Another player goes back to the Argentine Primera


The past few years has seen several players make the jump back home from Europe.

Maxi RODRIGUEZ, Carlos TEVEZ, Diego MILITO, Lisandro LOPEZ and the list goes on. This time around, Newcastle United’s Fabricio COLOCCINI will join old club San Lorenzo. COLOCCINI first made the jump to Europe in 1999, having joined AC Milan but went on loan to several teams.

He joined Newcastle back in 2008 and has been there ever since. Still only 34, COLOCCINI was part of the legendary 2001 U20 team which won the World Cup as well as the 2004 Olympic gold medal winning team.


  1. Why do people even care about Portugal and the ballon d’or? This is what is wrong with the mindset with some of the fans of Argentina. They simply care too much about the so-called rivalry between Messi-Ronaldo. It really is discouraging fans care so much about this. Who cares if Portugal wins anything? Seriously, who cares?!

    • Well theres’ nothing wrong in wanting my favourite player to win the best player award… coincidently he happens to be of the same footballing nation – i love so much… ARGENTINA.
      Nothing wrong with my mindset…
      I want only Argentina and Argentines to win. I love my team.
      Maybe your mindset may differ… which i will never say right or wrong… who am i to judge you?

      • Who cares who wins what award? Individual awards are nonsense. Ronaldo this or Portugal that. Ronaldo nor Portugal are a rival to us yet people care about this individual battle that is seen among the supporters of each player.

        We need to start focusing on rebuilding this team.

  2. Moderators, pls write about AFA and media situation back in Argentina…
    So much is written in Ole but cant understand a single word 🙁
    Atleast spanish speaking gentlemen (bloggers) here can contribute about translating those news articles on AFA and football situation.

    • Neahhhh… He ain’t going anywhere! Missed sitters in every game. He has been poor as per his own standards…. It’s too early to say anything on BDoR really … But looks like Messi will win it !

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