain the same no matter who he plays with. Messi is a human being. He has his preferences. He praised his teammates in WC 2014 by saying “watch out, avoid us! We are very strong!” He did not say “I am very strong, he said WE are very strong!”

    Do you know why they all wanted to retire together? They all have close relationship to each other. I heard Masche and Zaba interview a while ago that those who are the alumnus of WC 2014 formed a group. They always wish luck to each other before every match and they shared, joked, laughed together. Even when it came to City’s Aguero vs. Barca’s Messi’s or City’s Zabaleta or even Demichelis vs. Barca’s Mascherano, they were still friends… good friends.

    They laughed together, and they cried together. Together they were praised, together they were criticized. You guys think Messi should be “divorced” with them and marry youngsters and it will work for out. That’s the funniest thing ever.

    Look, I am not saying that all those the ex WC 2014 members must never be replaced, maybe a couple of them like Demichelis must be replaced, but if they are really mean it. If they are retired, it is not only because of fans in Argentina, but because of you Mundo community too! I know it sounds silly but we have the same mindset as the fans in Argentina. We keep blaming, criticizing, whining. The difference is the people in Argentina want their local heroes like Tevez to always play. You want Mundo’s local heroes like Icardi or Lanzini to play.

    When the weak Brazil finished playing Argentina a couple of months ago in a WCQ match, Dani Alves said “it is almost like playing at home, the fans are so quiet”. Well The fans just expected too much. They have become HATERS not SUPPORTERS. Just like here.

    Look at Lebron James’ Cleveland. The team did not change players and panicking. They could have easily changed the team members to play with Lebron. But they are professional. Would Lebron be happy with different teammates? Will it increase their chance to win the NBA? They ended up retain the same team and beat GS Warriors aka “the best team ever” this year.

    Look at Germany national futbol team. How many times have they lost since WC 2006 at home? WC 2006, Euro 2008, WC 2010, Euro 2012. They lost in pretty much all major tournaments just like us. But they believe in their players. Most of their players are in golden age JUST LIKE OUR PLAYERS TODAY. Look at them? They finally achieved something in 2014 WC victory. Look at their squad in WC 2010 compared to now Euro 2016. Almost everyone is the same.

    Look at our WC 1986 squad and WC 1990 squad. The cores were almost the same.

    Look at France winning WC squad. How many times Zidane and Djorkaeff failed before their finally won one?

    How about Xavi’s or Iniesta’s or Puyol’s Spain? Did they win WC by just having 2-3 caps and then became WC Champion?

    How about my favorite player ever, David Robinson? He failed and was dubbed soft for more than 10 years. In the end he won 2 Championship.

    They all failed not just once…

    I am not saying that the youngsters should stay away from the team ever. But we need to introduce them to the team slowly. More like how Germany do with their youngsters like Drexler. NO TEAMS in any sports can make major changes to a bunch of rookies and succeed. It does not work!

    Messi’s and friends are at the peak age wise. Up until Russia 2018, they are still at their peak. With the exception of Masche, none will be 33 by the WC 2018. AFTER WC 2018, then we need a major change. We should have given these ex WC 2014 one more chance in 2 years. Although it sounds impossible now.

    So again, congratulations. You got your wish. I just wish Argentina had more supporters NOT HATERS with Real Madrid fans mentality who would boo everyone anytime they like. If Argentina had supporters like Barca fans or Bayern or Germany fans, I am sure today Messi wouldn’t have been retired. He knows that he is loved. He knows in the end he will finally achieve something.

    I just want to congratulate some people here whom many think that they are smart for giving FALSE REPORT (too much hype) about our youngsters the way the media in English do to their young players… because they get they want.

    Now it is time for me to see how a team with a bunch of youngsters would do (if Messi’s friends will all retire). I want to see if they can get to the final in any major tournaments. Let alone major trophies. Just get to the final.

    I honestly doubt it.


    • Couldn’t have said it better. I definitely agree, young players must be tested cautiously first, and then introduced during the match.

      But I also think that some of the guys whom we call youngsters, are professional players already, who play in professional clubs. The likes of Dybala, Icardi, Correa, Lanzini, Lamela, etc, have already proved that they are NT material.

      Give them a chance. I’m sure they long to prove themselves to the nation and fight with their teeth.

    • this is the problem: you are too attached to this generation and some are attached to the younger generation.
      why can’t we just chose the best no matter what generation and no matter who is friends with who?
      if they are friends, everything is fine hang out as much as you want but the nt team is not something to be occupied by some friends, it belongs to all of us, it belonged to Redondo, Riquelme, Ramon Diaz, Zanetti, and now dybala as much as it belongs to Messi, aguero and di Maria.
      no player should ever have the power which player should be selected or not!!!!!!!!!.
      this generation had the power to select and omit any player they wanted just so they can act selfish and put one of their fiends in there.
      you can’t honestly tell me dybala didn’t deserve to be part of the team, come on be honest.
      as long as we act selfishly as we do, we will fail…it’s not about being friends, it’s about sacrifice to play with whoever there is to be united to make your country proud.
      the nt team has been occupied by some individuals which brought us failure, because of their selfish ways.
      3 generations of failure.
      and we still do not learn, but the most important thing is the friends are playing together.

    • So do you still want to give these bunch of losers, that loss 3 – 4 finals (3 in a row) another chance? They had their chances and wasted all of them. Life goes on, my friend. I hope most of them will retire soon.

    • i will admit i am the first to suggest that we need fresh faces.
      i did mention that Higuain needed a final to redeem himself,he was given that opportunity yet he was unable to exorcise those demons of the past.

      a wild card is what every team brings to every championship. i know this record has been played time and time again, but Icardi and more importantly Dybala were that trump card.

      sorry to offend, when it comes down to it, we have had some serial chokers. hurts to mention that.
      Messi resorted to doing it all alone, with needless dribbles that lost him the ball when simply a short pass or to look for a colleague would suffice. But the counter to that was that Banega and Biglia were to far from him and Higuain was not to blame for not dropping deeper, and why should he!

      sometimes having the same faces that are used to failing can have a psychological effect on the youngsters. a winning mentality is what needs to be imbedded in to players like Krannevitter. hopefully this doesnt scar him, as it becomes part of your mind set to lose at a young age. does that mean we should’ve avoided taking Krannevitter too? difficult to answer that, as i am still soul searching.

      i like to point out that i dont know much about cricket, at all in fact! however from an indian back ground family members would watch the indian cricket national team. and from my observations are that the india team are like our NT.
      for a decade up till India won there world cup in 2011 if i can remember, Tandulkar carried this india team, always sited as the greatest batsman, yet he fell short with a star studded side….
      but i remember when india finally won it after so many attempts that it was virat kholi in the final said that we did it for sachin “he has carried the team for decades, so it was only right it was about time we carried him”
      so for me sachin Tandulkar is our Messi.

      • S… The Lost sentence really sums it up…. What Sachin is for us Indian Team, the same is about Messi for ARG team… But the biggest difference I see is…. even though Sachin failed number of times in the Finals, Fans never treated him badly and the whole Nation backed him & made sure the next time there is enough support for him… We always believed, If Cricket is a religion, Sachin is our God…. & still do… even after his retirement…..

        In 2011 finals also he failed… scoring just 18 runs… with target 272 to chase… But our young players Gambhir, Kohli & Captain Dhoni raised to the occasion and won it for us… Captain Dhoni as a batsman failed in the entire tournament but on Finals he came to the Party… Sachin had a gr8 tournament, but he failed in Finals… Along with him Yuvraj also had a gr8 tournament…. There was enough support for him to win the title… & even b4 the tournament started, the entire team said only one thing… We are on a Mission… & That Mission is to Win a World Cup for Sachin & INDIA… Before 2011, we won world cup back in 1983… that’s a long time & we have waited… In 1996 & 2003 we came very close… once losing in Semi Finals & the other in Finals….In both 1996 & 2003, Sachin almost single-handedly dragged the IND team…. But he alone couldn’t make IND to cross the final hurdle…. 2007 world cup was a nightmare & exited in the first round… Sachin thought of retiring at that time & thankfully he didn’t….

        Still in India, so many Messi fans believe he will definitely win the World Cup just like Sachin….

        But I don’t see/hear the same about Messi from ARG people… Just because he went to Barca & won so many titles with them & failed at the Final Juncture with ARG?…. Any one hardly talks/blames the rest of the 10 people in the team even if they fail… That is a dangerous signal they r giving to Messi… They behave as if he is indebt to ARG… Unless he wins title on his own, he wouldn’t be loved or regarded as son of ARG?… Even if others fail they r still loved and hardly talk about them as failures…. Football is a team game… U need every1 to perform to win any title… If one fails, others should cover him up…. In ARG, if Messi fails/Closed down or had a bad day, that is it… i.e., for sure 75% match won by the opponents…

        In Barca, even the gr8 players like Xavi, Iniesta played for Messi, Every time they looked out for Messi to pass the ball…. When Messi had no legs, every1 covered him…. More importantly they played as a team…. When the players around him are not able to support him, they didn’t afraid to change them… Ibrahamovic, Sanchez, Villa, extra….

    • I get it but we have been saying since 2014 w/c ended its time to be trying other options just in case they are needed or are infact better then what we have but tata has failed us big time in this department especially the strikers and if we look at dybala it was only because of injury tata got forces to start him and then come copa time tata drops him-simply unbelievable.
      yes its sad to see so many go at once but some did not deserve to be their and some were on reputation only in the team.

  8. why Argentina easily beat Chile without messi in group stage?we need new young player and new clever coach,it seems argentina need to foreign coach specially from Europe

    • I’ll tell you why. We had Fernandez instead of biglia. Then he took out dimaria for kranevitter, really? He took all attacking threat out. Plus higuain missed a clear chance and aguero missed a pretty easy one as well.

  9. I think messi should stay. Yes, we lost the final but chile is strong team that can win any team including germany. We, need Icardi and Dypala in place of aguero and gh. The back line is strong but we need real right and left defenders that can contribute to the attck. Remeber we need cool heads as our goal is to reach wc2018. We need to cool off to think rationally. Our day will come.

    • Sorry to disagree with you. Yesterday’s match was a photocopy of the year before.

      Chile did not win the game, Argentina lost it. It was too obvious that there was no plan B from Tata.

  10. his team pressure to deliver and especially messi was just unbearable. people like diego have systematically put him under an immense pressure to deliver. some one needs to talk diego that he did not do it by himself in 1986, he was instrumental, influential but he had also people like valdano/buruchaga surrounding him who would not miss easy chances like higuain. argentina went in the worldcup without the favorite tag, we almost missed that worldcup so no pressure to win. diego won it coz he was great but was not under pressure to delive, he had the right personel etc… in copa 1987 and worldcup 1990 with FIFA against us he was under pressure to deliver, man marked by everyone, fouled here and there and without caniggia, valdano against the germans in 1990 did he win it ? he almost got us eliminate against yougoslavia missing a penalty, goycochea saw us trough until the final. Bottom line here pressure can get the better of anybody. plz diego stop this non sens, diego won us a worldcup but messi has driven us trough 3 finals.

    messi was let down by stupid di maria, choker higuain, fat kun and biglia. he did everything he had to win us the cup, in the second half he realised that only individual brilliance will win us the game, he had many many darting runs which on another day with right players around him this could have had happy ending!! M wondering why in final all the great chances on higuain GOD?

    di maria, higuain, pastore, biglia, rojo, kun, lavezzi, enough is enough… only 4 players of 85,87-88 generation should stay messi, banega, romero, mascherano. plus augusto fernandez, should stay, newlycomer like icardi, correa, dybala, kranevitter, etc…

    @ tata why pastore ?? this was an insanely stupid selection… time for veron, ayala, crespo, bati to step in @ AFA

    messi and jeffecito plz do not quit.

  11. Anyone has any idea about a new coach? Tata has no plan B, when his team is forced not to play the way he likes. We sadly witnessed that two times.

    I’d like to have Pocchettino or Sampaoli, but the’re both busy. Not Cholo, his football sucks. And also not old returns please.

  12. Ghost

    your line up is very good for me. It may be some starting point. Just without Lamela and I hope soon with Ascacibar instead Kranevitter. Paredes? He had weak and of the season (I saw 6 his last games) but I still hope he has some chance to be a kind of our Toni Kroos in future but must play like here:

    and necesarrily improve in defence

    • we can also go 4-4-2 if Paredes finds that form and shows it every game, he is a unique player from what we have.
      Ascacibar looks to me also impressive and he is a runner and fighter which would benefit us more because kranevitter is more of a smooth player.


      I am not a big fan of funes mori, and we need a left midfielder, Correa could be that player but I envision him more as an winger in a 3 man attack, any suggestions? because right now there is not anyone that comes to mind.
      espiznoza brings me di Maria vibes, i don’t know why, he seems to be the darling of the youth coaches, and that is why i don’t like it.

      • Yes, this one is even better. Ascacibar is very good runner and Paredes has good passes and so can supplement each other. And the two DM are not too defensive – both with contribution to attack in own way each.

        I think Lanzini rather on the left what was mostly in West Ham and on the right someone… Maybe some time in future Messi or Cervi, Correa, Lo Celso…

        • we need two way players(offensive and defensive)
          we need pace, we need mobile players.

          all of this players beside Paredes(who has still learning to do) have those attributes.
          Captain tagliafico.

          • Right, I forget about Cuesta. Cuesta and Tagliafico are like a wall in Inde.
            Yes, this line up is point of reference now for me.

            Maybe the only reason why Paredes was not as good at the end of the season is fact that he knew after season will back to Roma. So had been playing without much heart and sacrifice, rather like hire hand. He was lazy with compare to the game against Udinese. Paredes just must improve defensive aspect. That’s all.

      • My favourite on RF/LF is Cervi. IMO he can more than most of us thinking. Reminds me Neymar. Now he will have a chance in Benfica and probably as a starter.

  13. I’m sure Messi will back for World Cup at least.
    But the rest must retire of their own will. If they have a honour.

  14. We must build a team. Real team. When Messi was there it was not a team. He is best on the world but his influence for team is bad.

    When team will be builded then Messi may back, in 2018. But we must build not around Messi. Messi may come back in 2018 to some quiet role (maybe playmaker or even joker), and not to be alpha and omegha again.

    Was I the one who talked that it must not look in this way? Messi solo may win some easy games but not a final.
    But most of childish fan boys of Messi preffered their naive illusions when the team or Messi his own beat Bolivia by 5:0 or 10:0. They were keeping illusions that we will do the same in final. “Team is great”, “motivation is incredible”, and we are best on the world. Now some of you still want to keep in NT Banega. What he did actually. Where his incisive passes against CHile? Where his long distance goals? He is loser and has mentality of loser like the rest.

  15. 1st step AFA reform
    2nd step hire a young modern coach
    3rd retire or not banish some old players
    – we already have been the oldest team, imagine if we won we would take the same players to the world cup where almost every player would be over 30
    – the qualifications will be tough, there is a chance we will not make it.

    Disappointed in Messi for quitting, the perception will be that he is a cry baby, and has destroyed his legend.

    -Peruzzi/Gomez—-Pezzella—Funes Mori(?)—Tagliafico—-

  16. I don’t know what to say. I think I retire too from supporting the game, the team. Its over for me. I don’t believe I will see Argentina win anything in my lifetime.

    I hope these players stick to their retirement decisions. Need a new crop of players. What worse can it get? they will also not win anything, that’s it.

    Have anyone ever thought how the hatred towards Messi from the media and people hides the chances Gonzalo Higuain have missed? Again and again? How lucky is this guy. If there was no Messi to blame to, this guy would be dead.

  17. Di Maria, Higuain, Aguero, Banega, ROmero, Biglia, ROjo – get out. Never more this losers.

    Messi and Masche may back in 2018 to serve with wxperience.

    • We may have Messi back, because all Argentina will kiss his feet and beg him to return, but the Chied won’t return. He’s gone, forever. We must thank God to have had him in our team, RESILIENCE IN FLESH.

  18. For all joys Argentina gave to this tournament and of course to the entire world… what we get as a payback is all what happened today… what to say?

  19. What a terrible day, the info that is coming in…
    Mascherano is now the only player to lose 5 international finals
    Brazil won 10 titles since 1994, Argentina zero.

    Damn, this hurts.

  20. I bow in front of the only one to have my full respect, Javier Alejandro Mascherano, A TRUE LEGEND for his spirit.

    Jefe, we love you. You are the only one with “balls” in our team. May you find peace and joy in the years to come, and hopefully we may see you soon on the field, as a motivator or even Argentina’s coach… You deserve it Big Chief.

    If only we had 11 Mascheranos, we’d win every tournament.

    • Well said bro… one of the greatest Argentine players ever…
      Will miss him so much… want him and Messi to play to lift the 2018 World Cup.

      • While Messi may rethink it, as I imagine all Argentina will beg him to return, I don’t think that Jefe will be back. He’s a man of honour and I think if he says something, he will stick to it. Not to belittle Messi, anyway.

  21. There maybe a slight chance that Lionel Messi may play the 2018 World Cup… but very very sad that our great warrior Javier Mascherano is gone…
    Di Maria – pls get lost for heavens sake and never ever come near Argentina NT… you cristiano fanboy.
    Higuain and Aguero and Lavezzi – thank you and good bye.
    Biglia and Pastore and Gaitan – retirement from NT.

    • exactly, I’d not touch the defence, but from the midfield onwards, they can all go home to their fancy clubs.

      I cannot insult them, as they brought us many joys, but get lost now. The only one I want to stay is Messi.

  22. The players quitting has NOTHING to do with money, fame, etc…

    Of all people, Messi is correct. Its time for this generation to more on. They can’t win. We’ve changed coaches, venues, and the same results time and time again. The PLAYERS shrink at the most important time. Where there coaching errors? Sure, DiMaria, and Biglia had no business playing, but they nor Martino fucked up Higuain’s chip shot easy goal, or missed penalties, or shot like they were trying to hit the top of the stadium with the ball.

    These guys had their chance, and its time for them to leave. We are already the oldest team out there, and we know what these guys can do, its time to bring in others to finish the job.
    The only guys that consistently show up to play are Messi Masche and Romero for what its worth. Everyone else SUCKED….Especially this FUCKING STIFF Biglia every damn coach tries to ram up our ass as a player.

    • Its so bizzare and disappointing to see that Tata Martino has still not resigned…
      Cant even grasp or digest what all happened today…
      We were all supposed to enjoy today but sadly everything happened the other way round.
      Javier Mascherano and Lionel Messi please dont go…

  23. I am writing this again, asI hit send without editing it:

    I saw on one side a team playing football and the other side another team playing God knows what. I think Chile’s coach has copied Cholo Simeone’s tactics. They were playing the same way Atletico Madrid plays.

    I saw fear, fear with our players. All the match was embodied in Biglia’s eyes before kicking.

    Why Messi to score the first penallty? To respect the tradition? In front of him there was Claudio Bravo and Messi was too much pressured to score, after Vidal’s loss. I thought, after Vidal and that Romero’s smile, we were destined to win. Alas, wasn’t this the case.

    We were almost there, for the third time. Bring on now new players, Icardi in place of Higuain, Dybala in place of Messi. La Hoya can become our new Diez, I am more than confident about this. Correa, Lanzini… These lads are young and hungry.

    I think that the clubs have inebriated our players, money and fame.

    New players are rooting more for the NT than Aguero or Di Maria, this is for sure.

    Having said that, even under torture, and what we’re going through as Argentina’s fans is one, I cannot change NT. The love for Argentina “en buenas en el malas” is deeply rooted in me.

  24. I didn’t post where for almost 1 year. But always read the news & comments. I thought Wud post once we win the cops but it didn’t happen like that. The match was in the morning here and I was somehow trying to recover from the heartbreaking deafet and the shocking news of messi and masche retiring came out. I really don’t know which one is more painful witnessing yet another final loss of my team or the unexpected exit of messi & masche. They will have to leave one day but I want our heroes to leave being a champion not giving up like this. The thought of not watching messi in the sky blue and white shirt anymore is making me so upset. Was the free kick goal in the semi his last in an Argentina shirt?!!

  25. Why Messi to score the first penallty? To respect the tradition? In front of him there was Claudio Bravo and Messi was too much pressured to score, after Vidal’s loss. I thought, after Vidal and that Romero’s smile, we were destined to win. Alas, wasn’t this the case.

    We were almost there, for the third time. Bring on now new players, Icardi in place of Higuain, Dybala in place of Messi. La Hoya can become our new Diez, I am more than confident about this. Correa,

    New players are rooting more for the NT than Aguero or Di Maria, this is for sure.

  26. i know that every one is upset
    but it is time for this gen of players to resign
    this generation of player did not win any trophy. we should bow in front of them and thank them for their effort but eventually they have to give chance to other players. this is football. this is life.

    • Considering the plenty of talents Argentina has, it may not impossible to bring up a new team out of new generation. But as a fan of Argentina following all its major football events from outside for the last 40 years I doubt its success as we haven’t won any world cup since 1986. It was not the fault of players only. Unlike other countries I noticed one thing that there are many senior footballers inside Argentina who openly come out and criticize the team during the course of an important tournament not after or not during the selection or preparation. We have seen it during the last world cup and Last year’s and this year’s Copa Maradona openly made so many comments (some of them personal attacks) which heaped pressure on Messi and company. It affects the moral of players and their performances. There were not many to defend Messi and others In addition to this there are other AFA problems. It is very much natural that there will criticisms after loosing a cup final. But it should not be during the course of the tournament. We know Requlmea retired for the same reason. Maradona clearly does not want Messi to win any trophy. This kind of external pressures from senior players etc you will not find in Germany or Spain etc. We can blame them for their failure to deliver but unless we stop these kind of negative approaches even if all old players leave and new coach and players take over we shall not win a world cup but some we will end as quarter finalist as it was the case before the era of the current squad (Messi and company)

  27. solution is NOT new coach – 2 finals lost on pens
    solution is not new defence
    0 goals conceded in last 3 finals
    solution is psychology which i have been saying for 2 years
    im a argentina fan but im not blind enough like some fans to see what the real problem is

    did the AFA take the penalties!!!!! no
    did the AFA miss sitters, NO!!!

    end of day down to players

    if yuo cant score easy goals you will pay
    we paid in 2014, 2015 and paying now.
    fatty higauin, can only score scruffy poaching goals

    even when lavezzi scored vs bolivia it was after higauins pathetic header

    wake up guys

    coaches get us to finals –
    players bottle it always!!!

  28. I think Messi needs a personal phychologist to train him. Romero has already saved the first penalty, he should be able to relax and take that shot without any pressure, but why he still managed to miss it?

  29. No matter what happens, I will always support Argentina till the day I die.

    We suffer the setbacks times after times, but it cant change my love with Argentina. We will need a week or two to recover, we can be strong, I don’t mind having more setback, I know one day it will be our turn.

    I hope Messi can stay strong and keep believing too.

  30. The moment I knew DeMaria was starting, I felt negative. And on seeing Higuain missing that chance, I knew it was over. But inspite of that miss, I must say, Higuain was working hard, unlike Kun or DeMaria (this man am really worried is under the black magic of Ronaldo, I have this suspicion ever since the time he first said, Ronaldo told me to shoot more!!!)

    We must accept that even with a man down, Chile played better, and that proved something that I was afraid of, the lack of Augusto was clearly evident.

    Anyways, all these retiring news, I sincerely hope will pave way for a revolution in Argentina, and hopefully the new coach will bring Messi back. Am ready to die to see him in this jersey.

  31. I sincerely Hope Our captain will return to NT , he may take some break in this year some its too early quit from NT.
    But its clear that we have to move on from this generation of players. the likes of aguero, higuain and dimaria are all individually great players but they had their chances more than once and blew it away.
    Its the time to start looking in to new direction of NT , just look at 2002 german squad , after the final defeat they completely changed their NT direction.
    We can do that , but we need palyers like messi and masch in team for min 2 more years.

  32. Some folks here say they won’t watch or follow anymore…

    The biggest decisions in life like the team you support is something that a non-believer in football does not understand or care too.
    They will consider you mad to put your own health on the line for something you have no control over.
    I cannot muster the strength anymore to explain what this team means to me..

    My marriage to argentina team is blind. The argentina NT runs deeply in my veins, soul.spirit and mind. It’s a disease now that I have come to terms with. A disease I happily accept.
    I have come to terms that the strenuous, tension and heartache will now always out way the good times with this marriage. I have accepted now a defeatist attitude and approach forever yet I will not break this bond only because I dot know how to. Not even God can convince me that this madness will cost me my health.

    I wake up in the morning and the first words I muster is how good are we? Can we win!? This is everyday of my life since I care to remember.

    Argentina are a broken vase, and I will continue and always will apply the glue to attempt to put it back together. All I can see now is glue as the beautiful picture that was once imbedded on this vase is blurred.
    Once again I don’t have the incentive to pick myself and praise what I have which is what I should do. I’ve been on mind numbing auto pilot since 1990.
    But I will always live with the what if’s and what the future holds. Because that’s what we football manic fans have left.
    I’ve never been a club fan. This is the only thing I know and love. This NT.
    A loss is never the end of the world…’s part of the soul, spirit, love, mind and blood that gets torn away.

    I would like to take this time to thank all fans here on mundo that what ever we achieve in life on a personal level and status what binds us together is this shirt.

    We are argentina for life and will always will be….even in the after life.

    I will ask the lord that if he sends me back in the next life….I will only ask him one thing. To make me an argentina supporter as I can’t imagine life now without the heartache as it’s become customary and routine.
    Live, die, fight for one love argentina, repeat.

    • agreed and my port never wavers despite these losses(yep I also have shed tears) and I’m guttered for messi but I never stop supporting my country-ever.
      vamos Argentina!!!

    • Vik my friend I’m totally with ya, I could careless about any particular club (unless it has an argentine player) and to me the albicelestes are ‘el mundo’! they are the world to me, I luv the striped blue and white shirt as much as I love the green and white shirt of Iraq’s NT and that’s not an exaggeration!
      I don’t care if they lose 10 finals, I’m proud of our boys and I’m behind them 100% and to be honest with all of you, as much as I wanted Argentina to win this copa, deep down all I’m thinking about is Russia, so like I said before let’s dust our selves off and try again! VAMOS!!!

  33. Feeling so sad for this bunch. Reaching three finals in a row is still a great achievement. We can have no excuses for losing this one though. Chile had the tougher road to the final and a days rest less.

    We were definitely the better team till the Chile red card. After that, it seemed that we got too complacent and surrendered the initiative to the Chileans. Rojo did not deserve to get sent off but the recklessnes in that tackle was brought about by the complacency of being a man up. The referee did not help at all but Diaz should not have gotten one either. 11 on 11, I think we would have won comfortably.

    I guess the retirements are coming in mainly because of the problems in the AFA in addition to the heartbreaks. They must be fed up of all that’s going on back there at home. I think that some of our players might be available once that is sorted out. Messi mentioned that he would discuss about the AFA after the final and probably the loss was the tipping point for our captain. Sad to see Masch go. It was on the cards after the last Copa but losing 5 finals was definitely going to affect him. He was among our greatest warriors along with Zabaleta over the past few years.

    Would be glad to see the backs of Di Maria, Higuain, Aguero and Biglia. They were part of our golden generation but never delivered when it mattered. Time for the young guns to take our team to the next level.

    Our defense has been good over the past few years. No goals conceded in normal time over three finals is worthy of some praise. Otamendi was a rock at the back and Funes Mori justified Tata’s decision to keep Garay out. Mercado was a revelation but Rojo undid all the good work in the final. Time for us to get some new attacking full backs.

    Finally sparing a thought for Sergio Romero. If there was anyone who proved me wrong in this Argentina team, it was him. Thought he would be our weak link along with Rojo and Biglia, but proved to be among our best players over the past few years. This guy deserves to be starting for a top team rather than rotting away on the United bench.

  34. We as fans should never give up on the team we love the most.

    Messi will surely reconsider his decision.

    I will continue to support my beloved team and God will surely write a beautiful story line for us in Russia 2018 and Messi will surely be crowned as the best ever footballer for those who consider that winning the world cup is a major honor to be considered the best.

    I feel sorry for the boys they are already wounded and the Argentine media is gonna humiliate them.

  35. You know coming from Iraq when wouldn’t think I know anything about heartache when it comes to football especially with Iraq being ‘minnows’ when compared to the ‘big teams’ of the world but I can assure all of you that when it comes to football Iraq knows about as much heartache as Argentina and germany.
    Iraq reached the semis of the 2004 olympics only to be undone by Italy, they reached the semis of the youth world cup in 2013 and the semis of the 2011 and 2015 editions of the asian nations’s cup. And as disappointing as those near misses were I always came out with a mix of hearache and pride because to me football is as much about the journey as it is about the destination and how you win the game is just as important as winning said game!!!

    3 final losses are hearbreaking I won’t lie but I’d also be lying if I didn’t say that a part of me still feels proud of the boys and what they’ve been able to accomplish because make no mistake reaching 3 back to back finals is no small feat even for a top footballing nation like Argentina.

    Lio and Javier need to dust themselves off and try again (as the song says!) because Russia 2018 is the big prize here and Argentina can win I know they can, all that is needed is some self belief and some spring cleaning namely kun, dimaria and pipita.
    Don’t get me wrong I love all 3 of them but i think it’s time for them to pack it up because the former 2 are unreliable due to their constant injuries and pipita (god bless his soul because I know he tries his best!!) is just too damaged -confidence wise- to perform when it counts.

    It’s time for Icardi, dybala, lanzini, paredes and few others are given the chance to strut their stuff for the national team and hit their peak just in time for Russia because Argentina has plenty of copa trophies but not nearly enough world cup ones and it’s time to rectify that!

  36. Its the job of the next coach to convince messi to be back for argentina again.. we need messi and masch.. others can go … i still belive that there is one more final messi has to play for argentina

  37. I agree all those retiring

    1. MESSI – UNTIL 2019 COPA



  38. Di Maria’s best job was the blowjob he gave C Ronald while he was playing for Madrid … This imbecile only supply those tap ins to that egoistic 2nd to Messi called Ronaldo

  39. This third loss in a row is a devastating blow. Players realize that their time has passed. It’s time for a new generation. Remember when Passarella took charge in 1995? He started with a completely fresh squad. It looks the (new?) coach won’t have to take that decision. It will be taken for him by the players.

  40. I have not commented in this forum since we lost to Germany. But Often visited to read all the comments.
    I know it is hard for all of us. But would love to say few things. Please oppose me if i m wrong.

    I am not an Argentinean. But I m a Die Hard Fan Since 1990 WC. I have been waiting ever since for a Victory. But it never came. I never lost hope. I was behind the team all the time even after the loss. But then came a magician. Who is different than all the rest. You can tell by watching him play that he is the first of his kind. And I thank God that he is borned in my time and more than that in the country that I support so crazily in Football. There are millions of fans out there like me who are not Argentineans. But UNFORTUNATELY THERE ARE A LOT ARGENTINEANS BY BORN DO NOT APPRECIATE WHAT THEY GOT. I am sorry if u are an Argentinean who thinks exactly like me and the rest of us. I m not talking about u. I m talking about those who instead of being behind Messi, mocks Messi. Or maybe jealous that he wins for Barca. Grow up! Wake Up! If u did not put this much pressure on Messi, Maybe just Maybe he would have not missed the penalty, Maybe he would have more confidence instead thinking bout how to face you all after the game. This team has given us 3 finals. They tried. When was the last time any of our great Teams did that? Now guess what? We dont have this team anymore. Are u happy now. I m still behind the team and i ll keep supporting who ever plays in it. I ll enjoy football and One Day when our team will have less burden will cross the line. Messi and Masch please dont leave. You have 1 more WC in u. I dont care what happened yesterday. Lets keep playing and trying. You give us a lot of happiness. You take us to the finals. We will win. I Thank You. The whole team.

  41. Please dont blame anyone guys. They have tried the best. The luck is not on their side. Noone would hold the pressure as much as this generation do. All big name in same generation is everyone expect 100 percent win rate with this team. If we were in that situation we wouldnt even move a single foot. I can clearly see it in today game. I am very sorry for them. You can see why mass retirement come up after this. There must be a reason. If they all retired, we will struggle to even qualifed for WC2018. But you know, everything has to come and gone. But all i can say is new generation is not ready yet. Please give them a sympathy this time, they do really need it

  42. It is very pity. I have been a fan of Argentinian football team for the last 40 years. During the last ten years I was very proud of this team as Argentina was very a very strong team and we reached in three finals. Despite failing to win a trophy Argentina was number one or number two unlike any team in the world (sometime other than Germany) while our chronic enemy Brazil was thrashed and destroyed many times. But during the era of Masch and Messi we were never thrashed and humiliated by any team. Now we will go back to our old story.

    • I feel like this is going to provoke huge change in the AFA. After they get someone who isn’t corrupt running it, then hopefully we can have a coach who’s actually paid and some good organization. It’s just sad that that might take some time. I hope we have some kind of team together for the next qualifiers.

  43. Only if Higuain Quit 2 years ago. None of these players would have even thought of retiring. You hsve to take your first chance coun when it comes

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